Saturday, May 23, 2009

Remix of feelings

Perhaps 'thanks' to the diagnostics..
I woke up pretty early today without intention..
Had a light delicious breakfast while watching HongKong comedy drama..
Continued with the chapter of Electricity which I totally not concentrating in..
Swept the house and a lil seaching on the internet..

Headed to KLCC with high expectations for a fun day ahead..
Turned out to be a bad start..
Thanks to the accompaniment of a MCD Mcvalue meal and The Undomestic Goddess..
And a short-but-seems-long journey to the Wisma MCA..
Here's comes the mixture of feelings..
The disappointment, sadness and madness crushed my earlier excitement..
But I was bearing with it, of course..

As I posted in my previous post, Korean B-BOYS' dance comedy show BREAKOUT!!
And I went!!
Tickets for two..

Full compliments on the 3D setting, amazing lightings, thunderous PA system, the extremely wonderful breakdance moves that left me speechless and mouthed ''W-O-W'', the hilarious sinopsis, the perfect combination and chreography,the absolutely COOL beatboxing.. The show was perfect, I gave it a rate of 10/10. But then my seat wasn't great, free seating and I went in late, sat almost at the last row, bad view.. One benefit, I can stand to watch and snap.. (Once again, snapping pictures are forbidden, as if I care?? I snapped quite a lot, and regretted for not taking the exercising part!! It was half of the show when I discovered so many of the spectators were snapping and recording!!)

Will update the videos and pictures after I have the complete set, it'll be after exam, Oh can't wait for exam to finish!!

I felt great after the show. It was worth-watching, I did not waste the $63, I wish to watch again.. There are 2 more shows on Sunday(24/5) and 2 more in Penang.. Piano lesson straight after that, I was tired but still feel the 'HIGH' feeling in the show, the crowd was quite strong and enthusiatic.. Cheering, shouting, screaming and laughing throughout the estimated 90 minutes long show..

Last pic.. Do I look like the 6th jail breaker?? Black-and-white stripes.. I wore this on purpose to match the theme of the show.. HAHA..

I received an air mail letter.. OMR!! This will be a great end for the day.. Second chance in 3 years.. I hope this will be better.. It was still a surprise although I kind of expect it.. Ha..


I seriously need a BREAK, to get those things OUT of me..

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Upcoming events..

First and foremost..

After months of battle, they finally got the taste of success..
They got their 18th title overall and the 3rd consecutive title..
The treble is on their hands and they are eyeing on the unpredecent quadruple..
If Man Utd can conquer the others, I can conquer Biology, History, Chemistry & Physics!


ADAM LAMBERT vs Kris Allen..
The highly-anticipated American Idol is reaching the finale..
21 / 22 May..
How good if it's after exam..



Break Out!tells the tale of a night-in-the-life of a group of desperate prisoners, whose nightmare existence changes beyond belief when an ancient and sacred text mysteriously drops into the prison. This mysterious arrival inspires the inmates to plan a daring escape into the outside world, where they are able to enjoy a brief moment of freedom. Featuring a cast of nuns, nurses and break-dancing villains in the craziest jail break of all time, Break Out! is a fun-packed, mad-cap night out featuring top quality performers including some of Korea's leading B-Boys from internationally winning crews including DRIFTERS crew (Battle of the Year 2006 finalists), GAMBLERS crew (Battle of the Year 2005 finalists) and MAXIMUM crew.

It's a dance show that will be performed by some Korean boys..
Venue: Wisma MCA, along Jalan Ampang
Date: 23, 24 May
Time: 3pm and 8.30pm..

Interested, anyone?


The most pretigious Champions League..
27 May, 2.45am

WENZ MIGHT BE WATCHING!! if I can wake up.. HA..
When DEVILS say HI to BARCA?
Devils ROAR!


ARGS PBC will be organising their 37th ''LIAN HUAN HUI''
Please come.. Visit for further information..

Day: 30 May
Venus: SMK Puteri Ampang
Time: 9am - 1pm


Start your holiday with a fresh start..
Mark your holiday with a blast..
Enter a world of angels..

Now this reminds me of Angels & Demons.. Haha.. I wanna watch!


I always miss the MTV awards..
31 May, 9pm



The start of the post is them..
The end of the post will be them too..
The newly-crowned EPL champion, Manchester United is coming to Malaysia..
18 July @ Bukit Jalil..


They planned to come last July, but ISH the youth champion league or whatsoever, the trip was forced to cancel!!
The tickets are cheap.. 90% of the 85000 tickets are sold below $100..
2000 students earlybirds can purchase tickets worth $68 at $28!!!
Interested, anyone?

I sort of wasted Friday night & today.. I didn't study, didn't have the intention..
The news of ManUtd be the champion gave me a boost of energy & motivation..
I gonna move on & hail next week..
Conquer the subjects like how the champions conquer EPL!


Gerard: Jie, Ampang Point on FIRE..
Wenz : Huh? Bluff la you..
Gerard: Yala, din't bluff lo.. Go ask Mama..

What a stupid lie it is, I thought.. I knew Gerard is lazy for piano lesson later..

Reluctantly, I got up from my seat and went to the kitchen..
Wenz: Ma, AP on fire? (Please say NO)
Mama: Yea, Chris just called..
Wenz: OMR Class canceled?
Mama: Ya..
Wenz: ARGH.. Another $75 gone!!

One piano lesson = Around $75..
But got replacement la.. Ha..

Friday, May 15, 2009


Just minutes after the crappy previous post..
I received a voicemail..
Dialling 121, felt curious about it..
''Halo, I am Teacher Chris (my piano teacher), I just got your theory result..''
Oh darn, so fast.. I felt an adrenaline rush..
''Oh you scored 78!! Very strong, 2 more marks to merits''
OH DARN!! 78/100.. It's a small figure, somemore it's not even merit!!
I wanted distinction, I have a lil confidence in scoring merit somemore!!

ISH!! This news crushed my mood, made it to the bottom of the deep bottom in my heart..
I lost, once again..
I lost my identity, I lost myself..


I watched a super old HongKong drama episode just now..
Here's the quote in it..

‘‘你曾看过西游记吗? 孙悟空说过当有一份好的感情在你面前,而你没好好珍惜。


Next post: Upcoming May's Events Highlight

Friday, May 8, 2009

IU After Party

Okies, before update about the another after party..
Some exclusive IU preparation pictures which I forgot to upload..

Yien & Maya posing during the photo shoot for the exhibition..

Diyana & Wenz during first rehearsal..

Wenz Apple during her visit to the rehearsal..

Tyng & Fish, both the saree beauties and Wenz..

Dyana Armanda Fern Asyikin Amanda
During the visit to Wisma Chinese Chamber..

Armanda & Vanessa
Armanda posed almost in every of the pic in my camera, LOL.


2008 May 8th..
Interact After Party with members..

Maya the black belt taekwandoer, filled with hunger when she saw FOOOOD...

Sushi!! Made by Jesse, YuenWei (Both skipped tuition) & YuenWei's mommy..

We got PIZZAs... Yum!!

Oh, wasted Pepsi..

Sabbie & Prissy..

Here starts the playing part..
Fooling around with ICE..
Kim was the first victim..
Crazy moment we got..

YuenWei & Prissy..


Interview sessions with the juniors!!

Is a rushing post, don't feel like elaborate on it..
Diagnostic exam started, I am kinda positive at this moment..
Hope it goes well..

Monday, May 4, 2009

May's Fool??

I got pranked on April 30th..
So-called 'May Fool Eve'..
So what did I do on May Fool??
Labour day which everyone got an extra holiday.. Cheers!!

Due to the success of ARGS IU' 09, the BODs went out for a lil celebration, to mark our hard work, that lead us to the success on 25th of April.. We decided to go out for a hi-tea session.. With my appetite raging from the swimming workout in the cooling morning, I ate a lil breakfast.. Normally if I am having hi-tea, I will skip breakfast and dinner.. Ha..

Met up in KLCC with the others and headed to Impiana Hotel through the long tunnel walk.. After an approximate of 15 minutes walk, everyone's stomach ached with hunger, I was eagered to have my first hi-tea with friends.. However, due to some problems which do not have to be elaborated here, we switched to Corus Hotel instead, with the help of 3 cabs, fetching 12 people..

There was a dress code for this outing, set by Savina.. It's BLACK & WHITE.. After a fitting session a day before, I decided to wear like this..

I chose to wear all BLACK matched with some WHITE & RED accessories..
Wenz wear:
Vintage Print Tee, EDC.. Shorts, Padini Authentic.. Sneakers, North Star (Lil brother's)..
White tied-belt, Body Gloves.. Red skinny Belt, EDC
Accessories, Diva & Bernoulli.. Bag, Tangs..

Thanks to a last minute reservation, we got to dine in at Corus Hotel.. To my horror, we did not have joint tables for 12 people.. Ish.. But to my surprise, seniors got the surprise from a gang of thoughtful juniors.. I knew it was costly, by judging the brand and the delicate dessert..

I gotta acknowledge them, THANKS for giving me that, touchy..
Crispy Priscy
Panda Amanda
Orangutan YuenWei
Messy Jesse
Babbi Sabby
Kim Egg

The picture of the attendees.. I had been waiting so long for this pic so that I can update about this.. ZOMG, I saw something horrible.. The pose of my leg.. DARN UGLY..

HueyWern was absent, so I took over her duty, counting the total amount that we gonna pay.
It's $400.20!! Wow.. $33.35 per head, not that bad actually..

Later on, went to Pavilion for window shopping.. And there was where we met David Cook..
Me & Maya with COOK..
I sensed my bloated stomach from here, but who cares, it's half of my breakfast, lunch plus dinner!!
I can still eat actually, HAHA..

Savina Sabrina Wenz Maya with COOK..

Aww, I love this top!! It was at the Absolute Bargain part of Forever 21, it costs only $36 after being 'bargained'.. I did not buy it because it's size L.. Darn regret, I cannot find it again when I went on Sat..

While waiting someone to 'dress up' ,
outside the fitting room,
Me and ANGIE..

Wow, who was this???!!

Kimberly with the SEXY gold sequined dress..
I personally think that it looks like she was wearing a apron, a really expensive one.. HA!!

Done for the post, I enjoyed that day!!

Diagnostic is dued on this Thursday... OMR!! A month of HELL..

2 upcoming posts within this week..
Some exclusive IU preparation pictures & Mama!!
IF I got the time..