Saturday, February 28, 2009

I felt so down..

Saturday, a hectic day.. As I had planned earlier, I went to KLCC for shopping..
Normally I don't choose KLCC as a shopping destination..
But in order to hunt for presents for the Japanese pal, I found KLCC is a suitable place..
By wearing my favourite wedges, I started the journey of hunting..
Arch, Is souvenirs, Room, Famous Amos..
Alas I got the gifts, it doesn't counted as the prefect gift for my pal..
But it's the thought that counts right..
And I don't really have the mood to shop also.. Hehe..

After an hour plus of walking, I relaxed with a cup of Choc Cream & Cinnamon Roll, YUM~
Left KLCC in a rush...for nothing..

The definitions of LOVE...
The word that caught my attention is 'HOPE'..
When there's LOVE, there's HOPE..
How if when's there's no HOPE??
I suppose its either HATE or NOTHING..
How do you feel when your sincerity is unappreciated?
That you are willingly to sacrifice and yet you get back nothing at last..
Oh yea, the effect of putting high hope on thing..
Blame no one okayy..
Blame your own stupidity..
For being stupid for putting high hope..
For being stupid when you are upset when the hope was crushed..
For being stupid to waste tears on it...

Agree!! Sarcasm's better than killing people.. It's better than you slash someone with a blade or punch someone with your fist.. Because with sarcasm, you doesn't make yourself go jail for killing or hurting and you doesn't hurt your fist as words are more than enough to kill someone off, by hurting someone's heart, deeply..

Starting from the beginning of this year, I told myself: Sarcasm would never be applied to my friends by me.. But do I obey it? I do not know.. Perhaps sarcasm always come without realisation and expectation.. And when it does, it's already too late, one could never recover that fast and that easily..

Ya at times, pretend it is fine, and pretend you are okay so it won't hurt that much.. But pretend is certainly not a solution, if the 'sometimes' become 'all the time', I afraid the balloon can no longer withstand the pressure..

This thingy made me 'ARGHH' the whole day, LOL..
I was so stupid in solving this..
Only managed to finish one colour and I am stucked at the next step..

I don't understand the instructions on the website..
TUTOR!! I need tutor..
I cannot catch up when Tyng taught me on Wed, LOL..
Slow-learner huh?

I shall conquer you, Rubik's cube!!

HAHA!! I can and I must!!

P.S: Can someone find me Sudoku Cube?!

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Flying Without Wings..

Somehow I wish I got wings..
To fly away..
To get rid of stress..
To forget about the thoughts..
To be distracted from distractions..
To stay away from thou..

Monday, February 16, 2009


Man Utd's 4-1 win over Derby County gave me a boost of energy and confident to me..
Certainly need more energy for going to bed late the day before and of course, for exam..
Oh Yea, Ron scored one, 14th goal of the season..
Therefore I felt kinda positive for the day..

It was unexpectable.. Thanks again..
For the second consecutive year, sobs as next year no more.....gua..
It was the thought that counted..
Delighted yet touched..
Thanks for making my day.. And 'ruining', perhaps? Ha..

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Oh darn..
Next week's the intervensi..
I planned to study since the start of the week..
But I am probably out of my mind..
I cannot concentrate at all..
Not even a single work in the book..
Except 'The Secret Dreamworld of a Shopaholic'..

Instead of studying Chemistry, I read chapters by chapters of Shopaholic..
*Knock Knock*
Mom : Horrr, you are reading storybook!! No need study meh??
Me : Hehe.. No need la.. I tak de study mood..

Ya it was true that I do not have the study mood at all..
Perhaps with the stupid thoughts that are bothering me throughout the week..
Perhaps I got the solution already? Perhaps not..
But I got inspired by the great Ludwig van Beethoven..
I guess I am fine already..

Oh darn, piano teacher gave me a letter today..
Kindly be informed that your Theory Trial Exam is as follow:
Date : 22 Feb 2008 (Sun)

Oh DARN.. I haven't start reading the book of music's history
Don't even think about memorising..
I am thinking not to go for the trial..
But then, Bulldog will be hating and scolding me at my back.....again..

Oh how, haven't study for the intervensi and piano theory..
Oh I am so dead..

Sunday, February 8, 2009


Wenz is in dilemma..
Should I? Shouldn't I?
Should I take accounts for SPM?
The registration is dued on next Tuesday..
Must make my mind latest by tomorrow..

Why I should?
Perhaps an extra 1A.. (Easy to score 1A as many people said so)
More chance to get scholarship..
Figures are my favourite..

Why I shouldn't?
I am afraid not enough time to cope with..
I am bit lazy.. (Stupid excuse)
I don't feel like going tuition.. (I have to go if I am taking accounts)


Thursday, February 5, 2009

Badminton Tournament & Kings' Birthday..

It is the first and it will be the last..But it doesn't matter as I got to represent my school for badminton tournament..*Cheh-wa, I know I wasn't that good for it* Nevermind, skipped school for two days, really gotta catch up, intervensi is coming really soon..
Day One

We reached there extremely early, the door was still shut.. Sat outside for a while the sun rose bit by bit.. Then the door was opened but darkness was back as lights weren't switch on for about 15 minutes.. Kononnye jimat electrik..

Me and my couple my partner Micha.. Both of us played for the first day as doubles pair..

Me and LEY..

Waited till about 12 something for our match, which was about 1 hour plus late.. Passed the first round, first won.. LOL..

Second shot after the meal..

3 of us..

On the way we went and on the way back, Li Wenn sat on Kim's lap.. Kinda funny though, pity Kim?? No need la.. Li Wenn enjoyed then can lo..

Kim and Micha..
Oopsie that's my fat finger..

Day Two
We VS the duo from Wangsa Melawati..
After searching up and down, we finally found out opponent.. And we realized she was the defending champion.. Well, we were beaten by the dudes.. But it's okay, at least got through first round and played alongside the defending champion.. HAHA.. But sobs, Micha injured her left wrist and ******* Get well soon.. Probably my mood wasn't being affected because today is a special day.. HEHE..
04 Feb 2009
4th Feb is a special day.. Someone turns seventeen..
From left, Queen Wenz, King Nanie, Cutie Zoey and Kawaii Nabila.. HAHA..

Oh this 2007 Melatian party picture..
Ming Tyng Sun Cass Wenz Nanie..

A picture of us taken on that day morning..

During the speech day last year..

During do-not-know-what-day...

You will always be my dear king and I LOVE you..

05 Feb 2009

He is the reason that I stayed happy and optimistic today as today is his special day..
He turns 24... Oh..
The Maxis Football star thingy...


Being playful?

OMR this picture is taken many years ago for Levi's photo shoot (If Im not mistaken) and actually kinda scary, his muscles and his abs.. OMR.. *Faint*

Did this for the English homework today.. Successful person that I admire.. LOL, what a great honour to write about him on his birthday.. I wrote about 2 pages long which I thought not long enough at all.. But satisfied as I did not find any info online.. HAHA.. All based on my knowledge about him.. I know him quite well, LOL..

He's not going to read this but nevermind, I *hearts* you always.. LOL..
Wish you have a good 2008-2009 seasons and get the quadruple and the top honours..
You already got all 5 honours last season, I am promoting him.. LOL..
Let's GAMBATEH together.. LOL..

Done, ZzZzzzzz....