Sunday, January 23, 2011

Many and Much, with Buts.

I don't think I deserve an reward, but I decided to get Tokio Hotel's 'Best Of' Deluxe Edition, as a reward and motivation =)

Inspired by the starting of 2nd term of Year 12 tomorrow, I present you my 'manies' (plural for many) and 'muches' (plural for much).

So many stuffs on the to-do list, but time is not my best friend.
So much anger and frustrations in my head, but I can't scream it out.
So many things to buy, but I don't have the ability to find money yet.
So much thoughts in my mind, but I can't think properly.
So many dreams to achieve, but I don't have the confidence and ability yet.
So much fats in my body, but I can't shrug it off.
So many problems to worry, but the solutions are no where to be found.
So much love to give, but it is not the right moment yet.
So many questions on my head, but there are no right answers.
So much good music to explore, but I got only two ears.
So many responsibilities to carry out, but I am not committed enough.
So much crimes in this world, but I can't stop it all.
So many homeworks to do, but I keep on procrastinating.
So much tears everyday, but it never solve the problems.
So many movies and dramas, but I have missed.
So much falls for now, but this is life.
So many friends to concern, but they take it all and never give me back.
So much knowledges to pursue, but I can't know it all.
So many opportunities are offered, but I let it slip away.
So much efforts to put in, but where to start from?
So many disasters happening, but these are the punishments.
So much happiness I see, but pains are inevitable.
So many guys in the world, but it's hard to find the soulmate.
So much qualities I want from him, but I can't have it all.
So many issues I am interested, but I am learning bit by bit.
So much changes I have had, but there are more to come.
So many complaints I got, but I just can't shut up!
So much more to say, but I should stop before my readers run away!

Need many guidelines and much discipline to overcome the next 11 weeks. A bigger change ahead, a harder task awaiting, more fun to explore, a great challenge in the end, I hope I would be alive.