Thursday, June 17, 2010

As the time passes, tick tock..

They say, time is precious, life is short. You cannot afford to miss a single moment of your life. But no matter how hard I encourage myself to do something, I just cannot seem to find the momentum to kick start my work. Bad news are it will be a gruesome Production week and a totally unprepared piano practical exam the following week after next to deal with. Good news? July is here soon =)

As you can see, my June month is revolving around these. Not much, but these, are enough to take my breath away. Yes, still pretty much addicted to Tokio Hotel. The hottest topic of 2010, World Cup, but I am not that crazy about it. MTV World Stage which features TH, which I had about 5 tries to win the passes since yesterday noon. And sites like facebook, youtube, not to mention, blogger.

The bold words are pretty much my life now. I am not under depression, not moody, not down, not upset. The phrase 'Cheer up' does not really applicable to me. It is just I need motivation, the force to start the momentum (mass x velocity), I certainly have the mass (fatness), but where's my velocity?

I seriously cannot wait for the 3 weeks of holiday. But I have the feeling that, I might waste it, again :P

Fixing my life,

Friday, June 4, 2010

I dare. To dream.

It was a great theme for ARGS 39th International Understanding Day.
As it was actually inspiring to me, and it inspires this post.

Let's get back to the typical definition introduction. Dream can be defined in two ways. Dream is the success of images, thoughts, or emotions, passing through the mind during sleep or a vision voluntarily indulged in while awake; daydream; reverie. Dream is an aspiration; goal; aim.

The dream can be in any form, let it be pursuing a career, have a good life, travel around the world, be famous, have a skill that impress people and so on. But so far as what I observe, people dare to dream, but dare not pursue. Some even dare not dream, due to fear and restrictions. That is just so sad, because life is all about YOU pursuing YOUR dream.

Dare to dream but dare not pursue, your dream is just a dream, not a dream that will have a slight chance to come true.

I dream to be a famous performer. Yes I dare to dream, but not going to pursue it because I certainly don't have the talent, the guts, most importantly, the showmanship! Those performers can perform in front of hundreds or thousands of crowd, millions of television viewers worldwide. Whereas I don't even have the guts to perform a presentation in front of 20 people that I know. Yes I was glad that my 40 minutes of persentation was over, but I wasn't please with the outcome, lack of showmanship!

In my cubicle (room!), I've dream to be a powerful vocalist like Adam Lambert, to reach those unbelievable notes, to play guitar like Tom Kaulitz, to fool around with drums like Gustav and to play the piano well like Lady Gaga. Yes, I've been spending a lil of my time to watch live performances at YouTube and I am very amazed by them as a great performer on stage as they bring the audience what they want to see. Something different and unexpected all the time.

You might wonder, lost? Not again?! Yes I am lost, not emotionally this time, but academically and physically. Studies have been left out far behind, I am not working out and leading a healthy life. But I know I am going to find back the momentum, it's just the matter of when and how.