Thursday, April 21, 2011

I've just got 'inception-ed'

Months after this blockbuster thriller was released, I watched it, finally. And yes, I've just got 'inception-ed'! The manipulative plot managed to bring me for a high-flying and thriving roller coaster ride, the idea of planting an idea inside someone's brain using development of subconscious using dream within a dream was total genius, pure genius, true genius. I can't help myself but to bite my fingernails during the last 20 minutes, to see how levels of dreams being solved.

This movie did inspire me about something, of a reality issue, of dreams VS. reality. Some people will position themselves strategically in an imaginative fantasy where they seek for an escape from the polluted and corrupted reality.

The quote by Leonardo DiCaprio, 'You taught me how to use people's mind'. This line of thought got me contemplating, more generally, it's so applicable in our daily lives. I have been observing for quite some time, rereading my diary posts, there are a lot of mind games, ugly dramas and broken hearts. Those who know how to use the psychological method to master one person, the gamer will have a great advantage over the pleaser. It's like a possession, or rather just a cat-chasing-rat game.

'One word for you, stupid!'

Laughing out loud, my mom spat that right on my face. I was in denial, but deep inside, I truly know it was the truth. Between me and the gamer, I will always be the one being shadowed with the gamer getting all the limelight. It's not something I want to fight for, because it's not worth fighting for. But yet, the psychological pressure is so huge that it always become an overwhelming frustration and an admission of failure.

Oh well, I guess I have to use a different frame of mind, using psychology to learn mind-controlling and emotion self-defensing. Dreams and reality, too bad it's always have to involve making decisions between two tempting options. Sometimes in order to avoid the pigeons holes and pitfalls of the past in life, you just have to wake up from your dreams and face your reality. And sometimes you need to re-imagine a dream in order to make the reality come true. Ladies and gentlemen, do you want to live in an architecturally-built dreams or a harshly world?