Tuesday, September 27, 2011

When Grown Men Cry

I have seen Forest Whitaker in various movies, pointing guns to the bad guys. I have admired Laurence Fishburne as Morpheus in 'The Matrix' being the leader of the superior team. I have been charmed by Hayden Christensen in 'Jumper' and 'Awake'. I have been amazed by the sexiness of the current James Bond, Daniel Craig. I have always like Genie in 'Aladdin', voiced by Robin Williams. I have also been scared by Blonsky in 'The Incredible Hulk' which Tim Roth becomes a monster.

But, I have not seen them cry.

I remembered looking at this photography article in StarTwo, probably two years ago. I remembered it was quite inspiring seeing real men cry. Men always give me the image of being strong, protecting their women with ego and pride. Somehow I have always wanted to be like them, to be as strong as men, to be better than men.

Of course. You would say. Well oh course I love this image. I have always been fond of Cristiano Ronaldo, no matter what he does/did.

It have been quite a difficult situation for me. I have read this Facebook status, saying 'crying isn't a sign of weakness, but a sign of staying strong for too long'. People do say, 'it is okay to cry, just let it out'. It ain't a solution, but a temporary remedy.

I faced a dilemma today, I think I already have the decision in mind, but I just need some assurance and support. Somehow, the egoistic me isn't asking for support and assistance. It is a decision that should be made since end of last year, it's not procrastination but stubbornness that held me for so long. I would say I am proud of myself but also I am weak for not continuing the journey. It has so many contradictions on each point, but a decision is still needed. I hope things will be clear soon.

The photography album above is called 'When Grown Men Cry'. What about 'When I cry', 'When You Cry', 'When We Cry'. Would people care like how they would search for the renowned masculine men?