Thursday, October 29, 2009

3-in-1 post..

Okay, it had been a while since my last update.
I am under my restriction to online, yes, I forbid myself..
So, this will be a 3-in-1 post..
3 memorable events which took place in this two weeks time..
Well, it did not take ages to upload this 68 pictures, I am efficient after 2 years of blogging, HAHA! Facebook uploading was smooth too, thankfully..

Date: 24 October 2009 (Saturday)
Time: 2pm - 4.30pm.
Venue: Olympic Hotel.
Compared to the previous years' prefect hi-tea and the hotels' hi tea that I had tried, Olympic Hotel obviously did not meet the criteria and quality, but due to those tiney winey problems, it was understandable, and I appreciated the juniors and Pn.Rahayu effort, thanks! Though I left in hurry and stressing about being late for piano lesson, it was still an enjoyable hi-tea, but I did not eat $20 value food!!! Ah, fine...
First picture I took, with SooYee and YunSun, the BFFs..

With bestie Tyng, it had been a super duper long time since we take a picture together..

MayG, Apple, Tyng, Wenx
enjoyed camwhore in the toilet.

There are a few more pictures but I am lazy to upload. Hehe.

Date: 24 October 2009 (Saturday)
Time: 6pm - 9pm
Venue: Villa Wangsamas, Wangsa Maju.

Rushed from Ampang Point after 40 minutes of piano lesson, yes wasted 20 minutes for being late. Met up SuMin and Quiero and started out journey to the condo, it was a hilarious ride though and funny things happened when we headed to the party site.

It was drizzling when I reached there, but nevermind, we were in dunno-who's-umbrella-ella-ella, enjoyed our meal under the rain with protection of umbrellas.

Papa Yus came! Nice group picture.

Cik Aishah bought us a cake from Secret Recipe with red icing 'GOOD LUCK IN YOUR SPM'. Aww, that was so sweet and kind of her.. But I only got a small piece of the cake! ISH!
Undoubtly, one of my favourite picture of the day!

WenX and the Lee Small Dragon!

Nice picture! Lee Small Dragon was emo-ing?

Me and Cassie.
I should have uploaded another one which your face looked bigger than mine!

Okay, I really got no idea what were we doing..
My another favourite picture.
But it wasn't perfect. I need the one on the camera which was holding by Lainy!

My flabby arm caught in camera, hate it!
Oh, how good if I can do split like Jolin, then it can be perfect. Ha.
The gang hangs on the see-saw, finding our balance and we did.
We hold on together no matter what, and it will last, forever and ever, hopefully.

Me and Wern, the hottie.
P.S. Whoever had the pictures of the Anggerikian party, kindly exchange with me, thanks!!

Date: 29 October 2009 (Thursday)
Time: 8am - 1pm
Venue: ARGS
After 5 schooling years in Ampang Road Girls School, it is going to come to an end, and the Graduation Ceremony on 291009 marked the unofficially end of our high school life. (The official one is on 14th of December for me). Honestly, I did not feel like 5 secondary school life already, to me, it is just about like 3 years. I am actually eager to start my future education, to start stepping into the unimaginable future, although my future path is not clear yet.

A night before today, I was having imsonia, reason? Don't know. Excited perhaps. At the same time, of course, the ceremony marked the unofficial end of studying together with my dear friends. We are going to our own separate ways after SPM, feeling sad? Definitely got, but I am confident that we will keep in touch and have gathering once a while.

For the very first time in my 17 years, my first time of wearing baju kurung.
Thanks so much to SuMin, who borrowed me hers, it was a dream come true. Hmm, precisely, is two dreams came true. One, wearing baju kurung. Two, wearing student's uniform. I had been longing to try on student's uniform for years since becoming prefect since Form 2.

It was really nice when I wear it, kept hopping around in the morning, dancing Miley's Hoedown Throwdown. Well, no kidding. HAHA. I was hyper when I tried on the kurung.

CCY, the Harry Potter in Slytherin!
SuMin. WenX. YiEn.
SuMin the BFFs. You have been a great friend ever since we met. Started to get close in Form2 and we had many sweet memorable crazy moments! My personal favourite: last 2 years at KLCC, just the two of us, taking hilarious pictures around KLCC, still rememering. I still laugh like mad everytime I see the pictures. I hope our friendship bond will be strong as always, and we must stay in touch, definitely.

Cassandra the Buddy. Hmm, what can I say about you. I cannot recall much about us during Form1 and 2. I remembered our craziness over Harry Potter saga till we went to Tesco in 7am to buy the 7th book. 21 July 2007, I remembered it clearly. You gave me a feeling of like being protected, maybe because you are 'manly'. Yes, a protective friend and a caring one, just sometimes doesn't show it out. A funny one too, with squels and laughters. And I hope I can see you transform to a feminie side, I saw before in January this year. And I noticed you are changing now.. :P
Elaine. The pretty girl next door. I am envy of height and slim body. A great rival to compete with in Add.Maths and the Science subjects. Though we aren't that close, but we shared some funny moments and stupid jokes sometimes. Wish you all the best in SPM and in your future.
Sorry, blurred picture of you,Micha. It was the only picture I had that you are looking towards the audience. The speech was good, not bad. Have confidence with yourself and you can overcome the obstacles that challenge you. Oh well, this is not the speech for you yet.
Dikir Barat performance.
It was okay, it reminded me so much about Melatian. And I missed it a lot.
Sang out loud the Anti Dadah lyrics and the hand movements, it was a great experience. And the last performance we had during Teacher's Day in 2007, it was nice too.
The group singing. I never know Kimberley can sing. And it was good.
Perform more often okay.. Thanks for it..

The 1-Malaysia Choral Speaking by the Form 3.
Led by Roxanne. It was good enough where you all had only a week to prepare.
And funny too. Good job.

Although have been watching it for countless times, but I still enjoyed it.
Because it's INTERACT's. Haha..
All the best to the juniors, and hopefully you guys can do better.

The last minute performance.
Ain't about how fast I get there,
Ain't about what's waiting on the other side
It's the Climb.
I sort of forgot the lyrics, but it was a great satisfaction, sang a song in the graduation with all the graduates stood and sang together. The atmosphere was great, people were waving their hands high up and joined the singing. Love it. Enjoyed on the stage and the breathtaking view of Gryfinndors and Slytherins. It really looks like Hall of Hogwarts. HAHA.
Yvonne Low. Thanks for the harddisc. Honestly, addicted to it already. But I will still control myself, don't worry. After this 20 days, then I can watch the movies and dramas. All the best to you.
Kimmy the Egg. Hmm, thanks for the advices, you 'appeared' on the right time when I need support.

Deidre my lui. Thanks for the Fererro Rocher. It's in the fridge now but I shall digest it tomorrow. Hehe. Cutie pie, I will definitely miss you! Stay strong no matter what and don't give up in whatever that you are doing. Mama Lui relationship never end!

Habeeba! The trouble maker. HAHA. Melatian won't be the same if without you, your funny acts and your annoying burp and deaftening sneeze. Ha. Stay cute! Haha. And you create roars of laughter whenever you 'AH CHOOO' in your class, we heard it..
Although my real mom wasn't here today, but I got my 'kai-ma'. Haha.
Although I dunno whether it's real or not, but it's good to have a picture with her. Ha.
PingHui & WenX.
Oh, the time where we took bus to school everyday during Form2 and Form3, it was fun!
We played games in bus, made noisy like crazy kids. And our visits to the night market, although just a few times, but it was memorable. The black ManUtd shirt which you encouraged me to buy, I am still wearing it, hehe..
YiEn. The one who gave me the name: Wenx.
I admired your narrative essays and blog posts, which usually and always wow me. I should learn from you. Hmm, we aren't close at all, although we go to Chinese Class together last time, but we slowly become friends in Form Four, and we stayed back together at time, well, not that often. Wish you stay happy always, and you are not alone.

Savina the Hottie! Aww, don't be upset about the magazine page. In our eyes, you are the BEST!! Everytime when we flipped the 3 pages of ours, we will bear in mind, it's your hard effort and your artistic designs left us the sweet memories that Anggerikians had together.. All the best in your bright future.
Cheng Ying! Hmm, firstly Sorry if I offended you at times when I ejek you, it was just jokes and I never meant to hurt you. Hehe. Your presence have created much laughters, although sometimes I do not agree with you. Hehe.
Wish you all the best in pursuing the future studies in the One, or any One of the design universities. Remember the bring along History and Morale textbook, make historic or morality advertisements for Puteri UMNO, okay? HAHA.

Penny! We aren't that close but the time where we stayed back together was totally enjoyable. I liked listening to your love stories. Haha. And I admired your bravery in talking and doing things. Stay beautiful!

HueyWern the pretty girl. Hmm, another great competitor. Losing to you, yes of course is upsetting but is totally 心服口服.. I am open-minded about this. Congrats on the achievement and I am sure you can perform very well in the SPM. Thanks for the competition that inspired and motivated me.
SwerLie! Funny friend and you are having a steady happy life already.
Happy always!!

With Quiero and his trademark smile in school.

With Pn.Rahayu!
Well, I know I had been a naughty prefect with pierces and student's uniform, but I enjoyed being naughty a lil while. Sorry, teacher. Ha.
The gift given wasn't perfect, everything came off somehow. But cannot do anything, hope teacher can fix it. Hehe. It suppose to look like.........
The gift from us, Prefectorial Board form 5 class of 2008/2009 and the sesated half prefect, Cass. This 3D crystal heart shape consists of 45 pieces of 3D peculiar shapes puzzles, took me 2 days to 'kaji' it but half an hour to 'gao dim' it.. It was really nice and a great feeling of success after pushing the support stick into the middle. Feel like buying other shapes to play, but it costs. One of my activities after SPM, puzzle solving!!!

Isn't it the most perfect heart shape you ever seen?
Well, it is for me. It's really nice under the lamp light.
Oh, I want a piece of it...
Bestie LEY!! How much I miss our moments in Form2 and Form3. And the SMS craze. Although we did not contact each other that often, but I know deep inside, our friendship bond is still very strong. I miss all the crazy moments which we shopped from morning till night, walked a long distance just to shop. Ha we were really crazy that time. Next trip again? Hopefully, you can drive me around after SPM. Hehe.. BFFs!!
Nabila Eyla the cutie pie. I admired your passion towards Japanese and your determination to go to Japan. Unlike me, although I vowed to learn French two years ago, but I gave up. I wish you can fulfill your dream to go to Japan!!
Nanie KING! And I am the QUEEN! Wait, how we crowned each other already? Since Form3? Related to Phantom of the Opera? Hehe.. You created countless and endless laughters in class, and for sure, Anggerik will not be the same without your presence. I will miss your joke most definitely. And your Covergirl advertisement always cheer me up when I am down. HAHA!
Princess Joanne Chong! Though you think it's geli, but I still like it. HAHA. You are the one who I can pour gossips on, Ha, gossipers huh. We shared, we laughed, we chatted, we had fun. Oh I will miss you as my neighbour in class for two years. Without you, it'll be much quieter, boring and meaningless. Keep in touch, pal! And I wanna see you in that tube, first time giving clothing as present. Stay beautiful, my princess. HAHA!

Me in green robes!
Of all colours, why green? I wish we got black, formal and standard.
But it's okay, it wasn't that bad, just oversized and HOT!
Not that H.O.T is just HOT. LOL!

Dyana! Thanks so much for your accompaniment whenever I stayed back. And I miss the meals we had together. The pizza, lasagne, Mcd.. You have been a supportive and caring friend to me. You have so much passion for your friends which is an admirable point. Your giggle, your laughter, your scream, your squel, will be always remembered in my heart. Stay happy always and don't let anything push you down.
And I, I gotta be strong, just keep pushing on....
Bestie TYNG!! Oh, how much I miss your presence. But, to see you happy and cheerful right now, I am happy too. The sweet memories of us and the pretty face of yours will always stay in my heart. No matter what happens, I hope you can stay strong. And if you need me, I will be there, just call my name. Hehe.
Aww, like this! Congrats Micha on becoming the Puteri Graduasi of 2009. Being crowned like a Miss Universe eh, HAHAHA.. It was a proud moment..
I will definitely miss all the smiles in this picture. And all the faces too.
All the best to all of us!!

Phoebsie! Hmm, enjoyed listening to all your stories.. Hehe.. Funny, exciting, dirty.. HA.. Stay sexy, girl.. HAHA..

Failed jump shot.. But nevermind, we got this pre-jump shot picture.. HAHA..

SOOYEE!! My long long buddy.. I remembered we are close since Standard Five, where we took the same school bus. During school holidays, we sent letters to each other although our houses were just 1km away, well, no kidding at all. And I still keep the letters. What no1 and no2, Connie and bla bla, aww, how childish we were but it was really a fun thing to do. Thanks for being a great friend. Stay in touch ya.

SUMO.. Eh, spell correctly??
HAHA.. SuMin is funny!
I guessed we are really stable in this position.
The larger the surface area, the more the stability.
The Threesome!
We are all this together!!

The Melatian Gang.
It was a successful jump shot but the picture is with Ley.

Long long pal YunSun. We did share secrets at times, just once or twice. Maybe not counted as secrets, just heart-to-heart talk. For me, it was. And you are a great friend and a trustable one. Hope you can pursue the career you want and be successful!
Another gang pic! Nice!!
With Dyana again!

Yea, CCY the female Hercules!
And Yeah, I am wearing white shoes! Me brother's.
Totally student look, and I like it..

Me and Princess Michelle! HAHA.. I look tiny. HEHE.
For this 2 years long, you have given me so much accompaniments, during school, after school, during the weekend and holidays. It will be a thing to miss after you go for your national service and we part away for our path later on. You are different from others, as you are responsible and hold on to your own principal. I may not understand some of it, but you are unique in your own way. Sorry if I hurt you at times. Just bear in mind, stay optimistic all the time, don't cover yourself in a negatively-charged centre, bring out the positive vibes of yours. Chill and relax, and everything will be fine and nice. Remember ah, Sausage. HAHA, I remembered how we got the terms already. I am the Hamburger.

Aww, spot me? The tiny one. Blame my height!

Huggiessssss!! LOVE this!
Haha, Micha was crushed again!

With Kimberley!

Wow, she got the strength! Hehe, proved that I am light!
Neh, I must exercise already!
MOM, bring me to Fitness First!

My class monitor, Lava! A nice and responsible person. I used to call her name by singing Mamma Mia song instead of Mamma Mia, it'll be Lava-Niah. HAHA...

Angie, there ain't any picture of us in my camera, but there are a few in yours. Thanks for being a caring friend, and I will surely remember your cheerful smile, warm hugs, funny giggle, amazing singing voice and many more. Stay happy, my friend...

I shall end this here. Took me hours to update this. And I never touch a single book today, got la, a bit of Moral this morning. I gotta catch up tomorrow and do everything according to plan. Hope it works. Okay, I gotta catch up with some sleep..