Tuesday, June 30, 2009

200th post tribute

Okies, 1992 babes..
The moment that you are waiting for, is finally here..
The list of National Service 2010 is officially O.U.T!!
According to HERE
You may type
PLKN SEMAK 921331181234
and send it to

I sent but there's no reply!!! ARGH!! Nervoussss.....

Lol, no need 'maaf', 15888. I am grateful.
I knew NS might be fun, probably once a lifetime experience, get to meet new people, have the golden opportunity to get hold of M16 and other stuff, most importantly, keep fit lol.
3 months time worth a lot to me....

A biology experimented was conducted today, of course I never miss a chance to play..
I discovered that I might be in the cooking industry in the future.. Lol
Imagining to become a chef-celebrity and end up int he Forbes 100 richest people list!!
I know there is 1 chef-celebrity who got himself at the 9oplus spot, not bad!

I 'craved' some shapes out of the potatoes.

My tribute to MJ.

My last LOVE tribute to RON.
He will be an official Real Madrid player by tomorrow.
Which's indeed a terribly bad news to me.
Which means LESS ron, LESS ManUtd, LESS football..
But maybe it's a good news..
I can focus on SPM, which's drawing nearer & nearer..

P.S: It doesn't mean that I will stop idolising you.. HAHA!!
CONGRATS on becoming the world most expensive player & the highest paid footballer so far!
I wish to become a wag (footballer's wife)!!

Friday, June 26, 2009

18SG!! Eerie Ghost Pic ahead!!

WARNING! Freaky scary eerily ghostly material ahead!!
Not a post for those chicken-hearted peeps with no guts to read..
Prepare to be SCARED!!

Hey okies, time for those daring readers with brave deeds..

ARGS Annual's 'Hari Koperasi' was held on the 25th June. My class, 5 Anggerik hosted the haunted house as part of the ARGS tradition. Thanks to the organising comittee who planned and contributed so much idea on this wonderfully anticipated event.

And thanks to Savina for this awesomely designed flyer.

Just like IU Day & Chinese Society gathering, a hectic preparation in the hall since Wednesday morning.

The specially-made-cheapskate-but-looked-glamorous-coffin.
From left, Wenz as part of the undertaker (coffin-maker), Yien the corpse 1.0 of the coffin, Jo the PA dude.

Well, I've got no idea what are Jo and Fish starring at or wondering. LOL!!

Cass the ARGS Edward Cullen!
Trying to show off her D.I.Y Vampire coat.

Spot the satisfied and hilarious expression of Fish when she performed the magic.
The magic of twisting the wire with a chickenly action and hilarious humming,
and then the wire is cut without the help of scissors.

OMRR.. CCY supplied the originally naked mannequin and the doll-open-&-shut-it-eyes-automatically-doll!!
It's darn freakyyy..

Ha. SooYee, Elaine & YunSun with the afro hair & the freaky mannequin.

You see, it's originnally naked.
You can say Ming & Penny were perverted.
But look at a positive way, they were trying to protect the rights of a mannequin to expose her it's private part!! HAHA!!

Aww. Sweet pic of KinNanie & Jo.

Penny the corpse 2.0 of the coffin, Swerlie the corpse 3.0 of the coffin,
Jo, Cass's new gf (the mannequin), and Cass.

The day had arrived, the 5 Anggerikians 'transformed' themselves into a haunted house of ghosts! So FUN!

Queen (Wenz on her half done makeup) & King (Nanie)
Spent about 15 minutes on my makeup. It was FUN!
I was the pontianak!!

The pontianak & the coffin's corpse 1.0 YIEN.
My smeared makeup. I only got half blacken lips LOL! Due to the waterproof lipbalm.
That's SOOYEE btw, the guide-turned-crawling-ghost.
YiEn, Cass, Lavaniah the bomoh with freakishly large eyes, her screaming was deaftening & scary.

Me & Yvonne. Our first picture ever.
OMR, I never knew I looked this horrible when came out for a break!!

Jo & me after the meal.
This was the second makeup for the next session.
I prefer this though.

Group picture of the ghosts!!
Thanks to everyone of us! Who worked so damn hard, screamed at the top of our lungs, trying to scare people off, frantically touched up when the tables fell off suddenly and bear with the beating & hitting. LOL man.

Wenz Diyana Ming Jo Phoebs!!

The sexy ghost Phoebs with the Angelina Jolie red hot lips & Wenz.

Me & Savina, my pontianak partner with nice curly hair..

Me & the freakingly fair Ma-son..

Me & Atiah who was the crawling ghost..

Me & Dyana who got a kiss, no doubt from Phoebs!

An eerie shot with my GanFu..
One of my favourite picture of the day.

Nabila Eyla the Ju-on ghost, Jo, Wenz.

Me & HueyWern, the receptionist-turned-ghost.

Me & the cute-and-cook ghost the CCY's masterpiece on her face, it was a severely burnt scar..

Me & SooYee who backed me up when someone slapped me! Ha.
She said: Eh, dont beat the ghost. LOLOL!!
One of my favourite pic too.

YunSun with the awesome almost real ghost crawling skills, Me, and SooYee..

Maya Wenz Yien

Me and the Fatin Amierah the Mummy!
Bet you cant recognise her!
Her overall costume was awesome!

Me & Lava the bomoh!

Eyla the Ju-on kid!

Bomoh, the well ghost, & the Mummy

Yusniza, the duno-whats-the-name-of-the-type-of-ghost-that-she-protraited..
All I knew that she hopped & scared people off.
It was hilarious & scary at the same time..

Me & Jasmine the guide.
Me & Cass.
The last individual picture of the day.

The last troop that visited our haunted house was the 5 Cempakians..
We made a deal, they came in for free. We went to Water House for free too..
Oh yea, it's damn fun!! After the stuffy hot session in the Haunted House, being poured with pails of cooling water was just so relaxing and thrilling..
And we failed the mission to find Beeba, LOL!!

You see, the smile on their faces with the water gun..
Be prepared to rush in the Water House!!

Group pictures after a round of Water House.
Bad lightings.

Okies done with the 40 pictures..
LOL not that scary actually.
CONGRATS to the readers who had reached till this far. HAHA.

It was a tiring hectic cleaning up later on.
Had sore throat and a pair of sore feet.
But it was all worthy and our hard work paid off.
It was indeed an enjoyable & memorable day..
Although there were some moment where being slapped, hit with the doll, beaten up with their bare hands, pushed away right on the face, pushed till the end, fell alas..
LOL!! It was funny!!

Lastly, the last ghostly picture.
$ To Michael Jackson, the King of Pop who had contributed so much for the music industry at the eighties and ninties. This ghostly picture was one of the scene in the music video, Thriller. It remained the most haunted music video, I was always freaked out when I watched it when I was a kid. May you rest in peace, MJ.

P.S: There are more pictures, for those who want, pendrive pls, better & easier.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Ur so Gay..

Dad : Do you know that Adam admitted that he's gay and he likes Kris Allen?
Wenz : Whuut??
Dad : Ya, it came out on Yahoo.

Yes, by judging this magazine photo cover, I do agree that he looks kinda gayish..

I went to find the Yahoo page to read the article.


''Adam even controversially confesses a Kris Allen crush, saying, "He's the one guy I found attractive in the whole group on the show: nice, nonchalant, pretty, and totally my type--except that he has a wife''

Okay, I mouthed 'Oh-my-god'.. I remembered that Joanne said that they are roommates during the stay for A.Idol. And we were like ''Errr uhoh, then Adam & Kris?'' Perhaps thank God that Kris married, if not he might be the target..

Okies in my point of view, the issue of gay and lesbian is not a big issue to me, so I don't really mind that Adam's gay. For me, people have their rights to choose anything for themselves, even their sexuality. Yes, sometimes I might don't feel comfortable for those relationships, but I still think respect for homosexuals.

Just like sometimes when I am sad/angry/disappointed over a person's act, this will be my excuse to cheer myself up: It's their choice, why should I suffer over their choice? I will go on with my life and ignore it, I'm taking control, not them!

So I think it's kinda important to respect people's choice. No matter how it is, it's their choice, their fate, their destiny..

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Sunway Paradise~

A letter that I received about two weeks ago cheered me up and led me to Sunway Pyramid on the 6th and 7th June.. I sat for the selection test for the ASEAN Scholarship..

The ice-skating rink. I like the decoration of the mall, simple yet classy..
Aww, looking at those people, skating rounds and rounds, wearing those adorable gloves..
However, I noticed there is less falls if compared to roller..
Argh, I wanna skate too!

Arrived at the 10th floor of the Convention Centre..
Cannot believe the crowd..
Once the lift door opened, everyone was like 'WAH'..

The extremely cool hall where an estimate of 1100 people sat for the selection test..
If I am not mistaken, I am competiting with about 500 students for the Pre-University Scholarship.. Zomg! No hope, I did awfully for the Mathematics paper..

Before it start, two guys were discussing the paper..
''Eh the dy/dx formulae ah, ax^n-1 bla bla... I studied yesterday for Maths you know... ''
Well, haha, differentiation never pop out in the paper. And I never study and prepare a thing for this test, due to my laziness..

Overheard some feedback after the exam..
''So damn hard wey, why they never give the value of y-axis, if not I sure can find the answer..''
''Before coming to this, I thought my Maths is very geng, mane tau..'' (Maths geek I think)
''At school right, AddMaths paper1 I can finish in 1 hour, and recheck 3,4 times and got time to sleep, this test, haiyo, no time to drink water at all..'' (LOL, okies that's 'impressive')
''My friend scores 100 for AddMaths wan lor..'' (Siao ah, but that's possible)
They kept discussing over the formulae and the answers, zomg!! I kept laughing and sighing to myself..

''Eh kinda easy wey the comprehension. But paper 2 hor, 350 words in half ann hour, impossible la! Unless they are trained'' (LOL)
''The introduction hor, I wrote CRAPP.''
''If I write the 2nd question, I will write CRAPP!'' (LOLOLOL!! How about crab?)

General Ability
''My brother said, if you got time to finish the Maths test, you won't have time to finish this'' (HUH? Nah!)
''This will be the hardest lo'' (OMR!)
''Tembak la if dunno''
''Cannot tembak, will minus marks for each wrong answer.''
''I underestimate the paper''

LOL!! Not that I purposely listen to what they said, it's just that I happened to hear it..

To my astonishment, I met KYLIE!!
Oh my primary school friend, too bad only met her on the 2nd day.

My lunchie at Cinnabon!
Chocobon and Chessebon! YUM!

Wenz wears:
Pink Stripe singlet, Padini Authentic. 3/4 Jeans, Giordano. Wedges, Nose.

Okies, Terminator Salvation ended my 3 months plus movie drought!
Finally I watched a movie in cinema.
I don't really attracted to the storyline but the effects were good!
I cannot believe that someone actually yawned!

I love watching trailers! The first was Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen.
OMR I am dying to watch it..
There are some exhibition in conjuction with the Movie Carnival..

The Autobots!!

Not to forget the villian Decepticons!

Who's that guy??
SPOT them on the escalator?? HUH???
*Roll eyes*

HUH?? A group of Hogwarts students??
OMR!! Is that Daniel Radcliffe? Rupert Grint? Ralph Fiennes? Emma Watson?
Nah, in conjuction with the Movie Carnival, these people 'transform' themselves into famous movie characters! Nick shouted: ''Jack Sparrow!!' while I was taking pictures of the exhibited robots.

Can someone tell me who's that white guy?
I cannot recall, what movie has a guy with white suit, white face and white beard?
I know the KFC guy, but he is rather plump and has no white face..
I know P.Dumbledore has white beard but ain't no cool white suit! Ha!

I suppose this is the Star Wars troop. I am not a Star Wars fan.
I think I spotted Anakin, probably the only character I know.

Okay, Hogwarts students gathered around.
I saw Harry, Ron, Hermione, Voldemort, Malfoy...
Oh, I kept screaming all the way..

I watched the trailer too. OMR after almost 3 years of waiting, it will be released soon.. One thing I am sure after watching the trailer..
I dislike Ginny Weasley. Since HP 2.

I got a picture with He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named!!
Okies, the flash made him look overly pale white and me, SO FAT!

Oh ya, I had great shopping time in the mall!!
After a disappointing trip to 1 Utama on Friday, I had a shopping spree today.