Thursday, April 30, 2009


Some ARGS IU pictures update from the photographer & my camera..

Half of the B.O.Ds of ARGS Interact Club 08/09
Yien, Sabbie, Wenz, Sav, Maya, Jo..
Agreed with Yien that this is a nice pic, love it!

The introduction of B.O.Ds..
With Angie's intro, the boards gathered together, signalled the start of ARGS IU at about 1.30pm..
I love the formal wear, cool and ice..

Opening Act (The HipHop Part)
Opening Act (Indian Part)

A tricky part where some 'lucky' audiences were 'invited' to the stage..

Angie's Solo, 'Miracle' by Mariah Carey..
Small lil girl with powerful voice, dude, this girl can sing! Ha..

When India says Satrikal to New York..
Nice combination of New York & Indian dance moves by the Form 3..

Informal emcee of the day: Jesse & KimEgg..
I got no idea what was the origin of KimEgg..
But I got the point.. Round? Ha..

The sketch members..
It was funny & wonderful as we got to know more about New York & India in a hilarious way..

The threesome who sang 'Us against the World' by Westlife..

Rock & Roll..
They certainly rocked off the audiences & atmosphere that time..
Rockie Rockie Rockie, Rock & Roll..
Shakie Shakie Shakie, Shake & Roll..



From Top: Vinic, HueyWern, Elaine, Esther
Centre Row: Tyng, Penny, Fish, Phoebe
Last but not least: Dyana, Wenz, Statue of Liberty, Jo..
Jo as the fashion designer and the organising chairperson of this marvellous event!!

The pictures are not complete..
I don't have the complete picture collections of the fashion models..

I hate the pose..
Wenz wear:
I love NY tee, NY.. Gypsy Skirt, Hana.. Wedges, Nose.. Waist Belt, Phoebe..
Indian accessories, Dhakshina.. Accessories..
Thanks to Hana, Phoebe, Dhakshina for borrowing me the stuff..

Reunion of the models & a round of applause to Jo..

Smiles on our faces showed that the end of the event & the satisfaction that we got..
Top: Fish, Tesylia, Ley, Wenz, Maya, Dyana
Bottom: Jo, Cass, Sweet

DONE with the pictures from photographer Jian Wei..
Once again, THANKS so much for the service..

Now, from my camera pulak..

Phoebs Cass Maya
with the fabulous backdrop..
Nice artwork all thanks to Savina..

Sweet picture of Maya.. This & the exhibited one..
Perserve the Earth from now, everyone!

LOL.. I cannot stop laughing again..
I can still recall, the unwillingness of YuenWei when her friends put the pastel colour on her..
Oh yea, thanks to her..
I got to take a picture with the real life version Statue of Liberty..
Oh it's 3 pictures, she wanna charge me $3 for it.. Ha!!
Not everyone can have a picture with Statue of Liberty you know??

Me and TYNG..
She looked pretty with make-up & the saree..

Me and JO..
The so-called fashion designer..
Nice hairstyle right..
She loved it..

Me and AH YANG..

Fish, Cass, Dyana..
Ah Yang got 2 more girlfriends again, nevermind, I am well-prepared already.. Ha..

Me and *woots**who's this* DYANA!!
She looked incredibly sizzling HOT..
The shopaholic in punjabi suit with loads of designer bags..
I like this pic..

Me and LEY
The buddy whom I begged for quite long to come.. HAHA!!
Glad that she can make it..

Me and rocker MAYA!!

Me and gorgeous Savina (mom said so)

Me and CASS
Someone's hand ter-kacau.. HAha..

Thanks for coming and the help you contributed..

Thanks for supporting & your contribution..
Me and YUNSUN..

Sizzling SEXY with her catwalk..

Triangular love? Just in the video..
Phoebs, Cass, Wenz..

Me and DD..

Me and LESTER..
Zomg, my face looked so big..

Me and LEY again..
Lol spot the quote from her shirt..
''Blonde never looked this good''
Lol perasannye..

Me and SAB..
Nice effort for the opening act..


Maya Wenz Kim
We were all hungry & exhausted after the event ended..
But it all paid off..
I will never forget the moments of ARGS IU'09!!

Saturday, April 25, 2009

It's all over..

What a day..
People started work at 8 something..
Carried this carried that, ran here ran there..
Dramatic things happened..
Some problem on the refreshment..
Feets sore, muscles pain, tired-ness..
BUT it all paid off..

We put our 110% guts on this event..
Our hard work, our full commitment, our precious time..
To make this a success..

I saw the long queue for the registration at the reception..
I saw the crowd of people, filling up the hall..
I saw the anticipation in their eyes, eyeing on a great IU day..
We gave them a BLAST..

The perfomances were AWESOME!!
It was unique and yet close to perfect..
Well done!!

What a huge success..
What a blast..
What a GREAT IU day that all the us had done!!
Good job everyone..

Time for a lil acknowledgement..
For these people who contribute to the success of this IU..
  • Mom - Who assisted me in getting all the sponsorships
  • Dad, Le Ching (The Lion Group), Joey (Teik Senn (M) Sdn Bhd), Lily Tan, Tan Yong, Mimi Chong, Andrew Cooper (Nestle (M) Sdn Bhd), Mee Ying on all your help & sponsors..
  • All organising comitees on your commitments and sacrifice (It's too many which cannot be all listed here)
  • All the parents who contributed..
  • All the performers who worked so hard on practices..
  • Chinese Society members who volunteer to help..
  • All the interactors who helped..
  • My friends who came..
  • Those who turn up - your presence made a difference..
  • And anyone who contributed/helped..
  • God & Ron for blessing the success (LOL)

I know I had been missing out lots of people..

Last but not least..

SIR LOW JIAN WEI, who be the event photographer for free, and came all the way from Cyberjaya.. He can charge me $200 plus for his service, but thankfully, he's kind enough to give me foc.. If you need a photographer, you may visit or for more information..



Everything was done at 6.45pm..The last step I walked out from the hall, it marked the official end of this event..

This remarkable event that will leave a deep footprint in my heart and will definitely be one of the highlights of my 2009, my last high school year..

And now, it's time for bed.. A nice long sweet one.. I will definitely carrying a smile when I am sleeping..


PS: Anyone who wants the soft copy of your performance pictures during IU day, pass me your pendrive next week..

Friday, April 24, 2009

Hey people..

Hey people..
The day that we are all waiting for..
It's tomorrow!!

25th April 2009

The much-anticipated and the long-awaited event..
The event that had taken weeks to plan, months to prepare..
The event that had made the organising comittees to crack their heads over it..
The event that had made some of us sacrifice the Intervensi 2..
The event that had made the BODs and the interactors, stayed back till late..
The event that will eventually start in less than 24 hours time..
The event that I had been looking forward to so much..

The 38th ARGS International Understanding Day

At 12am, which still got about 3 hours to go, I can shout..
Namaste New York!!

But of course, I will be sleeping by that time..
Getting enough rest and energy for the BIG day..
Be well-prepared for a hectic and fun day..
Be perfect for my last IU day..
Finally I can declare this as..

For now,
I just hope for the best..
Hoping that everything will go well and smooth..
Praying it will be a successful one..
Wishing to see the hall to be filled with packs of people..

We had worked so hard for it!!
We deserve the sight of the huge crowd of guests, the sound of thunderous applause, the smell of the profit money, the touch of luck and the taste of success..

All the best!! ARGS IU DAY!!
I am gonna have FUN tomorrow..

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Happy 80h Bday..

It's another 80th Birthday again, dad's side grandma this time..

The flyer @ Yamaha..

The cake on my lap all the way from AP to the restaurant..
It was made by Beeba's cousin sister..
You may visit to view her fantastic creations..

Me and Nick..
Spot what was he wearing..
My ITR tie!! Haha..

Wenz wears:
Lace Tank Top, Voir Collection. Denim Skirt, Smell. Strappy Heels, Eclipse. Star Chain, Diva and Nose..

Ha, trying to type like in Seventeen Magazine..

Family Picture with grandma..

The mouth-watering cake..
It's American Chocolate Cheese Cake..
Look at the 3D ribbon and the cupcakes with 3D roses on top of it..
It looks very nice, isn't it..
Of course, it costed my mom $150..
The rose is actually made of icing and edible but it's darn hard..
I love the cake, so chocolathy..
Nick who tried to wear the ''Shou Bao'' as a hat..

Bottoms up..
After the night, I conclude, I prefer white wine more than red wine..
Things aren't going right recently..
But I am working hard on it..
Or I just not working hard enough?
ARGS IU's just in less than 2 days..

Thursday, April 16, 2009

ARGS IU's coming..

YOU are invited to ARGS's 38th IU Day!!
I am totally excited about it..
This is one of the reason YOU should come to my IU Day..
It was a great surprise to get this thingy..
What will IT be? COME & CHECK IT OUT..
Maya & Wenz

Dei & Mocha

Dei & 'Mama' Wenz..
Grrr, sounds so old, LOL..
Oohlala, the cat is oi-oi-ing,SEXY isn't it??
Jo with the chocs!! OH!!
The fortunate Yus, the choc's mistress..
Ish, jealousnye.. All the chocs she got probably cost about $80 or even reach $100..
I need loads of choc, to force meself to study..
It's like someone addicted to caffeine..
The Chocoholic..

Oohlala, spot this SEXY woman again..

Reveal : Cass!! She's becoming girl-ier..

Girl-ier?? LOL of course not..
SHE He's wearing my bangles.. It had to be stretched till the max, LOL..
Jo trying to post seductively with the tree stick..
She failed.. LOL..

Oh, they remind me of STUDY..
Intervensi's next week..
I haven't start a thing..
Because I am really overhelmed about IU & I am out of CHOC..
Micha, the Gaza's victim's saviour..
And she got bitten by an ant, it came out in ARGS news, how sad it was..
Yien & Maya pose by a tree..

Savina & perasan-ed Maya..

Picture of the Day

MAYA!! I never realise the pic is like that!! I thought we are suppose to be SAME height.. LOL!! Anyway I *hearts* NEW YORK.. I *hearts* INDIA. I *hearts* my legs (It looks slim lol). I *hearts* my $30 wedges from Nose.

Yea!! END..

Forcing myself to study, again.. It failed for the last 3 days..