Sunday, January 24, 2010

Meet me new babe.

Well, it is not the stunning yellow Camaro, it is not the gold Lamboghini that I dreamt, it is not the purplish blue Jazz than I want, it is not the cute but odd-looking Porsche, it is not sporty Aston Martin which James Bond got to drive, it is not the grand Mercedes which rich people travel with, (You might think: Get into the point laaa!!), it is a metallic silver Perodua Alza. Haha. Oh well, I don't mind, as long as it is a car to drive. Though it is not entirely or officially mine, but at least, it is half mine. Haha.

Meet me new babe, Gucci.

You might wonder, why Gucci? If I have a dog as a pet, I will name it Gucci, it's just sound great and cute to me, ha, call me crazy. The plat means something for my family. WTK 8827. At least not WTH and WTF, Lol. W stands for Wen, the middle initial of me and my brothers. TK stands for Tan Kiam, my dad's name! How coincidence. 8827 with the double 8 means prosperity, hopefully it brings my family wealth, haha!

I am not allowed to drive yet, but I can drive, just not good enough for the instructor, darn. After 4 lessons, I have confidence for road driving, but drive then brake on the slope was kinda dreadful. Reverse parking and 3 point turn was okay, but not that good yet either. Hopefully everything will be fine by 5th February, my testing date. Oh what a coincidence, same day as Ronaldo's and King Nanie's birthday! Awww..

Oh well, something random here, this is the Form One Literature, belongs to Gerard. I spent 15 minutes of my evening reading this, since it is about Sherlock Holmes, as the movie was my first movie in 2010 :) Look at the cover, the left one is Sherlock Holmes and the right one is Dr.Watson. Kinda big difference huh, compare to the goofy attractive Robert Downey Jr. and the thin good-looking Jude Law.

Omr, read the first chapter. How much it differ from our literature five years ago! We got selected poems and short stories, I remembered something about Bunga Telur, pencil, candle. But in 2010, it appears to be comic-like, colour pictures illustrated and in a form of dialogue. The
textbook even has all the reference about the themes, settings, characters and so on. I ended the book with a question mark and exclamation point, like this: ?! Things change.


Friday, January 22, 2010

Coming to an end.

Holidays are coming to an end after a month plus, I guess it is pretty enough for me to regain the strength and rejunevate to a better person. As the Year 11 of AISM starting next Monday, I think I am quite mentally-prepared. But still I cannot get rid of feeling nerve-racking for the orientation. Grr, I was not nervous for the previous assessment and interviews, but I just cannot stop gripping my hands tightly and fussing about my attire before the orientation session.

My overall attire for the Year 11 in AISM.
Blue-white stripe shirt and navy blue skirt with black leather shoes.

As you can see, I chopped off my long straight hair. One, to fulfill my vow that I made. Two, to try something new. Three, to solve my dandruff problem. Yes I had received comments, both delightfully funny and annoying harsh ones. I have no regrets of cutting it, returned to my natural curl hair which I inherited from my mother. Entering Standard One and Form One with the short curly hair. And I wished to enter AISM with the original me also :)

Back to the orientation, the speech was brief and the tour was great. Met another scholarship recipient and 2 more Year 11 new students. And some former scholarship recipients seniors who gave some guidelines and shared some stories.

This school is really something very different. It takes time to be used to this environment and the people around. Will see how things go for the first week *fingers-crossed* I gotta feeling, school is gonna be *to-be-continued*

With love,

Friday, January 1, 2010

A brand new year.

I was walking along the super crowded Bukit Bintang walk. Passing by many people whose faces with smiles and laughters. Everyone seemed to be in a high mood to celebrate the last day of 2009. Observing at people like I always do, I saw couples arm in arm, girlfriends hand in hand, boy gangs (not linking arms and holding hands, for sure, haha) chatting for the countdown plan, family members - parents holding children's hand, walked along the crowded street.

Many 2009 memories striked on my mind suddenly, like a flashback. How time flies, I still remember typing the last post of 2008. Then now, a brand new year is here. I did not celebrate new year eve with countdown parties in KLCC, Merdeka Square, Pavilion, Sungei Wang, 1 Utama & Sunway Pyramid. Though I would like to attend one, to roar with thousands with remix songs from DJ. But I am sure I will have one in the future :)

It was one peaceful New Year Eve, which was all I wanted. Just a quiet day then a trip to Pavilion at night with family. Had a delicious meal & brief shopping. Then headed home for an unsual snack supper and popped the red wine. BOOM, the clock striked 12, the fireworks began. From my parents' room window, I had a good view of Merdeka Square's and KLCC's view. Looking at the colourful blooming fireworks, it marked the start of 2010, after the first call in 2010, I continued to watch with a sigh of relief that 2009 was over and a big smile on my face which a brand new year is here.

For all the SPM leavers. We were no longer in secondary school, no tradition teaching, no boring repeating schedules for years, no certain subjects (ahem!) and many more. We are going to be introduced to pre-university/college life which certainly seems fun and pretty challenging. The study path is still so long, still require years to reach the career that we chase, the future that we are awaiting is still so infinite. We certainly need to renew our energy and prepare for the next stage of life, but whatever we learned for SPM, is definitely not a waste!

New beginnings, as in the beginning of our future. A-levels, Diploma, South Australian Matriculation, Foundation, International Baccalaureute (Grr, how to pronounce this?!), and so on. Many options to lead to the future. And the end of SPM marks the beginning for the higher education, harder and fun-ner life.

Lol, blue-ish enough, I guess.

I hereby wish all of you a good rocking year ahead.

New resolutions, updated at the left column and it will always be updating whenever there's an addition. Hopefully I can achieve it and fully checked at the end of 2010. Haha. It sounds impossible but will try my best. :)
Happy New Year,