Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Finale of 2009.

The tickling clock indicates there is only 2 more days till the end of 2009. What a year.

My resolutions for 2009:

  • A rocking year (checked)
  • Consume very healthy diet (failed)
  • Discipline Advisor duty (checked)
  • Distinction for piano theory (failed)
  • Excel in academic (half-checked)
  • Exercise regularly (half-checked)
  • Full scholarship (checked but no proof of black and white yet!)
  • Handle problems wisely and optimistically (checked)
  • Maintain good friendship (checked)
  • Play the piano really well (half-checked)
  • Read more (half-checked)
  • Rocked with AAR (checked)
  • Shop less, save money (checked, failed. LOL!)
  • Slim down (Obviously, failed)
  • Successful and memorable I.U. Day (checked)
  • Study hard and smart (half-checked)
  • Straight A's in trials (checked)
  • Straight 1A's in SPM (Proceed to Resolution 2010)
  • Sweet memories with Japanese friends (checked)
  • Watch Malaysian Tennis Open finale live (checked)
  • Watch ManUtd vs Malaysia live (checked)
  • Wonderful 8th day of the 7th month (checked)

I can see there are more 'checked'sss. Hehe.

It is a tough year, not just for me but for everyone. Have SPM to face but with dropping results and unstable mood. Have family and friends to care about but with disappointing incidents at times. Have no-scholarship-no-future issue to deal with but lack of help and support. Am tired of everything but there are more to come, more to face.

Discovered many human qualities and I've learned a lot, oh well, still in a state of learning. Lessons of 2009:

  • Attention seeker who wants to be under the limelight, using manipulation to get popularity, to show off whatever are unnecessary, in other term, childish!
  • People who do not show appreciation and care but demand love in return, just does not deserve anything!
  • Promises are made to be fulfilled, think twice before making one, empty promise is a lie!
  • Dishonesty ruins a relationship, both love and friendship but lies are needed to protect ones, learn to make wise decision after rational thinking!
  • Depression does not mean the end of one's life. Those who whine a lot and think pessimistically with I-am-so-pitiful-till-I-wanna-die thought, one word: stupidity!
  • Those who spend without knowing how hard to earn a single cent, thriftless and ashamed!
  • Jealousy does not worth a second. Instead of spending time feeling green-eyed, spare yourself with better things to do!
  • Stepping into the world of adolescent, it is time to reach upon maturity thinking. Some people just tend to stay in the world of a 12 years old, how sad!
  • High school allows us to hold some responsibilities. Those are minor only, but some carry irresponsible attitude and shrug off the duty, just like that!
  • Hypocrisy, a hard thing to say. I feel that I am a hypocrite at times. Be yourself at every single moment, be a double-faced agent? That's so unprofessional.
  • People pleasing, it still creeps in me. To do everything in my own will, sounds cool but perhaps, not possible all the time. Bear with everything you face and stop complaining!

I am not trying to judge anyone with the statements above, just things that happened are just ridiculous. I am who I am. You are who you are. Only I can judge me self and decide what is the best for me. So do you. Everyone has their own personal issues to deal it, and it is not you-are-not-me-then-you-would-not-know-how-I-feel.

♥Do not compare your life with others. You have no idea what their journey is all about.♥
Quote by Regina Brett who sent the forward email.

P.S. Jeremy, if you are reading this, I am the 93%!! Haha!


Friday, December 25, 2009

Say Peace.

All I want for Christmas is P.E.A.C.E.
Just a little quiet festive day, relax and rest.
And to think ahead, the future and my own behaviour.
Gotta do an evaluation of 2009 and resolutions for 2010.
I've checked out some shopping malls christmas decoration.
And did some window shopping too!
So here are the pictures!

One Utama.
The White Lyrical Christmas!
It is white and silvery, grand and elegant.
Shop for christmas presents for my family. This was the first time I did that.
It was kind of great actually.

The theme is colourful and candy-ish, cute and kiddy.
KLCC will never be a shopping paradise for me.
Limited suitable shops and not much variety.

Mid Valley!
Once again, white and silvery, but with candles and castles.
A different concept with 1 Utama's.
Visited the Edu Fair, and my questions for my further studies were solved.
But there is still a need to consider and research again.
Did not shop anything there too, perhaps I got enough of stuff already.

One of my favourite mall. The deco wows me every festive season.
I would say it is a more traditional christmas.
Nice combination of red and gold. The lights played a significant role.
Not to mention the man-made snow!
Oh, how much I love winter and snow!
A nice place to shop, just bought some lil stuff.

Sungei Wang!
Okay, actually I just passed by Sungei Wang when I was walking to Times Square to Pavilion.
Blue-ish and snowy. Simple with some rotating swans.
Never been a good shopping place for me. :P

Sunway Pyramid!
Magnifique Christmas.
I've always loved this place.
I did not pay attention to it's deco, kind of rushing for shopping.
Did not get anything, but at least my mom did.

Times Square!
A large rotating Christmas Tree with S&J underneath.
It's like snow world. Nice but I did not walk around there. :(
Never been a good shopping place for me too. :P

Wangsa Walk!
White and Blue. Not very special but it isn't bad.
Went there for dinner only. Though it is not a great shopping place, but how I wish my housing area has a mall like that with cinema, bowling, karaoke, fashion and food!

Guess what, me home sweet home!
I set up this tree and put on the decos!
And prepared some fake presents too.
I think it's much nicer than last year's but should have set a theme.
Okay, done with malls, check out me and friends!

With Michelle @ Times Square!
So it makes me the tiny, Michelle the medium, Snowman the large!

Cupcake Chic!
6 cupcakes at $25!
Not worthy, I can make 48 cupcakes with that money!
But the $25 goes for the unique flavour, nice decorations and good quality ingredients.

Oh this last glance of my school ex-school!
It contained a lot of sweet memories with friends and satisfying achievements.
But also a harsh place to learn about people.

Oh, shortly after watching 爱德华. 朱仁 (Edward Cullen! Lols!) The Twilight Saga: New Moon and bumped into LuEe my long lost friend, I caught up with the snow!! Ah, fake soapy snow, but better than nothing. Passed Undang that day. Great day it was.

A large bunch of people gathered at Pavilion for him.
Jay Chou, ChiLing.Lin and The Treasure Hunter's crew were there for the movie promotion.
After some squeezing, only snapped this picture and the back of ChiLing.
Gave up and went for some brief shopping instead.

Chocolate Foudue @ Chocolate Lounge.
Oh how finally, been dying to go to this cafe.
We finished this in 10 minutes to rush for movie. How funny.
Chocolatey! Yum! Fatty! Oh no!

Ya, we as in we, Cassandra and me. Celebrated Christmas Eve with 2 movies, Sakae Sushi and Chocolate Lounge. The crazy plan does not work :( But at least it was an unusual Christmas Eve :) A kind lady snapped this for us, she offered automatically to do it. It was so rare, I think only 1 out of 10 will do it. May God bless her.

Okay, with flowers. But it's not mine, just grabbed it and snapped.
Sunflowers and roses. Easily cost about $50.
Hmm, sooner it will wilt, $50 gone.
It's not worthy, but it charms the girls' hearts.
Lives of the flowers are sacrificed to win someone's heart.
Worth or not, the boy will decide.

Merry Christmas!

Friday, December 18, 2009

Perhaps, a dream comes true.

19 November - The second day of that '3 alphabets' battle, I came across about this Australian International School Malaysia (AISM) Scholarship's advertisement. Honestly, I never heard of this school, but I had decided to try my luck. Glanced at the closing date, oh shit it's next friday! I gotta get my forecast result and testimonial!

20 November - While my comrades were resting at home and recovering from the first 2 days war, I headed to school while feeling not well, requested for my predicted forecast result and testimonial.

23 November - Got hold of all the documents, thankfully.

24 November - Document file sent via courier service which charged $7, hopefully worth it.

1 December - Received an email from the administrator from the school to inform that I have to sit for the scholarship examination. Okay, I was flying sky high with that news. Did not waste that $7! HAHA.

12 December - Went for the scholarship test. I nearly went home without sitting for test as the guard wouldn't let me in. Thankfully, after some phone calls, the test is on. Mom went back, I was alone there, along with 8 'competitors' and their parents. The school surrounding is nice, modern building with swimming pool, playground for juniors, super cold air conditioned classrooms, lockers! I always want lockers in my school. HA. The assistant principle conducted the test and explained many things about the school. But it was hard to catch his Australian accent, ha. English, Mathematics, Science and Social Science, it were okay, a bit confident, ha.

14 November - My merdeka day and the day that I am awaiting for the interview call. Unfortunately, no call from them, yes I was left a lil disappointed.

15 November - Shortly after returning the textbooks, I received the call. Squeled when I saw the 'aism calling', the screen showed. Hello, Bye. Oh yes, I made it to the interview.

17 November - Woke up very early and put on my mom's white formal top and my black formal skirt. A lil nervous when I got there. Sat at the office, waiting time to pass, I knew 4 people were selected for the interview and I was the first to be interviewed. Suddenly my name was called, walked in to the meeting room, my white wedges pumps was killing me, my feet was in pain. Greeted the 4 interviewers, they were all high-profile people from the school and the Taylor's Education Group. Okay, talked for about 20 - 30 minutes, a lil awkward silence at times, but phew, I survived. And a lil confident at the same time. Hehe. I was informed that the result will be out on the next few days.

18 November - Perhaps it is the right decision to stay at home, while I was watching Jennifer's Body, suddenly the familiar annoying house phone rang, it was right beside me, glanced at the number, I recognised it! Hello....a long conversation it was.....Bye. THANK GOD! I GOT IT!! I got the full scholarship offer from them to study Year 11 and Year 12 of Australian Education. Will sit for the Higher School Certificate which is equivalent to A-levels and others.

A couple of people to thank here - The 4 interviewers for the golden opportunity! Mom and Dad for the help of applying this! Gerard Nick for the accompaniment and noise, haha! Cass Sumin Micha Jo for the support! All subject teachers for being in school for the forecast result! Cik Suzana for typing the forecast result! Pn.Chin for the testimonial! Cristiano Ronaldo for being the hot topic of the interview, hilarious! God for the blessing! And me myself for doing this!

All these happened so quick until I cannot believe this. Although it is not confirm to go for AISM, but I am totally flattered and delighted right now. At least, there is a confirm option and perhaps, a dream comes true.

Jumping around,


Monday, December 14, 2009

It has just begun..

别让生命留白!The last sentence that I wrote for last paper. I was in a rush, kept glancing at the clock and my watch, I wrote that exclamation mark with a great force, it was the last thing I wrote on my SPM booklet.

Similarly to what I did during the last Geography paper for PMR, I countdowned with my hands gripping tightly at the last minute. Finally ''masa sudah tamat, calon......'', I heaved a sigh of relief as a heavy burden had finally lifted off on my shoulders.

No more filthy white ribbon, yellow-brown uniform..
No more piles of books and countless papers..
No more restriction on visiting the cinema..
No more watching teevo and using lappy with guilt..
No more waking up in early morning..
No more excuses for not going to jungle trekking..
No more worrying about not studying and being lazy..
No more school, gonna start get use to it..

I can do manicure and pedicure on my nails!
I can start my novels! 30 novels awaiting!
I can start watching dramas and movies!
I can sleep like there's no tomorrow!
I can start doing exercise and keep fit!
I can read Galaxie and Seventeen after buying them for weeks!
I can update myself with all those latest songs!
I can spend time thinking about my future!
I can continue my shopping! I never stop as long there is sales!

Now I can finally take the countdown timer off. As today is the officially end of SPM for me.
For now, I just wanna rest my mind and soul, something is on my mind recently..


Flying sky high,