Sunday, September 11, 2011

September 11th.

Ten years ago, I still vividly remembered my mom and me watching CNN breaking news when the World Trade Centre in New York City was attacked. Being a 9 year old naive girl, I don't think I find out on the very solemn day. The impact of this incident didn't hit me until recent years every September 11th. 

Dubbed as the incident that changed the world, particularly US, the terrorists attack claimed 2977 lives excluding the hijackers. A mixture of reaction was seen for this saddening incident, some were on the US side, some blamed the US for causing and resulting the death of hundreds of thousands of middle eastern's civilians, some even don't give a sh*t about it. 

Me being a person who is not keen on politics and wars, I can't really comment much on this. What really happened behind all those attacks and wars, do not matter much to me. But what really hurts to see is the loss of human nature through pursuing power and respective beliefs. What they cause in order to get what they want, is not just merely human sacrifices, but tears of pain, cries of grief, loss of innocent lives, and devastating states of demolitions.

I remembered I used to pray for world peace to God at night and during my birthday. Hoping for a better world and peace for us to live, the hope is still on, but as more explorations came, it dampens a little. Not that I have lost hope, but I changed my mind perspective as I grow. I learned about equilibrium in Economics and it inspires me about applying the theory in life philosophy. There can't be peace as bad and evil are always there to balance the nature of the world. There will always be rich and poor and both factors are counteracting each other. 

On a personal side, I would say I am pretty much a Jekyll and Hyde. Yes I have something that I want really badly, and yes, to achieve that, I would do and I did horrible things (not horrible, but I am punished by the guilt and the pain that I couldn't tell anyone). Come to think of it, it made me no difference than attackers and pretty much everyone. On comparison, similarly all of us would do things, even if it's bad things, in order to achieve something, we would lose part of the human nature. Whereas the difference is the degree of evilness and how much human nature that you would sacrifice to achieve the want.

There are tonnes of wants among billions of people. To satisfy it all will always be a mission impossible. But one thing for sure, a self-control is the key. It's really difficult to control the wants, on crossing the line of human nature, it's just a thin line of boundary. When you realise you are wrong and you want to cross back the line, it's either too late or the line has become a thick concrete wall. 

RIP to those who sacrificed on this day 10 years ago. Still finger-crossed for world peace and for human nature.