Thursday, January 27, 2011

Idol Fever

Knowing that I wouldn't have the mood to study, I shall blog. Was meant to blog about this last Thursday when it debuts it's first episode.

Yes, once again, every year, the new season of American Idol commences. And I never fail to catch it, you can say, I pretty much growing up watching Idol, but not cartoons, oh well, apart from Tom and Jerry!

Last season, when Idol shockingly announced that the 3 of the 4 judges were leaving the panel, including the much-beloved Simon Cowell, comments of 'American Idol would be so different without Cowell', 'Gah I don't have a reason to watch Idol anymore!' and 'Idol would be meaningless and boring to watch, not watching, hmph!' instantly filled Facebook's lives feed and a hot topic to talk about with friends.

New judges comprise of the talented Jennifer Lopez and rockstar legend Steven Tyler from Aerosmith, teamed up with Randy Jackson. They are the reason why we should continuing watching Idol. After 8 seasons of Cowell-Abdul-Jackson, 1 season with new Degenerous-Dioguardi, we certainly need a change to this 10 years old show. What do we expect from the outrageous vocalist Tyler and the multi-talented hot mom Lopez? It's something we need to watch.

Besides, Idol producer Simon Fuller certainly knows how to attract the audiences. With the impressive trailer on the first episode, multi changes as compared to the previous ones, star-studded judging panel. I am still and always an Idol fan. Furthermore, Idol has produced top singers like Kelly Clarkson, Carrie Underwood, Chris Daughtry, Adam Lambert, David Cook and so on. Is there a reason why we stop watching the birth of the next superstar idol and his/her wonderful journey?

Most importantly, Idol is definitely an inspiration to me. The stories behind the contestants really touched my heart and are making me shedding tears. We often complain about how difficult and miserable life is, but not knowing we are so fortunate if compared to others. We can definitely lead a better life, but we are blinded by the will of seeking sympathy, wasting time, not putting effort and many other stupid excuses.

May God bless the girlfriend of the contestant just now, may good health and happiness are with you. And to your boyfriend aka no-name-contestant, I shall find out about your name soon. Thank you for your life experience, it really got me thinking, 'DESTINY', an interesting topic which I still couldn't figure out after so long.