Friday, July 31, 2009


Am not going to post about event this time..
I do not know how to begin, will just type anything that pops out on my mind..

I hate it when I got lost of words, especially when words are needed..
Words that are supposed to heal one's heart, to cheer someone up..
I can be a faithful listener and yet I cannot be a good advisor..
Just like my job, ''Discipline Advisor''..
''Oh, you do not look like one..''
Yes I know, I am not..

You came to me, hugged and then I saw tears rolling down..
It was not tears of sadness.. It was tears of joy, touching joy..
I was grateful, the cut on my finger was worthy..
And yet the disappointing part, I was speechless when looking at you..
I should've said something, but nothing came out..
At the moment when I stared into your eyes, I wanna break down too..

I reached for my friends' hand and stretched for hugs..
To get some warmth and support..
I am tired and I felt lost..
At home when I was alone, I let it out..
I felt much better..

Enjoyed playing some instrumental songs on the piano which helped in expressing my feelings..
Enjoyed my Friday routine: swimming..
Floated on the surface of water, I heard nothing but only the sound of my frequent breath..
The blue sky is so beautiful and peaceful..

I am not emoing, just wondering..
Wondering what? Nothing..


Wednesday, July 29, 2009

I broke the rules..

I am totally distracted from the original routine..
The routine where I am disallowed to online on weekdays..
But then I just cannot resist..
Stopped facing the piles of books, and yet sat down..
And facing this flat screen where you are looking at right now..

I heard Fly fm promoting Jason Mraz's blog, the DJ is crazy over it..
Searched and got it..

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Te Amo

Amo te..
A portuguese quote that I liked to use years ago, when I fell in love with C.Ron.
Haha, Rihanna's new song title, love it..

So, as I plurked yesterday, my Sunday will be another schooling day for me..
Why? Because it was suppose to be a rest day but I woke up early in the morning..
Changed to my favourite Giordano grey jeans, a black singlet which was given by Ashley and my 5 years old but still in good condition B.U.M jacket..
Drank a cup of hot Horlicks and ate some chipsmore..
Headed to school, fetched by daddy..

The journey to Universiti Malaya to attend a 10 hours long BM seminar was simply nice in a air-conditioned bus where I had a brief 15 minutes sleep.. The campus is really big with many faculties..

Angie Savina Micha Wenz
We had the 10 hours, precisely is about 7 hours long seminar in an air-conditioned lecture hall which is similar to the KDU college hall where I attended the Physics & Add.Maths seminar last year. It is very college-ish but I did not really like the stadium-like seats(not comfy) and the non-flat table where my notes cannot stay still, kept sliding.. Well, this is campus style..

Sweet & Me..
Kacau-ed her when I felt bored.. Haha..

Micha & Me & the cute lil ape which accompanied me today.
Enjoyed pinching Micha & held the huggable ape..

We survived!! With chocs, sweets, snacks!! HAHA.
The seminar was okay, I expected more.
Learned more techniques for karangan & tatabahasa.. As for komsas & rumusan, it was like revising, overall it was good.
Thanks to Pn.Sharifah & En.O.Thuraiveloo for the hilarious lecture & wonderful answering techniques.
Thanks to a-guy-who-I-didn't-know-his-name who gave a thrilling inspirational speech to motivate us as I think I got inspired & motivated alas.

Group pic with the lecturer, Pn.Sharifah!
She is one interesting woman who jokes a lot, it is funny to listen to her..

Yes, it's true!! It's true!!
Believe what you see, I am actually taller than Micha the giraffe! HAHA.

Me & Cass on the bus..

Yet again, a 20-30 minutes journey back to school..
Where I lied down comfortably after I ''won-won'' as Micha ''lose-lose'' in a seat-snatching match.. Played Cass's phone racing game which turned out very badly.. The game got prob! HAHA. Im a lousy gamer actually.

Spot the similarities between us??
Yes we are both girls. Other than that?
Yes both long hair. More??
HAHA our suit! Our B.U.M jacket!!
Same brand, almost same design, same colour!
High 5, B.U.M lover!!

Me Grilled Chicken Au Chambertin @ Rendezuous Steak Garden.
Its gravy had a lil red wine, tasted okay..

Not to forget the side order, potato wedges!!
Ahh I miss KFC chessy wedges..
Just had it with a bunch of friends as an early prefect retirement celebration..
After a four and a half years of service, it's time to resume a steady student life..
I shall elaborate more on the next time..

It's time for me to stop the laziness in me!!
I shall figure out a way to coach myself..
*finger crossed*

Since the lecturer said romantic speech
should be 'songsang-ed',
therefore it should be this way,
爱你 . 我
Te Amo,

Sunday, July 19, 2009


It was a day that I had been looking forward to..
A day that after years of waiting..
I finally got to watch Harry Potter 6..
And also a match which actually suppose to be held on last year..

Us after the movie!
Wenz Dei Elaine CCY SooYee Penny

I like Draco in suit! Nice!
Harry & Ginny didn't turn out that bad as I expect.
Pity old Voldemort didn't have scene.
The scene where the Inferi popped out, frightened but laughing because CCY screamed!
It was touching when all the wands were raised up for Dumbledore.
It was bit dull but I still love it.
It was indeed an opening act for the next movie.
The romance part was hilarious.
''Won-won'' turned out quite good, as I ''won-won'' later..
Girls, you know what does it mean.

Sorry girls, I left early, to fulfill a dream that I always dream about.
A dream that was pretty last minute as I got the golden ticket a day before where only 18 seats left according to the dealer.

I walked all my way from Pavilion to Hang Tuah station just to see this..
Ha. From far, I spotted the incredulous red crowd queueing up for LRT tickets.
I squeezed in and bought my tickets.
Had a 'fun' time travelling with all ManUtd fans in the train.

Station berikut: Bukit Jalil.
A loud cheer followed as the door opened, everyone was excited & relieved to get out of the over-crowded compartment. I was one of the first to run out from the compartment. Ha. Spot the crowd, an estimate of 80000 people turned up for this event.

The only picture where 4 of us were in.
Taken by a Taiping girl who came all the way from Taiping ALONE to watch her favourite team. She wanted to tag along with us, but too bad she held a RED gate ticket. Whereas I got VIOLET gate tickets.

A backward glance. OMR spot the sea of red!

My golden tickets!
Thanks to a LinDan look alike cute guy who changed the tickets for me as my original copies had some printing error. He smiled at me after the match ended! Ha.

The $58 seat at the Violet gate view! Not that bad actually.

Some band performance. There were performances for the VIP during half time too. ISH!

AHHHHHH!!! My boys came out for practise at 5pm. AHH!!
The crowd cheered when the Malaysia team came out and cheered even louder for the ManUtd team when they came out for practise. For the senior team, Edwin Van Der Sar led the team, the Dutchman goalkeeper is indeed very tall!

The practise was about 30 minutes, where I saw all the players! COOL!
The first 11 who will play in this very first game of ManUtd Asia tour.
The teams made their appearance at 5.30pm sharp.

I cannot help myself but to feel sad and disappointed when looking at this picture.
It was a corner kick taken by Nani, the compariot, half brother, almost everything similar to Ronaldo. And Ronaldo will be taking this spot if he is here. Sobs!!
I still don't have the chance to see him.

A strong kick from I-dont-know-who resulted this, a ball fell to the crowd and the lucky one kept it. The officers came to claim the ball, but no one admited to have taken the ball, Malaysians.....

At the 8th minute, ROONEY scored for ManUtd, he probably showed the most commitment, for sure the team doesn't show their 100% form, but it was still worth-watching.

There was a collision at the 23rd minute between Nani & the Malaysian goalkeeper. He was on the ground for a minute or two. The crowd clapped for him and cheered when he made his way up. A round applause to him as he managed to do some good saves although he is short. Ha.

Nani scored at the 28th minute, sent the ball to the top of the net, ran to the side of the field and did his trademark goal celebration - the brilliant somersault!! ManUtd was leading 2-0!

Malaysians fought back a goal from Amri just before half time.

After a short 15 minutes break, the game resumed with a 2-1 lead by ManUtd.

Darn. Amri scored the equaliser. 2-2 at the 51st minute. It was Ben Foster's mistake but it was okay, mistakes are bounded to happen. Some Malaysians supporter shouted & screamed for joy. I can conclude that it is guy's nature to shout whenever there is a scoring chance. HA.

The crowd went crazy to see ManUtd new weapon, Michael Owen who got the no.7 shirt after Ron. He is very popular as the crowd kept chanting his name: O-W-E-N! He's H.O.T!

He didn't disappoint the fans of his. He scored the winning goal for ManUtd. ManUtd went on and won 3-2!!! WOOHOOOOOO!! Ole Ole Man Utd.
Hope ManUtd can deliver for the next season with their fire-powered team.

Me at the pitch.

The team waved to the crowd after the price ceremony.

Some POV:
Van Der Sar the world class goalkeeper did some saves. Nani made a good performance. The HOT Macheda is brilliant, he looks like RON. Senior, Ryan Giggs, the crowd loves him, calling over him when he warmed up. Many people was expecting Paul Scholes to perform. Berbatov had some disappointing run. Others were good as well.

It was a good experience to have seen ManUtd play for the first time of my life. The road and LRT were jammed up and full with people. LRT station's gate was even closed as thousands of people was making their way to the station.

It was a great day. And there will be an extra match tomorrow at 8.45pm. ISH. Paying for $58 can sit for $98 seats, how unfair. To those who wanna go, go for GREEN GATE, 1st or 2nd level. Or RED/BLUE gate 2nd level (the VIP view)


May you win again and all the best for the next season.
Wish RON to be successful at Real Madrid too.

Sunday, July 12, 2009

It's still a dream..

for the help of collecting this coupons..

I was so stupid and naive enough to dream that I can have a chance to go to see Manchester United in KL on 18th July. I went to 1 Utama, reached there by 9am, disappoint myself to see the long queue.. Mom said it exceeded 500 people already. Thousands of die-hard ManUtd fans turned up for the redemption of 500 tickets & 2800 training passes. I went back with both empty hands. I think I might eligible for the training passes if I queue up.

I wish I can watch Manchester United play at Old Trafford, Manchester, England.
The dream is still on.

Friday, July 10, 2009

Note of Appreciation

''I am sixteen going on seventeen''
This song in The Sound of Music cannot be sang
when the clock strucked 12 midnight on 8th of July
because I was officially seventeen on 080709.

It was indeed a true memorable day. The evil plan worked, it stunned surprised me in a hard yet special way. I was grateful enough to have you guys with me, it was simply touching. I do not know what to say, lost of words. The tears of joy rolled and you guys hit my day with a high note, made my day once again.

My thanks go:

To the adorable kiddy ANDREA for the very expected gifts & card. It was very thoughtful of you and I will not ever forget this lil cheerful sister of Angie.

To the kind ANGIE for the nicely-decorated gift & sweet card. It fits perfectly & I am really really lucky & grateful for having such a sweet friend.

To the bizarre YIEN for the wonderful handmade card with the fascinating speech. Good Luck in your piano practical & theory exams. You have my support & love.

To APPLE for the absolutely lovingly card & decoration. Thanks for the huggies! Thanks for always remembering my day. You are my angel, haha..

To YVONNE & KIMBERLY my lovely juniors for the another unexpected present. It was really shocking and unexpectable. Thanks. May both of you get flying colours for your PMR & happy always!

To the smarty pants HUEYWERN for the nice card. It was delivered although you were absent. Thanks! Wish you all the best in SPM, you will definitely score.

To my hubby JOANNE for the gifts that will be a good companion when I am moody, hehe. Thanks for the last wonderful surprise. And the card where I nearly shed a tear. You did make me cried when I read your post, thanks once again. It was touching. Thanks for listening me whining at times.

To my bestie SHU TYNG for the gift that I made me spend time to figure it out & the lil cute card which again I nearly cry. Thanks for the post dedication. Wish you stay cheerful always, I will always be there if you need me.

To my dear SAVINA for the awesomely handmade card & bracelet. It's beautiful. Smile always and I wish our friendship will stay till eternity, just like the woman in Sonnet 18. HAHA.

To my dearie BFF SUMIN for the Ronaldo documentary, it was indeed fate that I saw the DVD days before you asked. & the cutey bear card which left hot tears swirling over my eyes while reading. Yes, we will definitely keep in touch.

To my buddy YUNSUN for the impressive handmade card which really stunned me. And the lovely earrings. Hope your life fill with everlasting joy & I'll be there if you need me.

To the reddish tomato lovebuggy PHOEBE for the likeable, loveable & enjoyable gift. P.S. You are not alone, we are here with you.

To my sweet SOOYEE for the inspirational book of Niccolo Machiavelli, The Prince. It is true classic. The one that states about Realpolitic, I shall read that after I finished the final book of Harry Potter. I know it can inspires me a lot, thanks!

To my KING NANIE for the wonderful decoration & picture-card. I like the words at the back of the card. You will be remembered for your hilarious jokes in class & as a wonderful friend of mine. I will always support you, stay strong & don't give up. Thanks for the planning!

To the fascinating MICHELLE for the sweet photo album which left a broad sweet smile on my face while reading. And the SAVE-THE-EARTH-concept-photo-frame which I promise you, it will be hanged in my bedroom wall very soon. But I looked fat, got double chin!! Haha it's okay. Thanks for the hard effort that you put in the photo album. May you continue to stay strong as always & I will always support you.

To the always cool CASSANDRA for the amazing dangling earrings. I hope one day you will wear those too, I know you will! Thanks to your brother too, haha. Thanks for your effort for the party, I spotted. Hope your charming smile stays on your pretty face & stay happy always.. I will surely never forget you as a great buddy of mine.

To the crazy siao DIYANA for throwing me the amazing party & the truly awesome football-theme cupcakes. Thanks for making me f.a.t! HAHA. Thanks for staying back with me, I truly appreciate it. Wish you luck for your JPJ test. Happy always. Just call my name, and I'll be there.

To the cutey fishy FISH for the party & your concern towards me. You are indeed a great friend that vows me. God bless your mom, she will be fine. And wish you stay cute & cheerful always.

To my one and only lui, DEIDRE for the warm hug early in the morning, the wish & the post dedication. You are such a sweetie lil kid who definitely lay a spot in my heart. Remember, the mama-lui relationship will never end.

To my old buddy KYLIE for the post. Will appreciate it a lot, it meant a lot. ''Sian Se Ji Tuan'' LOL!! Our crazy moments years ago. Okies, let's be the oldest pals.. 50 years of friendship eh, let's aim that. Haha.

To my crazy bestie SAIKLEY for the wishes. And the hint. And being with me for years, as a supportive funny friend. I miss our sweet memories of shopping & having great crazy fun together. May our friendship never end.

To the Mr.Cool WEIXIONG for the texts & the 'one' in the future.

To those who wishes me, you know who you are my friends, INTERACTORS, my lovely juniors & the old buddies.

To the naughty Gerard & Nick for the HAPPY BIRTHDAH wish & hug.

To my parents for the surprise birthday cake trick, ish!!! And the Diva accessories, it's awesome! ILY!!


I am working on the pictures, will post it up soon, I guess. Hehe.

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Me Sunday..

Just miss this shirt which I bought during primary school time.. Still fit & good in quality..
I hate looking at this word..
Mega Sale (4th July - 31st Aug)
Every shop has this large word displayed over the glass door &
the mannequins seemed like calling over me..
''Come in & have a look!!''
ARGH I cannot resist..
Forever 21 managed to make me change my mind..
I went in to the shop after much hesitation after spotting
the big red word 'S.A.L.E'
A lil accessory at Padini Concept Store with half price markdown marked my day,
filled my shopping hunger.

The newly installed Crystal Fountain..
It set record at Malaysian Books of Record..
Stood proudly in front of Bintang Circle (Pavilion main entrance) at 3.6 metres tall.

Wenz wore:
Black tee with sparking bedazzle stars, Hush Puppies. Shorts, Padini Authentic.
Fishnet Singlet, Forever 21. Yellow black stripes glove, Momoe.
Bag, Tangs. Stripy wedges, Nose.

I finally watched Transformer 2: Revenge of the Fallen. Like most of the viewers said, it vowed me with its spectacular outstanding almost flawless effects. Credits to Dreamworks & Paramount & Hasbro. But then I was confused over the robots. It was worth-watching & I definitely wanna watch again, but not in cinema..

P.S: I need a neck massage, sat at the 3rd row from the screen!

I like SKIDS & MUDFLAP! The twins Autobots.. Cuteee!