Sunday, July 10, 2011

19th, and more to come.

Just few days before 8th of July, I was disturbed by the fact nothing felt right. Life's like plotting a graph and I was at the transitional period and it was a recession that had lasted for quite awhile. It all began when I was obsessed in achieving what I want, and when I fell, I fell hard on my face. The Singapore trip proved to be what I needed after a long battle, although it didn't turn out as good as I expected, it was what I deserved.

I have always liked the beach. It always gives me a touch of calm, a surge of excitement , and a jumble of memories. However, I looked beyond the sea, listened to the sounds of wave, clenched hard to the bicycle which I could not handle; on the verge of tears, I felt a twinge of sadness, a clench of regret and a ping of disappointment.

Coming back to reality had always brought me to thinkings and redemption. There were loads to be done, but none is started and completed. At times, I don't even know if my people-pleasing disease is back. A nice birthday dinner at Look Out Point was indeed lovely and surprising, overlooked at the night view of Kuala Lumpur, covered by the mist but still beautiful and calm. Surrounded by laughters and chatters, it was a cozy dinner with the close ones, and they brought me back to life.

I cancelled the original plan to celebrate on the official day, knowing that all I needed for the first day of the 19th year was to spend time alone, doing whatever I like and want. A nearly 2 hours window shopping trip to my second home, KLCC all by myself, proved to be a relaxing one. I enjoyed looking stuff I liked, visiting shops I loved, not worrying about other stuff. An one hour rest in Starbucks, reading my last book of the blockbuster series, Harry Potter. A brief lunch with a few close friends was an addition delighted touch on the day.

Tried the best macaroons in Harrods, bought two handbags for mother, had a beauty nap, a nice jog with the favourite band, Tokio Hotel and applied a soothing mask. A simple dinner at Nando's with family was nice and lovely. The highlight of the day was watching The Sound of Music with the accompaniment of glasses of red wine. I enjoyed singing along with the catchy tunes, my family joined in too.

I had decided I didn't want to spend my day refreshing Facebook page and reading wishes. Don't get me wrong, I really appreciate all the 157 friends who wished me through Facebook and Whatsapp , but I would wanna spend a better time to reply their wishes personally and sincerely, which I already did. Thank you once again, y'all know who you are. It was a lil disappointed for some who didn't wish, with the fact that they are on Facebook 24/7.

An extra note of appreciation to those who wished me through phone texts, I was really delighted and touched and sorry for not replying it instantly. I expressed my special gratitude to those who make it to the Thursday dinner. Once again, y'know who you are. Thank you for making it even though it was quite a last minute notice, and you babes had never failed to brighten my day for years. A lovely thank you to the *wink wink* bestie who gave me such a thoughtful and meaningful gift, it meant the world to me. A special thank you to my *wink wink* hubby who put in efforts for the 2 days and everything you have done. Thank you to my lovely family for the treat and love.

I thank God for granting me another birthday to celebrate and blessing me, that it was a joyful one. I thank Ronaldo (though he wouldn't care who I am) for his inspiration for a pre-university course. I thank all of you once again who had been part on the 19th birthday of mine.

19th and still counting. I am ready for more falls and more achievements, more sorrows and more happiness, more adventures and more discoveries, more inspirations and more changes.

Wen Xin