Saturday, August 28, 2010

Getting back up.

Picture taken on 22nd August 2009, 5.10pm.

As posted as my Facebook status: A failure came knocking my door today. Yes, I failed my Grade 8 piano practical exam with 93 marks, 7 to go to pass. I am not upset, not mad, not disappointed. I kind of expected it, although was hoping some miracle to happen. Regarding to the failure, a few parties to be blamed including me and a few solid reasons to explain it. But, after all, I thank God for failing me this time, as I learned the lesson and gained the experience. Now I know, what to do for the next attempt. Thank Jeremy Kimber, the examiner, for failing me. *not sarcasm!*

Failure happens all the time in our life. Yes, it is surely depressing at times, think of the time, effort and sometimes money that you have given out. But what matters, is the process of failing that makes you get back up and shape you to be a better person. Yes, it is painful, sleep with teary eyes, become moody till there's hormone imbalance, lifeless with no direction and aim, and so on. But so what, sometimes it is just sad that you allow failure to conquer and control you, knowing that you should get over it and aim for the next success with a stronger and smarter you.

No fail, no success; no pain, no gain. I vow not to waste time anymore and start to deal with life. Pals, I hope you can face failures whole-heartedly with optimism and never give up. Fight for your life and be the winner.


Friday, August 6, 2010

MTV World Stage 2010

With continuous luck and loads of winnings, the month of July had been the craziest in 2010 by far. It began with going to Usher's Live in KL, winning Eclipse limited edition merchandises, celebrating birthday with Gold Class movie experience and a bunch of girlfriends, going Jason Derulo's showcase, meet and greet him, winning his album and at last, the highly-anticipated MTV World Stage Live in Malaysia 2010!

The crowd is covered with disposable ponchos during the heavy downpour. I think I can spot the umbrella I was holding, the tiny silver one at the middle. Though it was raining cats and dogs, the crowd's enthusiasm was still at a high level.

Local band, Bunkface was the first act. And they rocked the crowd with their popular catchy hits in both Malay and English. They have certainly made Malaysians proud. No doubt they are one of the best bands in Malaysia, Imma getting addicted to their songs now :)

Next, we have the gorgeous quintet from Korea, Wondergirls. Seriously, even with their big hit Nobody, I wasn't captivated by them. But after watching them live, these hot girls can dance. Their singing still doesn't appeal to me. But I was entertained really well by their nice outfits, sexy dances and catchy tunes.

They were the reason why I wanna go to World Stage so badly. After attending their concert in May, it's just almost impossible for a Tokio Hotel fan to not attend World Stage. The German rock band thrilled the 15000 fans after a long hour of wait. The boys shocked me with props from their European concert tour, thought I would never have a chance to see. The song choices were almost similar with the one in May, except 2 or 3 new songs and a few new elements into the performances. Overall, it was great to see them twice in 3 months. But it was just sad they didn't perform my favourite song, Alien. But still, I love them!

Alas, with a titbit of energy level left in me, I almost give up on continue the concert after hours of standing and dehydration, Katy Perry rocked the house! Though I wouldn't wanna admit this, but it was true that she owned the night! Dressed in a ballerina costume, fans were not excited to see it. But the stage set up was great with candyland as the theme. She sang a few of her new and old songs. And she thrilled us with guitar performances, both acoustic and electric guitars. She is no doubt, a great performer and entertainer!

The concert left me half dead and I cannot walk straight after that. It even landed me a week of being sick. There was even a point I felt like I am done with concerts. But no! World Stage is definitely worth it and I am not done with concerts. LOL.

But for these 2 months, I am gonna stop the craziness and head for a recovery, both physically and mentally. Not to mention, finals is around the corner. But, I am really excited for the getaway next week :)