Monday, August 31, 2009


Okay, just a short post here before the trials..
A week of holiday to prepare, but I didn't use it that wisely..
Thanks to some distractions and my oh-it-is-killing-me's-laziness..

Aww isn't this mooncake cute..

31st August, we are having a quiet National Day this year..
No crazy countdown, no bing-bang fireworks, not much celebration..
It's okay, I prefer a peaceful atmosphere..

Went to the BookFest twice, loaded with a total of 3 fictions..
However of course, cannot read it yet..
Perhaps after the trials, or maybe after the big real one starting on 18 November..
Other than that, I am not going to touch the dear cubies till after trials..
I sort of asked my mom to confiscate it so my itchy hand cannot reach it.. Lol..
Even my newly-bought Sudoku Cube also had been confiscated on the first day I got it..
I just gonna wait..

After trials, I vow to be more organised with the revisions, hopefully it works..
And to feel my time with right entertainment, gonna catch up with some movies and dvds..
And some exercises maybe, I gained weight..
And also a nice pedicure as I am waiting for my toe nail to grow back, Ha..
And to use time wisely without crap, because Rather than a lot of words, say a few words.. Rather than a few words, say good words.. I got this note at the BookFest.. I talk a lot? Nope..

About 3 weeks from now, it's my turn to be 'merdeka' for a very short while..
I shall survive this 3 weeks..

All the Best,

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Goes UP and DOWN..

Beautiful isn't it, but it only lasted for a day at my school's tarmac..
Drew by Atiah..
I crave for the girl's body, slim waist, long lean legs..
I want the guy too. HA!

I actually added the dialogue myself, HAHA!!

These reminded me so much of UP..
The animation by Disney/Pixar, I watched it just now..
Hilarious and touching but once again, animation is not my cup of tea..

I planned to update longer, but I didn't have the urge to do so.. It's just so humiliating and saddening to think about it.. Disappointed by those selfish acts.. Learned my lesson in a hard way.. Now I know, shouldn't be dependant.. My eyes are sore, I wanna catch up on some sleep..



Sunday, August 9, 2009

The Big Screen..

Okies I gotta update this really quick..
Wouldn't be able to online on weekdays!!
Ban myself from touching the laptop..
Due to study, I got easily distracted..
The laziness in me is haunting me..
My countdown timer indicated there are only 100 days more left..
I felt totally not prepared at all.. DARN..

No internet, No TV also..
So, what's my source of entertainment??
I surely need it to de-stress.. Ha..
The Big Screen -- Cinema!
Treated myself 2 movies in 3 days.. Hehe..
Which means I never touch homeworks & books since Friday until just now..

Okies, stop whining, start my plot..

I never laugh so crazily in cinema for so long already..
The Proposal managed to make the audience broke to unstoppable laughter & pull it off with its sentimental touching line at the 2nd half.. It is indeed very touching..
However, the story's rather predictable..
And ISH!! TGV cut the stripping scene (Oh Ramone!!!) & the kissing scene!!
Perhaps it's worthy, I flashed my so-called student card (library card), I got discount, Ha..
My 'date' of the day didn't have the privilege, haha..
After a swimming session once after The Proposal, I was truly exhausted..
Had no intention to touch the piles of books..
Instead, I had a sudden urge to drink..
Ahh, it tasted good..
After a few glasses..
No difference right..
I wish to have more.. Ahh..

Aww, my boyfriend gave me this..
Nahhh, my mom bought for someone else, not me, sobs.. Ha..
Where was I at the moment?
Tropicana City Mall
I had been nagging my dad to pay a visit to TCM since last Christmas..
But he refused..
Finally I got a chance..
The mall's average, not much shopping choice, but lots of cute stuff..
It is a food paradise, some nice restaurants there..

Oh yea..
The Rise of Cobra
The Star Two review claimed that it's something similar to Transformer 2 but only without robots and gave a 3/5 rating to it.. In my opinion, it's better than Transformer 2.. It's supremely awesome!! The special visual effects were outstanding, everything in the movie is totally not what you can imagine.. Plus the deaftening music effects, it vowed me from the start till the end.. The whole plot is rather simple, it's just about stopping the Nanomite weapon and destroyed the evil organisation behind the evil plan.. I think the arrangement was good, it didn't confuse me.. The sense of humour was also not bad, but the audience didn't find it amuse, I think I am the only one laughing, Haha.. I wanna elaborate more, but, no time.. The action-packed movie filled with many advanced technology elements in it, is totally worth-watching.. Obviously there will be a sequel.. The ending is a suspense, just like The Incredible Hulk..

I found the prequel book at Borders, named:
G.I. Joe - Above & Beyond

Me and the popcorn box!
I like this pic. Ha.

Yea, I finally got a 4x4 cube!! P.S. Deidre, I need a tutor!!!

100 days and 1 hour left..
C'mon WENZ..