Friday, April 30, 2010

The soulmates. The inspirations.

It was raining drizzly this morning, which is unsual but usual because of the unpredictable weather nowadays. With one side of my ear plugged, listening to Tokio Hotel's, I looked outside the window, to see droplets of rainwater, Tokio Hotel filled my mind at the moment. But one natural phenomenon captured my attention, the rainbow! It was a big semicircle of the 7 colours. As if God is trying to tell me, today will be a great day and tomorrow's concert will be the best concert I will have, to date :)

The video of this amazing boy inspired me deeply. A 13 year old boy who dressed in punk rock style, singing in a competition confidently with a nice voice and accompanied by cheeky moves. What I feel is his passion, his confidence, his determination and his handsome-ness (LOL).

You might critise his style, which you think it is overdone.
You might dislike his body, which is super skinny like a stick.
You might get annoyed by his hair, which is outrageous and over-edgy.
You might doubt his sexuality, which you say he is gay, but he is NOT.
Who are us, to judge somebody, who you do not know.
You might never heard of him and his band.

Yes, I am talking about BILL KAULITZ & TOKIO HOTEL!

Yes, him, the lead singer from Tokio Hotel.
No doubt he is overdressed, one of those typical guyliners, feminine in a beautiful way, but you cannot deny the fact that he is talented as he composes songs, translated all their German songs to English version for international market. And most importantly, he does not afraid to show his true side, going for what he wants, and does not care how people critise as long as it is harmless.

'I won't let anyone stand between me and my brother.'

'I can't - we can't - live without each other. We are always together. We are like one person and like soul mates. We don't have to talk.'

Yes, he is talking about his identical twin brother, TOM KAULITZ!

Yes, at the first glance, I like him more than Bill. But why decides to like one of them, when you can like both of them? HAHA! Dress in hip hop style with extra large tops and baggy shorts, cool hairstyles like dreadlocks and cornrows, with caps which he reportedly had a luggage of caps during tour, flawless features and manly looks, he clearly is a heartthrob =)

'When I look at Bill I know instantly what he thinks. I can feel it when he has a problem, even if he is not with me. I cannot imagine that I could ever trust a girl like I trust Bill.'

'I couldn't live without Bill. We do everything together, we tell each other everything, we are inseparable.'

'The best birthday present I ever got was 10 minutes after I was born.'

The Kaulitz twins had numerous controversial pictures, but it is true that all of it are nice to see, as you can see how strong their bond is. And they are insanely and inhumanly beautiful with flawless features and great fashion sense. From the quotes, it can be proved that they love each other a lot, that is not what I can do. A soulmate is not easy to find, let it be friends or relationships, it is difficult to find somebody to understand you. But you know, you are there to change your own life, the power is all on your hands, what you get is what you deserve, regarding to the effort that you put and the right attitude to carry on.

You might say that I am once again obsessed. (The last obsession would be Cristiano Ronaldo, but I still like Ron, OMR) But those people that I like, not just depending on looks but also the personality, the passion, the effort and the attitude that they have.

Thanks BILL for the inspiration on my life and the ESL presentation.
Thanks the KAULITZ twins for the inspiration on love.
Thanks TOKIO HOTEL for the wonderful Humanoid album which I am addicted to.
Thanks SUMIN for sharing such a great band.
Thanks WEYYIN & AADINI for the tickets.
Thanks WEYYIN again for making me go for the concert.
Thanks NEGAR for borrowing the album.
Thanks MALAYSIAN TODAY, which I won my tickets from but did not redeem.

Ich Liebe Dich,

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

When the world comes down.

When the world comes down, we move along.
But how do we move along in a world that you barely exist or you are suffering?
Suffocating as the air you breath is not sufficient.
Whining as all the frustrations keep rushing on you.
Sobbing as the world is no longer has a place for you.

At first, yes, an emo post this should be. But perhaps now will not be emo.
But with anger and frustration. But first, a tribute to Sir Wayne Wagner.

If it wasn't you, who selected my Cristiano Ronaldo essay in my scholarship application, I will not be in AISM. If it wasn't you, who be part in the interview and might be the one who cast a vote for me, I will not have a chance to study in an international school. If it wasn't you, who wants me to do Chemistry, I will not discover that Chemistry can be so fun and cool. If it wasn't you, the journey of life would be less interesting than now.

Thank You and may you rest in peace, Mr.Wagner.

The tribute last Tuesday really touched my heart and made me shed tears. I am a very emotional person, when it comes to looking at people crying or listening to people sobbing, it makes me wanna cry along with them.

A couple of issues appeared on my mind recently.
I don't understand why people don't appreciate your great effort for doing thing or a thoughtful act for them. I don't expect gifts or cards or over-exaggerate expressions, just a simple 'Thank You', is it hard?

I don't understand why people choose love over life. Perhaps I do not know what love is, but making other people as your centre of life, for now, I call it stupid.

I don't understand why people just crush your hope when you need support. It is hard to keep fighting to stay strong, but disappointed to see some close ones are not at your side.

There are more to say but I should not be blogging now actually.

I am not emo at all, just wondering. Thanks to Jann, I realised what I need now. This is the word that I've been looking for since 2008, Form Four. This is the attitude I need to carry on and gain true satisfactory and honourable success. This is what I need to work on to gain it back. This is what I need to move on my life.



Sunday, April 18, 2010

Back to business.

16 days of holidays. You can say it is short, and also long.
It is enough for me, it is productive in entertainment way, unproductive in academic way.
I planned to post 16 pictures for each day, but I think it will be a bore.
Chose 10 significant ones, to summarise my 16 days.

4th - 5th April.
Annual Genting trip with family
Enjoy the breeze and an escape from the city.

6th April.
A rest day at home, my first bake since Chinese New Year.
Just a simple Chocolate Chips Cookies, it does not taste like Famous Amos's, but it is delicious enough when the chocolate chips melt in your mouth :P

7th April.
Yes finally. Watched this with Fiona and Negar.
This thriller is bit slow moving but I like the theme of it, Life and Death.
Inspires me somehow, I got emotional when watching this *tears*

8th April.
Reunion outing with Ley, Cass, SooYee and YunSun.
Miss those sweet moments together XOXO

9th April.
A last minute visit to ARGS Sports Day.
I dress in purple top, purple flats, purple bracelet and purple scarf.
Obviously it wasn't good enough to please someone *as if I care*

10th April.
A sweet dinner with the beloved gang.
Cass Maya Angie Joanne Michelle Phoebe Roxanne.
A nice and simple catch up dinner @ TGIF, Wangsa Walk.
Oohlala, my purse is featured there too, lols.

13th April.
My first cake since only-God-knows-when. I've been baking cookies, tarts, brownies and muffins last year till now, but not cakes.
Although the icing is way too sweet, but my first icing cake, Honey Chocolate Fudge is a success :)

14th April.
While mom was doing her haircut, I wandered around Pavilion and met Ley.
Aha, spot us at TopMan changing room :)
Had a nice lunch at TGIF (again... but :] )

16th April.
Another catch up outing with Tyng and Ming.
Watched When In Rome and dined at Sakae Sushi.
The movie was funny but I don't really like it.

18th April.
Captured before I blog this. This picture explains 4 facts.
'Thanks' to a fall in Topshop, my phone sustained an 'injury', there is something wrong with the screen, but others are SURPRISINGLY functioning well.
Time for a change, hopefully yes but maybe not.
Gotta survey some phones, iPhone, SE's Elm, Nokia's X3, so far these 3 capture my attention, but a survey of more phones is still needed.
Spot my new phone deco, the heels, got it for free at MiniToons :) Matches me as a shoeaholic :)
My leftover reminder proves that I am unproductive academically this holiday. That two are the ones I didn't touch during this break :(
My playlist, TOKIO HOTEL. I've been addicted to their Humanoid album for about a month long. Their music truly inspires me and brings me back to life, yes I was moody for a day or two :(

School is reopening in Tuesday and I am not prepared, but my mind obviously was preparing for it, I dreamt about returning to school, and it was awkward.
Shall prepare myself tomorrow, physically and mentally.

Next post: A tribute to Sir W.


Monday, April 12, 2010

SHOEaholic, I am.

Yes, you've heard shopaholic, chocoholic, cleanaholic, alcoholic, workaholic, foodaholic.
-aholic is a suffix added to a word to show addiction or obsession.

Yes I love fashion.
Call me a fashionista? NO, I am not qualified.
Call me a trendsetter? NO, I don't have the influential power and the cash to be one.
Call me a fashion researcher? This is my first 'research'.
Call me a fashion blogger? Not qualified also.
Call me a fashion victim? No, I am not materialistic.
Call me a fashion lover? Sounds good :)

Throughout my 'googling' about shoes last night, I came across 20 types of women shoes.
*Drum rolls* Let's start, shall we?

My favourite combination of all.
Wedges is a bomb since last year and I am glad I owned strappy wedges and gladiator wedges. Wedges proves to be a comfy wear and a good beginner to wear heels.
With Hollywood celebrities like Fergie and Victoria Beckham wearing God-knows-how-many-inches-high stilettos, stilettos is a big hit too. I owned 4 inches high stilettos and my feel hurts after half an hour of wearing them. I salute those celebrities.
Sandals, a casual wear. Kate Moss started the gladiator trend, gladiator sandals are easily spotted on the street nowadays. I owned a purple sandals, and I'm loving it :)

Flats time.
Loafters and Moccasins seem like the same to me *dislike* Now I know, my leather school shoe is a mocassins! Haha. Mom's favourite type of shoes though, Hush Puppies *Eww*
Ballet flats look good on women feet, girly and simple. But it hurts everytime I wear it, wrong size and perhaps, not my type.
Saddle shoes/oxford shoes, look like golf shoes and guys shoes. Perhaps it is modified from those two ways.

The comfy combination!
Sports shoes accompany me to gym and jogging. An expensive branded one is proven to me worth it.
The Nike-Addidas sneakers is probably guys sneakers, but it looks cool on girls :)
The Converse sneakers is by far the best sneakers, but Imma fan of Everlast :P I do not have one yet, and shall be getting one, waiting for the sale :)
My favourite, slip on! To date, I've owned 4 slip ons, currently thinking how to decorate my latest plain black Everlast slip on.

Ankle Strap looks fine, something like Stilettos.
But *shaking my head* towards Mary Jane shoes and T-strap heels.
The first one is starting to take the trend but just, I dislike.
The latter looks nice on OL (Office Lady), but I dislike too.

Pump heels, elegant looking and formal for office work. Pip toes heels is a trend last two years. But I will only get it when I start working, I think, haha.
Suede Mules, reminds me Pn.Suaida, my first thought. It looks fine, but I don't really like it.
Normal heels, have been developed to so many other types of heels. Now, there is vehicle-inspired heels. Fuyoh.

The WOW combinations.
Platforms. I cannot stand the height. I once wore a platform wedges, about 4.5 inches, beh tahan! But you cannot deny the fact that it is awesome!
Lady Gaga-inspired heels, where she wore in Bad Romance music video. To date, I haven't seen a real one, would like to find out how the feet fits in.
BOOTS! Oh my beloved. Boots lengthen women's leg, make you looks slimmer and taller. I owned 4 boots, 2 of them were free of charge :) Aren't we just love free stuff?

A shoeaholic definitely needs a shoe closet. There are some celebrities' shoe closet examples.

Featuring Jesscia Alba, the hot bombshell, just look at her heels collection, darn!
Next, Mariah Carey with her oh-my-God-I-could-die-for-this shoe closet, matches her fabulousity. Although how much I dislike her, no doubt she has the best shoe closet.
Lastly, Kim Cattral's simple closet. Featured her because she's my favourite in Sex and the City, at the age of 50 but still fabulous :)

Their closet are probably bigger than my room. It's okay, who knows I might own my own unique shoe closet in the future :P

It will look like this and that woman will be me :P
Yes it is a dream but it might come true, it might not.
On second thought, will I spend that much on shoes even if I have Donald Trump's wealth?
I said NO for now, but if I own that much, perhaps YES, WHY NOT??!!

They said DIAMOND is a woman's best friend, but SHOE is clearly my best friend!


Saturday, April 3, 2010

We are the world.

As you can see, I changed my layout theme.
Fiona wouldn't like the theme colour though :P
As you can see, it is about 'ENVIRONMENT' and 'SAVE THE EARTH'.
I wanted to do this theme for quite long already, but postponed due to my laziness and hectic schedule.

But it is term break now!! Thank God I survived the first term, I am on track on catching up the Australian style, dealing with assignments and trying to love the syllabus. Let's see if my holiday plans work, will update it next two weeks I think :)

Back to my layout theme, I can declare myself as an environment lover, well, not a devoted and commited one, but at least, a stubborn one. Why? The Ampang Point's Royel's cashier INSISTED on giving mom plastic bag because they don't have the sticker tape, eventhough there is a proven piece of paper called RECEIPT and even after my mom said 'DON'T YOU KNOW WHAT IS SAVE THE EARTH?'

I HATE plastic bags. Everytime I go out shopping, the Perth bag from Edu Fair, the beloved 5 Anggerik bag and my favourite Forever 21's Paris bag will surely be with me. I insist on no plastic bags but am really disappointed to see those people on the next counters have trolleys full of Tesco or Jusco's plastic bags. I just wonder when will people actually realise to bring their own shopping bags, even with all those 'No Plastics on BLAday' campaigns and whatsoever.

So people, start doing your part today! There are still a lot of ECO habits other than shopping bags, I am still clearly not good enough. Perhaps I will start researching about it. Just get some cool shopping bags. You can save plastics, save resources, save money, save lives and SAVE THE EARTH!

Holidays = Paint fingernails!
As you may see, I am into these mani-pedi. I am surprised to see the left ones lasted about 3 weeks already. And my fingers, don't really like the metallic grey and bronze combination, but it is okay :)

Going Genting tomorrow with family. A runaway from books :)

Upcoming post: Footwear