Monday, November 23, 2009

C! It's your birthday.

Need not much elaboration..
Simple and straight to the point..

Memories of 2008!

Memories of 2009!
Hope you like all the surprises..
The cake, the gifts, the cards, the posts.
Wish you happy always..

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It does not work, now I know. Lol.

Friday, November 6, 2009

The battle is on..

31 October 2009
I rocked out with All American Rejects!

With about 18 more days left to THE ONE, I was not locking myself up in my room, studying like mad with piles of books and chocolates to munch. In fact, I was at Bukit Jalil, with more than 10,000 rock fans, enjoying ourselves with the R.O.C.K. band, All American Rejects. Naughty girls we are, we cut the line, headed straight to the main entrance queue, yes, just like that. That earned us a few seconds on TV with Natalie the Astro Hitz VJ recorded part of the Digi Top 20 there. And got ourselves a front nice view of guys' hair the stage. How lucky we were?!

Waited for hours for them. But the one who entertained us first was not AAR. An unknown guy sang My Cristiano Ronaldo (MCR!), oopsie supposed to be My Chemical Romance's Teenager. It turned out not so bad, but some showed the middle finger to him as a disrespect and rude act!

Disagree! I love the lead singer's shiny silvery guitar! And that reminded me glitter! Before the opening act, I was covered with glitter, thanks to the girls beside me.

Pop Shuvit! OMR the song that I liked and searched for a long time, actually sang by them. What 'Mara Bahaya'. I enjoyed the song a lot and it got the temperature of the atmosphere risen. Yes local bands are not that bad actually!

One Buck Short! Eh, I don't really remember them. But I remembered 'HANDSOME GILER!' for one of the lead singer/guitarist and 'COMEL' for Liyana(Estrella).. Some people shouted that.

Half an hour wait for AAR! They came out at 9.40pm but it worth the wait! The crowd went crazy and rocked with the band's catchy tunes and deaftening music. The 10,000 strong crowd was singing all along, and that was what I enjoyed. Sang at the top of the voice, hearing nobody but just your own voice and Tyson's voice, what an experience. It was totally different with Avril's, it's the view, the rocking zone, where people jumping around and screaming, it was just FUYOHHHHLY HIGH!

Tyson the world-class entertainer with the errr, red indian crown, entertained us with his goofy chicky moves and sissified voice.. Oh I missed him a lot! The front man made the crowd went HIGH and I enjoyed a lot. Time flied, they sang about 13 or 14 songs with the encore song, Gives You Hell, they ended their one and a half hour appearance.

This was my third time visit to Bukit Jalil this year. First was ManUtd's, with 80,000 super strong crowd, made your way to the LRT? half an hour! How much I miss that moment!! Second was Proton Malaysia Open, the tennis final, with about 1,000 crowd, not that bad, but not high either. And AAR marked my third, and thousands sat on the road pavement after 6 hours of standing, to rest their sore feet and have their dinner supper.

Freshen up with a shower and put on my pyjamas, I went to bed at 1am with a big smile on my face. I woke up in the morning, and the first thing I thought, I miss them hell a lot!

I made a conclusion that it is a MUST to be at the rocking zone or the most expensive zone in a concert. Because it is totally different atmosphere and feeling, and it is definitely worth it. For the future concerts which I have the chance to go, I will get those front seats, if I can afford! Ha.

6 November 2009.
I had buffet lunch with the School Editor Team.

With teachers and the team, we had the Thai buffet at Intai Intai. Oh, a person who does not actually okay with spicy food, fuyohh, H.O.T! It will make my few days old ulcer worst. Ha. But the food was not bad, just not much variety and it costs! But neh, we don't have to pay, which is the good thing and the main thing. Ha. With nice peaceful scenery and the area is just for us, we enjoyed our meal.

I wanna update more concert pictures but I am running out of time, with 12 days left and my unsteady study mood..So I'll share something with ya, instead of AAR's pictures, it's AAR's jumbled-up song titles. The last time I did this was during Standard 6 with Jolin Tsai's song, when I was a fan of her. This consisted of all the songs that AAR sang that Saturday, maybe I missed out one or two.

Dear Damn Girl,
You swing swing, when the wind blows, fallin' apart when the world comes down. Thinking that it's Doom's Day, and it ends tonight. Oh C'mon, this is the real world, a fast pace, challenging and unpredictable world. I wanna tell you a dirty little secret, everyone faces challenge every single moment, a new difficulty where God creates for you, for you to learn and gain. My paper heart isn't that strong either, but no matter what happens, I move along, I hope you too. And, more has yet to come. Remember, this isn't the last song of your life. I hope this gives you hell, a hell boost of confidence and energy to strike on and to win the upcoming battle. People, the battle is on for us on the 18th. And we can do it, we can conquer it! Good Luck to all of ya..

Lots of Love (LOL)