Sunday, August 21, 2011

When This is It

When times are hard, I would try to remember, there are much harder stuff in the world.

When relationships are cold, I would try to please and keep quiet, fight no more and care less.

When 12 units of 6 subjects are difficult to cope, I would remind myself, there are people doing 14-16 units of 7-8 subjects.

When there are complaints, I would try hard, to keep to myself.

When the arm muscles are hurting from practising scales, I would remind myself, I am done for good after tomorrow.

When love and support are gone, I would know, at least I am there for myself.

When the heart is not pumping, I would know, I have tried the best I could.

But, what if, I am so sick and tired of giving these excuses? 

Yes, when you are so sick and tired, you would keep telling yourself, there are more people outside are suffering more than you.