Friday, February 4, 2011

To King from Queen.

Dear King,
5 years of secondary school life, it would not be a colourful one, if it wasn't with you, Hanani Azman.

A jovial girl who was the class monitor, leaded Melati to ultimate glory, took responsiblities to the fullest. I had great fun participating in Dikir Barat, being in the naughtiest and noisiest class, being under your wonderful leadership.

An awesome friend who is always there for her friends, for me. I truly thank her a lot or her love and care as she isn't afraid to show it off. Consistent 'likes' and comments are an encouragement from her for me to keep up my work. Her comments on this blog is one of the reason that this blog is surviving.

A scholarship recipient in IACT who is pursuing her studies in Mass Communication who shows passion and dedication to her dream. I wish her all the best and may successes will be with her from now and till the future.

A King who is crowned with the series of Narnia, and the fortunate me, as 'her' Queen. We are the King and Queen, nothing will change us. I am positive that our friendship will last. Because you never give up on things, never give up on me.

Happy Birthday my King.

May the 19th year bring you the courage to explore the adventures of life, the joy which brings you smiles and happiness, the determination when you encounter challenges and the love, to you from me.

Have a great one!