Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Crazy Frenzy.

For almost a month or so, concert goers, inlcuding me, have been spending endless hours on MTV website and organisers' website/facebook, tryna win the money-cant-buy passes to the highly-aniticipated MTV World Stage.

After countless attempts of spotting Junior and Bee on MTV website, which I failed and gave up. I tried other organisers' contest. Thank God, I won KLue magazine's contest with high pride. Because I won it with Tokio Hotel's help.

Challenge: Love Katy Perry, Tokio Hotel, Wonder Girls or Bunkface? Show us how devoted you are to music act via photos, illustrations, poem, etc - whatever it takes to catch our attention.

My Entry. Read it if interested. I am considered really lucky for this, as people are really dying for the exclusive passes. I participated on the last day, found out the contest on the last day, there are 3 different challenges for 20 pairs of passes, I suppose the competition is high and tight. But ya, thankfully, my effort isn't wasted and here comes MTV World Stage 2010!

I am really looking forward to this World Stage, to be part of the second consecutive World Stage that is going to be held in Malaysia. But it is just sad to see fans are just being too crazy, too extreme, too stupid.

The facebook of Xpax has become a trading place of sellers and buyers. People are taking the moeny-cant-buy condition as an advantage, sell it with a high price to those unfortunate one who wants to be part of the 15000 fans who are going to rock on this Saturday. But is it worth the fan's craziness for a glimpse of their idol? Perhaps it is a yes. There are people who actually bought 32 Tokio Hotel albums for 3 meet and greet passes who entitle them only 1 minute close up with the band.I would never do that. Other than cannot afford to, it is definitely not worthy.

People these day are really crazy and being fanatic for their idols, until I can say, they lost themselves living in the world of idol fantasy, waste their hard-earned money, precious time, hard effort, and many more.
Me myself is an example.

1st July - 16th July, I had mentally travelled to 15 countries around the world, getting 15 different puzzle pieces and participated in a Tokio Hotel worldwide contest, Humanoid Scavenger Hunt. The contest was really driving me and many die-hard fans to locate the puzzle pieces in different countries fansites with unreadable language. This is crazy I can say, to win 1 of the 15 prizes that are offered among hundred thousands or even millions of fans. But what I am impressed are co-operations of all fansites around the world, unity of fans giving hints each day and the international level of fans pariticipations.

Tadaa~ The 15 puzzle pieces!
I am deifinitely not going to win it, but being part of it, I am glad and not regretting it.

Call me crazy? There are more people are even crazier. I am just being crazy in a normal way and I wouldn't let my craziness affect what I am fighting for my studies, future and life now :)


Friday, July 23, 2010


It was like I have striked on some lucky charm, I won passes to Jason Derulo's showcase, made it as my second in this month, with a third one coming up in 7 days!
Once again, same as Usher, I am not a big fan, not even a normal fan, but just merely try my luck for the contest. Unexpectedly, I got it :)

Attending this showcase marked my very first time visiting a club. With my legal age now, I still not officially allowed for clubbing yet, oh dang another 3 years. But being able to experience it for a while, I am all satisfied :)

The place I stood wasn't really a good view, due to my height and being late. But somehow, I still enjoy standing concert which gives me the mood and the atmosphere to rock and to dance along with the crowd who goes crazy with Jason's well-toned body, professionally coordinated dance moves, unique vocals and charming personality.

This is what I wrote on my previous blogpost:
I was too engrossed in finishing this book until I miss a few calls, one of it is a pretty important as it is an once-a-lifetime golden opportunity. Oh well, I am really nervous yet exciting about, will reveal it soon :)

Attending a concert is not really an once-a-lifetime-golden opportunity, but THIS is, continue reading :)

I wrote this to AstroHitz:
I would like to meet Jason Derulo in person because I want him to be the first celebrity that I can get close with and the moment will be the most memorable one.

Winning the passes is already a surprised gift, but having the chance to meet and greet is certainly not beyond my expectation.

So, this is my experience and feelings:

With the media crew yelling 'HitzTV winners', I rushed to the front alongside 4 other winners. Then, our group was the first and I was the first to go in. It was a small backstage room, the air-conditioning is cold. Jason is wearing his leather jacket, looking extremely macho and big-sized in it, just like those athletics.

He dranked a cup of water and turned around to see us. 2 fan girls standing on the edge squeled, I was too shocked to utter a word and scream. Jason said HI, and came near us, squeezed to the centre, wide arms around five of us, but sadly, did not reach me. A few shots were taken, we were rushed out by the media crew.

I was the last to shake his hand, my tiny hand on his large palm, it was warm :) Deep inside of me, I know this is not the meet and greet session that I want. I took a deep breath. Can I have a hug, I said. Of course he would not refuse. 'Sure' he murmured. I was already hugging him, with my left side of my face lying on his chest, touching his silver studded leather jacket. I can feel one of his arms was on my right shoulder back. His body is really well-built and macho. Oh gosh, it was definitely a memorable moment, as I stated in the slogan.

Yes it was just a short one second hug, but that marked the climax of the day. 'The show was really awesome' I said after the hug. 'Oh Thanks Ya Sweetie...' This totally made my day, there was a big grin on my face when I slept and I could not stop thinking about him. The media crew shoo-ed me out, maybe it is actually forbidden to hug him :P But, I don't care.

Meeting a talented celebrity like Jason is such a golden opportunity and a privilege, I will not let it be, just like that. Haha. One of my moto of life is 'go crazy while you are young'. Because we might not be having these chances to party crazily and attending concert energetically after some time. So, enjoy your life with controlled entertainment, and work hard on achieving a good study path at the same time.

This is what I have to learn and apply for my life now.

I'm caught in a Love Hangover,

Monday, July 19, 2010

Life and Death.

As the movie, Eclispe did focus a few scenes on her, it was interesting to find out about this
newborn's life and death.

I read this book at Kinokuniya in about 110 minutes on Friday last week. I was too engrossed in finishing this book until I miss a few calls, one of it is a pretty important as it is an once-a-lifetime golden opportunity. Oh well, I am really nervous yet exciting about, will reveal it soon :) Back to Bree Tanner, after reading this book, I finally know what had happened to her. It was kinda dramatic, fun, romantic and sad to read.

'Do you want a burger?' The way she changed to a vampire is funny. Oh well, wouldn't reveal it, not gonna spoil the surprise.

Jodelle Ferland.

She is the 16 years old girl who plays Bree Tanner. Googled for her pictures, it was frightening as she acted in some horror movie, gosh I couldn't look at her.

There are so many questions and wonders in my head about Life and Death. How to lead a good life? How will my future life be? How should I improve? How does death feels like? Is it painful when I heave the last breath? Is there an after-life? Reborn? Whatever I did in this life will just be gone? How many years can I live?

I have a whole long lifetime to find out. Perhaps it is better to not find out the answer, because what matters, is enjoying the current life and expect the unexpecteds. Life is so much more fun when you do not know what will happen next. Lead a healthy, fun, excellent life, while you can. Oh well, you always can.


Thursday, July 15, 2010

I am Usher-ed.

Yes, I might be updating blog quite frequent since I got the blogging material lately. I found my passion of blogging back and hopefully, I can find my life back :)

Oh yes, I won 2 tickets to see Usher live in Kuala Lumpur on 7th July. I tried my luck on the Galaxie Magazine website, just for fun. I've never win anything big before. Perhaps it was my birthday luck, I got a call from them on the Sunday, I missed the first call actually. Lucky me though, he called again. Finding the company was a disappointing part, but thank God, I found someone who gladly I knew, had enjoyed the concert.

The view wasn't that bad, though Usher was tiny. But I was all satisfied, ain't complaining as it was free and it was a great way to finish the last day of being seventeen :) I should not complain these days because I know there are more people who are less unfortunate than me.

Back to Usher, I am not a die-hard fan, not even a fan of his. I cannot even remember I participated in the contest until he called and cannot even recall what I wrote for the slogan. But perhaps God want Usher to inspire me. His dance moves were great, well-coordinated, slinky and smooth, sexy and flirty. It worthed the guys' attention and the girls' screaming. Not to forget I was not feeling well on that day and lost my voice the next day.

A souvenir for the concert. I certainly enjoyed his one and a half hour concert. The crowd was great, loads of screaming, Usher was charming and no doubt, a world-class entertainer, the King of R&B. I am glad I am part of his first-time-in-Malaysia. You ROCK, Usher :)

I dreamt about him this morning. Michelle, you are in it too (let's see if you are my blog reader). I was in a workshop with him and he was giving away MTV World Stage passes. It is a hint isn't it? I need the passes! *Fingers-crossed*

Oh ya, I remembered. I wrote something like this to win the tickets.

I want to see Usher live in Kuala Lumpur because I want to experience this music legend as my first concert and make it a memorable night.

P.S. Oh yeah? First concert? So..not. Usher is probably my fifth though. HAHA. Beautiful lie isn't it?


Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Hair Evolution.

A Haircut! After 6 months.
Love the frenzy curls, too bad it only lasts until my shower.

Throughout this 6 months, people asking me questions about my hair. I sighed and answered with my well-trained speeches because I have answered for only-God-will-know-how-many-times.

Why did you chop your hair?
Because I wanna have a change after 5 years of long hair and cure my serious dandruff problem.

Did you perm or curl your hair?
No, never, it is natural curl.

Do you wanna go rebonding again? I reckon you should, you look nicer with straight hair.
No. Somehow I like the natural curl, though I used to hate it.

Ya, I like my curls somehow, after not accepting for years. Perhaps because I have learned that natural is still the best look, rather than those fake stuff =)

I would try dreadlocks and cornrow someday! Watch me!


Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Inspiration. Where?

For 1 month or so, I've been craving for inspirations and motivations.
'Come on Wenz!' I tell myself through the mirror.
'Fix your life!' A voice inside my head tells me.
And yet, wasted the holidays and time.

I've turned 18 recently, but I don't feel 18.
Definitely not emo-ing now.
Just wondering, how to fix my life, fix myself.

More updates to come!
Loving my TokioHotel-inspired layout?
Hopefully yes :)