Wednesday, March 25, 2009

No longer the same..

I am in confusing state again..
I wish I am over-sensitive or have been over-reacted..
I need more time..
To get everything back on course..

Wednesday, March 18, 2009


After a hectic 3 months of school..
Ya it was hectic, filled with school works & personal problems..
Thank God for the 1 week short break..
Apparently it's not enough..
But I am grateful though..
A short break is enough to recharge myself, get myself back to normal life..

Holidays have been so far so good.. Hehe..
Pretty enjoyable and relaxing..
Reading Shopaholic, went swimming, baking, cooking, etc etc..

Choc Almond Brownies..
Frankly speaking, this had been one of my most successful baking attempt..
One of the least one which I will bake over and over again..

Choc Chip Cookies..
I knew it looks like some mini sh*t.. LOL...
Still need some improvement..

I named this: Bloody Chessy Lasagna..
Success after the fifth attempt..
OMR it was delicious, haha..
Hey KU, this is for YOU.. Ha..
Will definitely bake again..

Ahem ahem.. Just feel like showing off my nail colour collection..
I need some time for a new manicure!!
I need to change my blogskin!!
I want to shop!!
  • Metallic gold leggings
  • Black with neon colour Gypsy skirt/tube dress
  • Corset belt

    Inform me when you see any of those.. Hehe.. BYE...

Thursday, March 12, 2009

12 Mac

11.15am of 12Mac marked the start of their future journey..
Queued up in respective classes line..
While waiting for their turn for their result, a result of their months of hard effort..
Look in the eyes..
Filled with anxiety and fear..
Some cried before looking at the result, hand trembling while signing..
Some don't smile when I smile at them..
Some were with the friendly smile but I still can feel the tense atmosphere..
Some screamed once after looking at the slip..
Some were having a wide smile on their face..
Some were in despair with cold reaction..
Loads more of reaction..

Imagine, next year, my turn..
Failing to get what I want? OMR.. I would ...
Don't think!
The atmosphere that day did freak me out a bit..
I started to feel the tense of exam..
But nothing is in progress right now..

12 Mac is also a special day for a best friend of mine..
She turned seventeen!!

We were in same class in Form 1, got close in Form 2 & 3, separated in Form 4 & 5..
But that doesn't affect us at all..
And this is what I call true friendship..
True friend does not have to be 24/7 together..
As long as I know you are a true friend then can le..

Tyng, the pretty girl on the left..
Us love camwhoring..
BUT I got limited photos of me and you..
You promised, more next time!

Never missed a chance to take picture..
In washroom too..
I think this was last year your birthday outing..
Us during our latest previous outing I think..

Prefect hi-tea last year..

Your cake yesterday..
White Chocolate Macadamia
I like the colour of the icing..
Make a wish / wishes..
May your dreams come true..

Tyng had blown the 17 candles on her cake..

Group picture..

Guess you were happy yesterday..
That was what we want you to be..
Happy always..
Love ya..

Saturday, March 7, 2009

Stranger speaks..

Paid for the book, oh ya I should go, time's up, I am having my piano lessons soon..
Passed by Royel, aha wanna see some magazines, stopped by and flipped..

Mr A : !#$^&%^#&*^!*
Me : Errr??
Mr A : !#Y%*&$*!(*%(*^(*
Me : No??
Mr A : Do you speak English?
Me : Oh Ya... (Guess I was bit stunned after a stranger talking to me suddenly..
Mr A : I saw you walking around at the bookstore, so I just wanna introduce myself..
Me : Oic.. (I feel like running away)
Mr A : I am sorry as I just talk to you like that..
Me : It's okayy.. (Hesitating...)

Mr A asked few questions (come to think of it, he asked quite a lot) about name, nationality, race, favourite food, school, age, siblings, friends and bla bla bla.. I lied most of it.. He seems friendly but I shouldn't be continuing the conversation anyway..
The funny part..
Mr A : What school are you in?
Me : Puteri Amp..
Mr A : Oh the international school?
Me : Nope.. (HAHA, I wish it was)


(I wanna go away)

Mr A : Would you like to go for a walk?
Me : Nope, I am having piano class..


Mr A : Nice to meet you.. Bye..
Me : Bye..

Rushing to the music centre.. I still got 10 minutes till my class to start.. Breath in breath out and calm down..

Told mom about it.. Of course mom scolded me for talking to stranger...

Lesson learnt
It's better to be a stranger to the danger..

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Yokoso Malaysia..

For the second time of the five years in ARGS, we as in the Form 5 girls had the one last opportunity to participate the this Malaysia-Japan Cultural & Educational Exchange Programme.. I didn't feel extremely excited about it, BUT of course I am delighted about it..
Flashed back to 2006, when I was in Form 2, I was really fortunate to have two Japansese pen-pals, Nana Hiura and Yamada Ikuyo (Yay I managed to remember their names), but unfortunately, lost contact already..
2007 - If I am not mistaken, I ponteng-ed that day, LOL...
2008 - Was involved in welcoming the Japanese at the front gate..
The prezzies that I prepared for her..

Her who? Katsue Nakabayashi san..
At the moment I wrote this, I was wondering how she look like.. Hehe...

The backdrop..

Opening act : Silat performance..

Mr. Prinicpal from Bunkyo Gakuin Girls High School..
*I do not know his name, lol..*

Speech from our very own head prefect, Michelle with the help of Nabila the pro translator of the speech.. Round applause for both of them (5 Anggerikians).. Hehe..

Speech from friends from Japan..

*If you happy and you know it, clap your hands..*

Japan traditional dance..

Sarawak Traditional Dance..
Love their hands, so delicate..

Probably the highlight of the ceremony..
Rock Rock Rock, Rock & Roll..
Shake Shake Shake, Shake & Roll..
Indian dance..
Chinese Ribbon Dance presented by the Chinese Society..

Me and Abigail..

Tadaa~ This is Katsue Nakabayashi..
中林 健惠
She's a Chinese-Japanese..
At the first sight in the hall, she gave me the impression of Harry Potter, just a quick glance that time.. Ha...
Their schedule and language book.. I saw the schedule of their 6 days trip to Singapore & Malaysia, the Japanese-Malay translations, name list of them and many more which of course, I do not know how to read, Hehe..
First pic of me and her..

Second pic..

Yui ( Savina's pal), ? (One of the hyperactive girl when playing game,lol), Me & Katsue..

Group picture..

Me & the gorgeous Yui..

Me & ?, lol..

While playing their game.. Oh I forgot the words ad!!
Aha means ''I want Katsue''
LOL check out Fish's pose.. She's capturing pic..
While explaining to us how to play the game with the help of Nabila the translator..

Me & Nabila's pal..

Group pic!!

Me Katsue, Diyana & her pals..

Group pic of the gang and the pals..

Last shot of me and Katsue.. SOBSS...


Her.. I miss her..

Jump shot of Dyana Ming Cass Wenz..

Wenz Dyana Ming Savina..
LOL why am I always the 'Do'..
Do Re Mi Fa..

Group pic..

Me Cass..

Me Ming..

Me Micha..

Tyng Me Ming..
Candid shot of us..

Last pic : Me Sweet..

It was a tiring but enjoyable day.. Sobs which I cannot spend more time with Katsue..
She doesn't have email.
But she can view my blog..
She's reading this!!
P.S Leave a message if you can..
P.P.S 私に書くことを覚えなさい。
P.P.P.S このブログを、私書くこのブログにあなたについての何かを。次の時間再度読みなさい。
Stay Tune..