Wednesday, February 2, 2011


I spent a week before school reopen, baking Chinese New Year cookies as my annual practice. It has been the third year of baking CNY cookies, and yeah, I am pretty proud with my baking skills ;)

Baking whole week killed me off, the preparation of giant amount of ingredients, the heat of the microwave oven and built-in oven, the moulding part... It was just too much work to do, but thanks to my brothers who helped out and mother who washed all the equipments, I survived and the outcomes (5 different cookies) were all good =)

Chinese New Year, a time for relatives from all places to gather and to catch up; a time for us Chinese people to test the luck (gambling), a time for us to try something (alcohol!), a time for us (unmarried) to get angpaos ($$), a time for parents and relatives to talk about politics, a time for me to repeat my degree choice to the adults (Haha).

I am not really in a mood to celebrate CNY, it might be because of school works are piling up, there are plans to do, plans to follow, and most importantly, I have to discover myself again. But things are going pretty well at this moment =)

Chinese New Year. I wonder people are celebrating for the sake of doing it, for the sake of it is a traditional festival which is celebrated for centuries or you really mean it. But I am really grateful to have the 4 days break, at least it's a break. And for those who have a week off and still complaining, shut up!

Currently listening to Celine Dion's, her voice never fails to touch the inner me.

Happy Chinese New Year to all. May you are blessed with good health, luck and prosperity. To be realistic, not everyone will have a great year, there will be downs and falls. May your Rabbit year is the year you learn to change, be a better person and lead a better life. Gong Hei Fatt Choi =)