Sunday, February 14, 2010

Love is in the air, definitely.

You might wonder why is this picture of christmas tree appearing again. Well, the decoration changed. I used the red and gold theme for this festive new year season, added with some CNY decorations. Imma kinda satisfied, my hard work :)

Just so you know, I only have a four days break till Tuesday. Ain't complaining but the more the better of course, because after 3 weeks of school, I am already physically and mentally exhausted. Perhaps is tired of running up and down for classes. Perhaps is the pressure of trying hard to get use to new environment. Perhaps is the difficulty of assignments and familiar but seems different syllabus. Perhaps is the antisocialising of mine. Gahh, four days break, perhaps enough for me to rest, better than nil.

Had a great 2 days so far :)

Watched this on Friday after school, although it was tiring to rush, but worthy it was. In my point of view, the movie is awesome with straightforward plot, thunderous sound effects, hilarious scenes, amazing visual effects, ultra-cool worlds, hot guys :P Now I wish to get the Percy Jackson's books, but not until I finish my unread collections.

Joanne, my movie date for Percy Jackson. How last minute was it. But a last minute YES is more than enough for making my day. I had forgotten when was the last time I talked that much :) Great day it was.

Oh, watched this on New Year Eve. OMG it was one of the sweetest movie I ever watched. With strong cast starring those great actors and actress, super funny plot and heart-warming scenes, it is one movie that I smiled all the way throughout the 2 hours. And I watched with the right crowd, they went OOH during the gay scene, AHH when Taylor Swift appears , AWW when the little kids kiss, HAHA during the funny scenes, CLAP when Jennifer Garner violently crushes the love cushion, SQUEL when Taylor Lautner appears (I think I know who squels :P). The atmosphere is totally right, love is in the air, definitely.

Warning, spoilers ahead. Jessica Alba is GORGEOUS but does not stand out with limited scenes. Kathy Bates is MOTHERLY as a news supervisor. Jessica Biel is HOT with killer heels and tight-fitting dress but WEIRD with I-hate-Valentine-Party. Bradley Cooper is HANDSOME but with unexpected ending, the crowd OOOOHs! Eric Dane is super HOT with his awesome bod. Patrick Dempsey is a JERK in the movie. Jamie Fox is not suitable as sports commentator, but he is OKAY.

Jennifer Garner is AWESOME with her revenge plan and smashing skills. Topher Grace is CUTE. Anne Hathaway is DESPERATE and SEXY. Ashton Kutcher stands out with most scenes and looks good in PINK, he is darn FUNNY. Queen Latifah is COLD but HOT. Taylor Lautner is HOT but is overshined by another Taylor. Emma Roberts is BEAUTIFUL and a NAUGHTY teen. Julia Roberts is PERFECT and I nearly shed a tear for her last scene. Taylor Swift is totally CRAZY.

Go watch it, you will get what I mean :P

My date for Valentine's Day. Lol, sounds wrong eh, Negar? Haha.

Watched this with family at New Year Eve night. 14 Blades is my first choice but I have 2 lil brothers. Little Big Soldier is super funny at certain parts, a lil boring but there are two sizzling HOT guys.

Wang Leehom. He is totally different with his MusicMan image. He turns to a perfect man with coarse voice and martial art skills. Ahh, he is just almost perfect and super talented.

Ahh, this. Searched high and low for a picture of him. Steve Yoo, a Korean-American who portrays Prince Wen. His chinese slang is unique, he is hot and he has six pack! Or eight?

Yoo Seung Jun. Told cha he is hot. Or maybe not your type. Not really a Korean fan, but this is you-know-what-am-I-gonna-say :P

I got 2 weeks to play with this, my new toy and my new babe, violin!
Having problems with the posture and notes playing. I need a tutor (Haruka!) or I shall google 'how to play a violin in 2 weeks' :)

Just ignore the messy hair and focus on the Tiger. Yes it is the one that I redeemed from Guardian. May the Year of Tiger help you to pounce on opportunities, prowl against danger and purrr with love, health and laughter! Kong Hee Fatt Choy!


Friday, February 5, 2010

You better bloody pass.

Dear Desiree,

You heard the tickling of the clock,
You heard the pounding of your heart,
You heard spinning of the fan,
And the loudest among all,
You heard the screaming from your heart.
It does not matter if you are alone,
If you lost your one and only cubicle,
If you only scored 6.5 marks,
If you have no one to turn to,
If you cry till your eyes swollen,
If you are longing for bear hugs,
Because no matter what happens, I am here with you.
Yes, you are all alone in these,
You cannot expect help to survive,
You have yourself, you have me,
I know you had tried really hard, stayed very strong,
It is easy to say ‘just continue to stay strong’,
I know perfectly that how hard is it to do it,
I love you, is all I can say.

Desiree who?
(I typed that on 2nd Feb, when my internet was down)

Back to the blog title, you better bloody passed, Mr James joked. For now, I just can hope that he doesn't ask me on Monday, because I bloody half-failed! Sorry to disappoint you guys, things just went wrong. I am still depressed over the moment that the officer asked me to come out. Darn! Failed on Ronaldo's 25th Birthday and no license before Chinese New Year. Darn, I wanna swear #%*#%%*&%#%*$#*#%*#!!

Perhaps if the lesson didn't cancel last minute yesterday, it will be better.
Perhaps if I didn't go gym & bake till night yesterday, it will be better.
Perhaps if I plan everything earlier, I need not to skip 2 days of school & wasted it.
Perhaps if I can maintain my momentum, everything won't be so screwed up.
Perhaps I just have to shut up & stop blogging this!

It is just not my day, not my week. Blame no one but myself. For years, there is no 'failure' in my vocabulary. Accepting failure is always hard because I am confident in myself that I can win, perhaps is over confident. That's why I felt so shitty during last year's academic failure, during SPM and then now. Lesson learnt, gotta install 'accept-failure-with-open-heart-and-not-overly-confident' in my brain. Do the very best each time with the very best effort but no pressure. Sounds hard, but that's my new resolution :)

I guess I am fine,