Thursday, January 13, 2011

My facts, which you should know.

Thoughts came randomly when I was watching teevo, driving on the road, using the internet, basically my life. Here goes the list of what I 'discover' in these 2 weeks.

  1. Petrol station is the restaurant for cars. Shell would be a cheese burger because it is founded by a British transport company. Petronas would be a nasi lemak since it is local. Esso would be steak as it is owned by an USA company. I guess my family cars' prefer cheese burger :)

  2. Females love football is the same as males love porn/strip shows (some). Because somehow there is the physical attraction of opposite sex triggers the excitement inside. Oh well, Cristiano Ronaldo does have a strong sex appeal to make me watch him all the time last time. But of course, it's not just his looks, but also the skills and the personality.

  3. Humans feel insecure, that's why they have to be in a relationship or religion, or watching Star World's Monday Night Laugh like How I Met Your Mother to fill the emptiness in them. To fill the space in me, a person who loves and cares, God's words which guide and inspire or the character of Barney Stinson? I choose Barney, tell me who doesn't love him!

  4. Saying 'I love you' to friends is so easy like ABC until it confuses me whether it's true or not. It's so frequent until it scares me, makes me wondering about friendship loves. If I were to say 'I love you', I must be really mean it.

  5. People are narcisstic especially those who post 'I just shit' or 'Just woke up, good morning' constantly or daily on Facebook or Twitter. Posting random facts about yourselff occasionally is totally fine. But is there a need to tell the world you just fart or shit?

  6. I don't need 1000 friends on Facebook when I am only keeping in touch with 50 of them, hating 450 of them and not knowing 500 of them.

  7. Facebook is becoming a place to discover the truth, and it hurts finding out from there because it shows your friend prefers telling the world first before you. Especially if you thought he or she is a good close friend.

  8. Good and evil, rich and poor, strong and weak, tall and short, fat and slim, they all exist for a reason, because there is something call the equalibrium point. If everyone is rich, who is there to lose money to the rich people? If everyone is strong, who do you compare to show that you are strong? If everyone is good, we don't need polices and lawyers.

  9. The domination of males is still strong if you see the number of politicians in a country, the main characters in hollywood action movies and etc. Where do all the girls go, driving crazy at university or home trying to change the domination, screaming at and following Justin Bieber's world tour and being dominated by smarter/lovey-dovey guys. I am not critising the domination, but I feel it's weird. Yes I am sexist. But don't get me wrong, I love guys and I like Bieber!

  10. Listen to Taylor Swift's songs, read Sophie Kinsella's novels, watch chic-lit movies like The Proposal, When in Rome, makes us, especially love-searching teens, believe in fairy tales, ever-lasting love and true soulmate. But is it true? Marriages end with divorces, families ruin with abuse, relationships end with break ups and hatreds. My answer, yes for some, not for all.

  11. Lady Gaga is not just the Madonna in the 1980s, she is also the Michael Jackson. The trios who contribute so much to the music industry, will live forever.

  12. Humans are contradicting themselves all the time. Michael Jackson wanted to be a white and has become one while he sang 'no matter if you're black or white'. But, I love the music video! For us students it will be... During school term, 'Haiz, I want holidays so badly!'. During school holidays, 'I miss school :( '

  13. 100% of you reading this have opinions on the 12 facts above, 80% of you won't voice it out. C'mon, be the 20%, tell me what you think. My facts could be wrong. Leave a message at the chatbox or facebook message me ;) Be the 50, or u prefer the 450, but please not the 500. You get what it means :)

P.S. The facts are just in general, randomly popped into my mind in my daily life when I see things. I don't aim at someone and I am not trying to offend anyone. My sincere apology if I offended you. Tell me, I think I can accept. Haha. Hope you enjoy this post, it might give you a good laugh, a deep thought, a heavy argument with me or a new confusion ;)