Saturday, January 8, 2011

Inspired. Refreshed. Reflective.

There is one moment, perhaps the only moment, which I feel totally relaxed. When I am in the gym, working out =)

I feel inspired everytime I sit beside the glass door which reflects heat at the member lounge, viewing Suria KLCC's main entrance and Jalan Ampang's traffic, sipping hot coffee and write a post in my diary.

I feel refreshed everytime I finish the 1 hour group exercise session, where a group of enthusiastic people battling with weights or jumping while catching some breaths, and end with a group clapping.

I am reflective everytime I meditate in the sauna room and the steam room when I see no one as I close my eyes, concentrating on my plans, problems or memories.
I want my body to be healthy and slim, my mind to be bright and positive. And I look up to the fantastic women below. I feel like a pervert or a lesbo while googling the pictures, but oh well, they are my inspirations!

Eva Longoria and Cameron Diaz for their well-toned arms.

Megan Fox and Jessica Alba for their smooth-muscled back.
Nicole Scherzinger for her slim waist.
Su Min, remember we used to call her Zinger Burger? Hahaha.

Shakira for her hard-core abs!
I used to look up upon Gwen Stefani's, but dang, no way to six packs!

Gisele Bundchen and Mirander Kerr aka Mrs Orlando Bloom's long stretchy legs.

Thanks to Mom's Fitness First club membership, I get to enjoy weekends free gym usage. You might wonder 'why her arms still so flabby?', 'damn look at her spare tyres!', 'her legs are like elephants' legs!'. For me, working out is not to look like those women (partially yes, haha), but mainly, I want to be healthy, plus to look good in clothes.

I don't crave to have buffed-up arm muscles. I don't need a sexy back. I don't hope for 22-inches waist (Actually I do). I don't work out for six packs abs. I don't dream for leggy supermodel legs (I cant, my height!). But what I know I can achieve is a healthy lifestyle and slim body with sufficient exercises, and balanced diet.

And you can! Come join me at Fitness First every Saturday and Sunday for free, only for first timer. It would be great, working out together, free flow drinks at the member lounge and a walk at KLCC after that ;) Contact me if interested, anyone, close friends or not-so-close friends, just be my gym mate for a day :)