Friday, December 31, 2010

Biddin' Farewell to 2010.

A year is going to pass in about 12 hours. People says time flies. Personally I don't think time flies in a blink of an eye, the ups and downs in a year are definitely a roller-coaster ride, filled with events, smiles, tears, successes, falls. Most importantly, changes and growths.

To me, 2010 is definitely a change. Change in study environment, personality and life. This post is a summary of 2010, enjoy.

No doubt, this is the most significant one. A two-year scholarship to study in an international school which I would never thought of going (never knew it existed too!). Although New South Wales Higher School Certificate (HSC) is a longer course, but what matters to me is the process of studying. The international curriculum, is a difficult one to adapt. But it all paid off when I became prefect and the Dux of Year 11 which came totally unexpected. Furthermore, a trip to Penang and Langkawi with schoolmates is a bonus, not to mention, it's free of charge ;)

HSC's English as Second Language (ESL)'s area of study focuses on 'Belonging', while year 11 focused on 'Journey'. Both themes imply to my situation as a newcomer in this foreign environment in Australian International School Malaysia (AISM). My ESL teacher Mr T said in order to feel belonged in a group, one must forfeit something. I cannot agree more, because I am reluctant to give up my focus and to be involved in high school dramas, I don't really feel belonged. But this earns me peace that I have craved for long.

With my very first visit to Gold Class cinema watching Twlight Saga: Eclipse and a grand birthday dinner, my 18th birthday was a blast. Thanks to this bunch of girls, family, Negar and those who wish. People says 'I feel old during birthday'. I hate that statement, birthday is a blessing. Even though it does not have to be a great celebration, at least, feel grateful.

2010 is definitely remarkable when it comes to this. 5 concerts in 1 year. 3 concerts in July, a crazy month indeed. Not to mention, all 5 are free of charge! As a die-hard fan of Tokio Hotel, 50 minutes of showcase is a satisfaction, though I chose concert over International Award Practice Camp :P A win to Usher's concert is an early birthday present :) Another win to Jason Derulo's showcase plus a Meet & Greet session pass are a major bonus. Not to mention I met JD in person and hugged him for a second! MTV World Stage is the main bomb, having to see Tokio Hotel again and Katy Perry performed, if I survived World Stage, I can survive any concert! The last one would be Paramore, a treat from Jelica, rockzone!

The previous 17 years of my life, I NEVER camp before. For a person who never been to a camp, I went 4 camps this year! That is not really much, but it is a great achievement to me. Back to Nature camp at Awana Genting is a lucky win, slept in longhouse, abseiling, buffet-styled meals, flying fox, trek, winning team.... International Award Kayaking Camp, the real camp. Horrible campsite during monsoon season, the heat, a visit to Orang Asli village, 83km in 4 days 3 nights. And I survived. Although being looked down by a comrade, but it motivates me, I will never give up! AGC's Church Camp, it's not for me, but it is insipiring. Kiwanis Youth Camp, the great deal. Escorted by Emergency Unit, had fire rescue and water rescue, rappelling...

Nothing to say about success. Failures! First driving test, Grade 8 piano, handling problems. But it's part of growth isn't it.

Oh yeahh I worked for a week! My first part time job! And the pay was pretty =)

Oh yeahh LOVE. Oh well, no love but crushes. It has been pretty fun having crushes. Like mom said, observe first and have fun ;)

Goodbye awesome 2010. Hello great 2011!