Monday, September 26, 2011

The Departure

In these 2 months, I've been saying Goodbyes quite often. It's never easy saying the word. I think this is applicable to everyone, it's not easy recovering from farewell. Sucks to handle the fact that someone's leaving, it's something unavoidable and inevitable.

One and a half month ago, I had to handle the departure of one of my best pal, trials exams and piano Grade 8 exams. Last week, the end of college with collegemates. Today, an unexpected farewell from a not to say close friend but a significant one.

There are loads more I want to say, tonnes more I want to cry out. But time is not allowing me to do so. This break, a study break, probably is what I need to rejuvenate and recover.

Peeps, it is not my intention to write emotional posts but the more I watch 'Eat Pray Love' the movie, the more I can relate myself to the main character. Except I cannot just leave everything and travel to places.

Dear readers, I am okay. Probably books can be my best anaesthetic and time can be my best remedy. I am on a Facebook fast on weekdays and trying to shun myself from any possible communication.

If you have anything, you may email or text me.