Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Guide me, will you?

A trip to Genting on the 15th of December, for the very first time, I watched a movie in the cinema alone. The choice of movie: Narnia. Never been a fan of Narnia, never would.
But as I was seeking inspirations as usual, the movie actually taught me something.

Defeat the darkness in you,
before exploring the darkness of the world.

There's a darkness in me, or should I say, darknesses. I suppose everyone has.

Yes, discipline. I am not discipline enough. It is something that I struggled since two years ago. I was way so disciplined during my PMR year, sort of like my glorious year which I would never forget.

This 2011, a crucial year, the path to the future. I need to discipline myself, very much. Updated a list of resolutions for the year, to achieve the numbers are not an easy task. But I seriously have to, must discipline myself for the focuses.