Thursday, May 20, 2010

Bieber Fever.

I often heard:
'I hate that kid!'
'He cannot sing!'
'He's gay!'
'He's just a boy!'
'He sounds like a girl!'
'Damn it's Justin Bieber!'

I shaked my head when I heard or saw all those comments. Why people are acting so cruel to him? Is it because of the fact that he is only 16? The late Michael Jackson starts his career when he was five! Is it because he sounds like a girl? It is fact that he hasn't reach the age of puberty. Bill Kaulitz sounds like a girl for the songs in their first album about 5-7 years ago when he was 15, the late MJ sounds like a girl too in 'I'll be there'.

For now, I don't have any reason to critise him as a singer, an artist, a celebrity, a teenager. No doubt teen girls will fall for his charming smile, his hair-flipping, his catchy tunes, his dance moves, his hip-hop style, but his songs aren't bad, and he got the talent. If he cannot sing, you can? We can? It's not easy to live as a celebrity, to attend those events daily with hectic schedule, to worry about popularity, to perform perfectly everytime. I just don't understand why people don't appreciate his effort and just decide to hate him because apparently they think this KID is too young to be idolised and is trying to be a dude. That's bullshit.

It's not that I am a Bieber fan, it is true that I downloaded all his songs in school for my brother during IPT period. I dislike him at first glance, critising 'all the girls in his music videos are taller than him!'. But on second thought, I learnt to see things in a different perspective, I choose to see the better side of things. Why choose to live in a world full of hatred and sin? Why wasting time hate this and that while you can fill love and happiness for yourself in so many meaningful way? Why making your life revolves around other people when it is your life? Why being so eager to compete, to fight, to win while you can enjoy life?

I believe
Two people can look at the same thing and see something totally different.


Friday, May 14, 2010


When you fall, you will get back up, in your way.
When I fall, I try get back up, searching back myself and get back my focus, in my way.
My way is like isolation, alienation, and self-review.
It does not mean like locking up myself in a room, avoid any contact or communication.
Yes it is kind of less socialising (oh well, I am an anti-social type of person also) and uses time to heal the mixed emotions of lost, confusion, sadness, dissappointment, anger, etc.

I was addicted to Facebook, log on almost every 5 minutes when I am online-ing and frequently check the status updates. For two weeks till today, I restrained myself from visiting the social networking site, in order to find back myself. Self-discipline and self-control, I've learnt.

Shopping! Is never a crime for females. With the annual mid-year Mega Sale is coming, or actually is already here, I am prepared to shop for what I need. I perfectly know what I want.
Flip flops
And the list goes on and on :)

Studies! As mid year exams had just passed, I am kinda relax now. Well, was relaxing throughout the week, thanks to flexible timetable and the preparation wasn't hectic, maybe I learn to take it in a rather easy way, and surprisingly, it worked and I wish the grades would be satisfying. But I've also know consistent revision is needed, gotta work on it then. Oh ya thanks to the dark chocs :) and those wishes (you know who you are :] )

Friendship, I was pretty uncertain about this for the past weeks. A quote from a forwarded email:
which I find, true. Perhaps the treatment I get will never be the same as before, and probably will not getting better, but I do still believe, and will never give up. But I know, I will be tired of trying. When it is the fate to finish, I will get the hint and move on. *Smile*

I am pretty sure Facebook homepage is full of the news of the newly-crowned Barclays EPL champions of 2009/2010 this past Sunday. To me, blue does not seems nice on the trophy :P I google-imaged for a picture of Chelsea winning the trophy for 5 minutes, still failed, if not mistaken, the picture above was from 2006. Though disappointed as ManUtd cannot win for a 4th straight title and overcome Liverpool as the most cup holders, but it does not affect me that much, perhaps it is the fact that Cristiano Ronaldo wasn't there anymore, I am no longer an avid fan of football, but I still catch the news!

Novels! I set myself a target of reading 18 novels for year 2010. For now, 6 is down, 7 is half-done. Maybe it is too hard to achieve 18, with studies and packed activities, but I will try, hope I can. The bunch of untouched novels that bought for ages must be finished by this year!

MUSIC! Most of you will agree on this, music plays a vital part in our life. Songs with so many different genres, with so many talented singers, performers, producers, musicians, songwriters.. Music is an important entertainment in our life. My playlist has been revolving around Tokio Hotel's songs for about 2 months, I am still addicting to 1000 Mere, Rette Mich & Spring Nicht. And I started on composing their sheet musics and currently working on a song, might be giving up half way, haha! But most importantly, my Grade 8 practical! With about a month away, many aspects are not covered at all, and my progress has been really 'adagio' (slow), damn I gotta 'allegretto-lise' (faster-lise) myself on the pieces, scales, oral, sight-read.. God bless me, please.

Watched this today. Wasn't attract to it at first, but it turned out to be good. An inspiring and touching thriller, the first movie collaboration from Singapore and Malaysia. It was heart-wrenching, mentally-torturing, physically-abusing, electrifying and exhilarating at most of the scenes. Thumbs up, of course you don't compare it to the Hollywood's productions with advanced technology and over-budget. But the movie offers great acting and valuable lessons and inspirations for me :) Bravo!


Sunday, May 9, 2010

Have been a week or so, I have kind of feeling demotivated and uninspired. Disappointment stays beyond me as people seems cold, ignorance towards me like I never exist, never bother to bother me. Sadness is there when I see friends in pain, the pain of love. Anger is boiling within me when I see the irresponsibility of inconsiderate people. Sarcastic amazement is felt when I see how competitive and desperate people are, not knowing what is called 'satisfaction' and how fortunate we are actually. Tiredness is always here, as I constantly fight off these feelings, wanting to get back some optimism. Self-discipline, self control, self-motivating are required to build back myself.

Went Youtube to watch some Tokio Hotel videos, perhaps for now, they are my only source of inspiration I've got. I think it works :) Exams next week, I feel relax, haven't start studying actually, being unproductive for the entire week. But I am kind of positive about that :D

Somehow I wish I am not one of those typical female driver, you know what I mean. Failed the first driving test, banged the car the first time I drove after getting license, made some incredulous turns with great force, engine died at the middle of the junction.. All of these are making me LMAO. Maybe I am just a reckless driver or an inpatient one, or an over-confident one. Engines and me, somehow cannot be connected. That's why, Physics is not my subject, it used to be mine :(

I want to drive officially, to go wherever I want. I can redeem my Tokio Hotel tickets at Petaling Jaya, I can go Fitness First Plant A Tree Campaign at Kepong, I can go Klang for Bak Kut Teh, I can go Sunway Pyramid for Ice-Skating, I can fetch Charissa around in July, I can do so many things. Hopefully the time is here soon.



Tuesday, May 4, 2010

When the boys ROCK my night..

I do feel guilty for skipping half the practice camp, missing the 2 hours hiking and the overnight session. But deep inside, I clearly know if I do not skip, I will regret for my entire whole life. I never thought to go for a concert for free again after All American Rejects last October. But thank God, a rock band was once again brought to Malaysia and I got to go :)

The golden ticket. Thanks to Aadini & WeyYin for it :)
Aadini who was willing to give me, as a facebook stranger to her.
WeyYin who gave me an extra for memory and she was so persistent, making me to go :)

The autograph session, pictured grabbed from Everyone Connect.
Although can see them at a close distance, but I do not regret for not going for their autograph.
It was a great blessing that I can go camp and concert on the same day.

The band. Aww I miss them.

The Kaulitz twins. They are perfectly beautiful, this is a bad sign, I am falling for them.

The interview session.

The 3 hours waiting session.
'It's raining today, the blinds are shut, always the same'

My view with a lil zoom. Blame me height, I got difficulty to see. BUT I managed to sneak here and there :)

I think I spotted SuMin's hand and Charlotte at second row!

Pop Shuvit, again for the opening act.
Once again, I enjoyed Mara Bahaya, the only their song I knew.

Bunkface, again. I prefer his hairstyle last year. But they kept us entertained with strong hits like 'Through the Window' and 'Prom Queen'. Great job guys, once again proved that local bands aren't bad.

The long anticipated one. They kicked off with Noise, the crowd clearly gone crazy with female fans screamed with high-pitched voice, camera flashes and jumping along the rock music. It was crazy as people kept pushing, I was being pushed towards the front, till 5th row, and lastly 2nd row. How amazing!

The energetic frontman, Bill Kaulitz who sang about 11-12 songs, interacting with fans, running for sides to sides. Good vocals, but I wish the volume is greater, it will be much better for the rocking mood.

Oh my.. I am melting..

Tom Kaulitz the guitarist! Oh oh TOMM :)

Grabbed from Facebook.
An awesome shot of him!

My Georg Listing shot!

Georg the bassist and Gustav the drummer. I particular like this band's bass and drums which is significant in their electro pop rock songs.

WeyYin. I suppose this is the shot that you are talking about.
Would be better if the mic stand aren't there.

My shot of the band. OMR. They rock!

Bill impressed us with his vocals, brought the fans to frenzy with their hits!
I was surprised I was the only one who sang Forever Now along, clearly others didn't know!
Haha, my current ringtone!

Tom with the guitar. Popular with girls who fall for his charm and style (me! over here!).

Georg Listing the bassist. I was amazed by his hair! It's just oohlala sexy! HAHA!
How sad there isn't any picture of Gustav :(

The Meet & Greet session. Charlotte is in the first picture! There are people hugging Tom and Bill. Yes although I am jealous, but having a chance to see their concert, I am satisfied already.
And the boys will be back for MTV event.

I proudly announce, I am PROUD to be one of the fans of German Tokio Hotel who revel in the rain for them. It was absolutely worth it and no regrets.

For now, I am still damn addicted to their songs, perhaps can say, MORE addicted. I cannot believe I actually shedded tears when I heard 'Rette Mich'. Although I don't understand what does it mean at first, but the mood of the song suited my mood for now. Thanks TOKIO HOTEL for a great night and inspirational songs.

Song titles jumble up time! The bold ones were the songs performed :)

Hey You! Yes, I am talking to you, Desiree. Yes I know you are Screamin' at the top of your lungs, wanting a Breakaway. As Human Connect to Human, there will be cold people who just seems to use you to satisfy their wants or needs. They seem Automatic, to ignore you like you do not exist, whatever you did for them just seems nothing, not even bother to reply, to thank or to apologise. I can feel The Pain of Love, the pain of loving someone so much, and yet getting a harsh payback. Tears are flowing down like monsoon season, quiet sobs are accompanying you to sleep, even affecting your study mood. But so what? Yes it hurts, perhaps it's time to let go. Move on and never give up on what you want, the journey of life is never meant to crush you, but to build your own unique identity and a stronger you. So Ready Set Go, act like Dogs Unleashed, and just go for what you want by listening to your heart. I believe in this, I believe that as long I go for what I want, I can see the World Behind My Wall and it will be beautiful. Make some Noise, brightened your life and make your journey an interesting one.

P.S. Though I am banning myself from Facebook, but blogging is an exemption. But don't think I will have blogging materials till next Friday, half yearly exams!

Rette Mich,