Thursday, August 18, 2011

It's All Human Nature

When I am down, it's his voice, their music who accompanied the journey to comfort zone.

It might due to the pre-trials stress, I wasn't feeling well in school. Come to think of it, I felt a ridiculous thud of disappointment, it's not that I feel abandoned or left out. But it's the truth that 'people come to you when they need you, dump you when they are done'. It was like primary school all over again, how immature, how ironic. Furthermore, the thought that people taking what you have without even asking or informing, is even more hurtful, with the sharp wave of pain attacking my soul.

I approached the piano with touch of fierceness, wanting to bang on each note with hatred. I tried to immerse myself in the mountain of books, but my mind is can't stop thinking about my stupidity of being used. I should have known, it's just the rhythm of life, part of human nature.

Think no more. It's the upcoming week I should be worrying about. Play no more. It's time to focus. Say no more. I just want peace, the rest is all 'up to you'.