Friday, October 22, 2010


After all, we are just a bunch of online narcissists, who are searching the belonging of identity in the cyberspace.

That's my latest facebook status, inspired by CLEO's article. I couldn't agree more after reading the article, only to realise, how much our society's mindset is shaped through the existence of social networking sites nowadays.
The study of the level of narcissism said:
  • Facebook provides an ideal setting for narcissists to monitor their looks, permitting them to thrive on shallow relationship while shunning genuine warmth and empathy.
  • Those who spend their time updating their profile on the site are more likely to be narcissists or suffer from low self esteem
  • The study is defined as a “ a pervasive pattern of grandiosity, need for administration, and an exaggerated sense of self- importance.”
  • From the gender prospective ,men displayed more self – promotional content in the ‘about me’ and notes section, whereas women demonstrated more self- promotional in the main photo section.
  • Those who scored higher on the test checked their facebook more often each day than those who did not.

Interesting facts aren't they?

The statuses I post are mostly inspired by observed happenings in daily life, daily complex emotions and inspirational people or things. I just don't agree on posting up private details, random and normal happenings, lovey-dovey wall posts, whining complaints, sympathy and attention seeking statuses.

Using Facebook is like staring at yourself in an online mirror. Statuses that you post, games that you play, profile informations that are available, pages that you like, those self-taken photos of you, all of those reflect your personality. And somehow, it is interesting, or rather annoying to see people post up stuff that makes me wanna click the red X button at the top right button.


Though how much I want to deny this, I just couldn't lie to myself to admit that, I am one of them, I am a narcissist. But, not a huge one.



Sunday, October 3, 2010

It's all about Glam.

What do I love about Adam Lambert?
What is there not to love? He was already outstandingly flamboyant in American Idol with his crazy arrangements of song choices and high octave vocals. He is no doubt one of the greatest Idol contestants although he lost his crown to Kris Allen. He is not afraid to be himself, to tell the world about his sexuality and not being embarassed about it. That is really inspiring because he leads his life with eloquence and honesty. He dares to be different although it is controversial and might not be accepted by the public. Most importantly, he promises to be there for the fans' entertainment and he never let the fans down with his awesome rock music.

Why you should win the exclusive tickets from DiGi?

Because I am a loyal DiGi user since 2004 when I first awarded a handphone after scoring straight A's in UPSR. I have never changed or lost the number ever since 6 years ago. Till now I still love the number, and of course DiGi as my telecommunication supplier. Digi had given me a chance to see All American Rejects for free last October, and I hope I will have the chance again from DiGi too see Adam Lambert's Glam Nation Tour. Because I want to be part of the glittery glamorous concert which I know will be awesome with such flamboyant entertainer.


I remembered blogging about 'I Dare to Dream' in June about admiring Adam Lambert as a truly inspiring entertainer.

Partially thanks to Adam Lambert, I am inspired to compose piano songs melody and produce videos for fun and leisure. 'Whataya Want From Me' is my forth video and I am dedicating it to Adam Lambert as one of my inspiration source. The video is a remix of an acapella version and my piano melody. Although the aftermath of the remix does not really work, but I am satisfied because it's my first time remixing :)

FYI, this is a contest blogpost for Adam Lambert's concert contest by DiGi.
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