Sunday, January 25, 2009

Genting Trip

I was really glad that there's a short 10 days break for Chinese New Year.. Barely 3 weeks of school, I felt the tension of studying and handling my duty.. It's still okay but just I don't really catch up with studies and my plan.. Well, I don't really have a plan, guess I have to figure it out during this break.. Everyday of school was so tiring till I do not have the mood to face piles of homeworks and revision books at night.. *Sigh* But I'll be fine..

It's Chinese New Year, of course, there are some preperations for it..

Looks very nice right?? My third CNY cookies which I baked.. There are Almond Square Cookies which tastes like butter cookies and my favourite Green Pea cookies which tastes like......Green Pea!! A trip to my house and you can try all of them.. Hehe.. Baking's fun, but maybe there are less chance to bake already, due to the exams and busy schedule throughout the year..

Do I mention before I am interested in manicure and pedicure? Since the professional manicure/pedicure cost about $50 and it lasts for about one month only (according to cousin sister), I DIY my own during special occasions.. This is probably my fifth creation.. Not really satisfy with it, nevermind I only need this to stay on my short fingers for a week only..

Random picture with a bathrobe.. Finally I got one.. It's indeed an oversize baby pink bathrobe.. Who cares how big and how pink is it if it's free of charge.. Haha..

On New Year Eve, which is today, a one-day trip to Genting Highlands.. Although it's not a special place to visit but it's a good place to chill out and release some tension.. Went to the temple first..

Camwhore in the toilet.. Apparently, my sleeveless jacket was not enough to keep me warm, it was so windy and freaking cold, but I enjoyed the chill, the cool wind blew through me, so relaxing..

Me and mom..
On Friday, Priscilla asked: Do you have a photostat machine at your house??
Me: Huh??
Priscilla: You and your mom look so alike, just like photocopying..
Well, it's true..
Kids..fooling around..

Family picture..

Perhaps meaning ''Good Deeds''
There are some exhibitions on the cycle of hells according to the Buddhist's superstitions..
OMR, the brutal torture and punishment on the so called prisoners are so terrifying.. Even my lil bro, Nick was terrified till he cried.. Ha I was freaked out too.. By looking them whose tongue is being cut, intestine is being ''pulled'' out, eye ''kena cucuk'', head is chopped, body is being burnt, and ZOMG, stop it.. It inspired me that I should really change some of my attitudes.. Hehe..

LOL, I found my love of life.. Aren't we looks lovely together? LOL!!

*Paiseh, forgot to rotate it*
It's the bedazzler and brand new screen protector for my phone.. After about 6 months of owning the phone, I decided to bedazzle it.. Emm, it turns out okay gua.. Hehe.. A new look for my phone for CNY..

Lastly, I wish everyone..

May you and your family have a wonderful CNY..

Saturday, January 24, 2009


23rd Jan
Woke up reluctantly as usual, but soon realized that it wasn't an usual schooling day.. It was one of the least schooling day that I have to wear the yellow-brown uniform that I have been wearing for years.. Because yesterday was the annual school marathon.. I thought with the exercises I had done recently was more than enough for me to be fit for the long run.. But I was proven wrong.. Ha, I still cannot run like others.. Nevermind, at least I completed it.. (Well, everyone did complete it lo)..

Of course, these are those who can run and the trophies on their hand deserve to be theirs.. A round of applause and congrats to them..
Fiza from my very own BAKTI..
Yus the head of Murni which is a classmate of mine..
Li Wenn the Murnian..

A round applause for both of them too.. Maya and Phoebe who are the January babes..

After their taekwando, we headed off to Pavilion for an outing which we planned approximately two weeks ago.. A few discussions were held and there was cancellation of the original plan.. But it was okay, although everyone was really exhausted after the run, but we still enjoyed our day.. Lunch at Wong Kok while waiting for the others to arrive.. Filled our hungry stomach, finally everyone had arrived..


Both exchanged shocking expressions as the ZEN cake for them was placed in front of them when the song was sang.. HAHA, Phoebe's expression was rather funny.. HAHA..

A happy Maya..

Tadaa~ Us!
From left, Wenz Deidre Micha Savina Phoebe Maya Sweet Cass Angie Joanne

The INKHEART tickets which worth $12.. That's GSC Pavilion rate..
As usual, the movie and the book was different.. But it turns out fine, the ending was different, doesn't seems like there'll be the sequel movie unless they change the beginning of Inkspell..
I am working out on Inkspell, Inkheart the movie gave me a good imagination of Inkspell..

After the movie, farewell to the others.. Had dinner with Cass at Wong Kok.. Same restaurant again.. Then walked for a while then I headed to Times Square to meet my dad.. Thank God he didn't scold me as I was late a bit.. Phew..

Ended my day with an early sleep till the next day..

24 January
Someone turns seventeen today..


How does she look like??

OOPSIE!!! AHHH~ Wrong pic..
LOL!! But it was her..

What's her dream car??

Since she had passed the legal age to get the car license, the blue car will be her first car.. HAHA... Suit her right? Examined the look and the age of the car, I bet the engine ROAR till we deaf, LOL.. Made me think of Bella's truck..
What brand does she like??

Louis Vuitton..
U can see or judge by the look she admire the model.. HAHA..
What type of guy she like??
A guy model with no expression and no movement which's displayed with branded clothes..
HAHA.. Maya can express her love through the glass...
Who did she admire??
HAHA Victoria Beckham..
Maya tried to intimidate Victoria and the bag..
We took four freaking shots to make this work.. As we kept on laughing and having the risk of guards looking around.. It was a crazy moment at KLCC..
Now let's be serious, who do she really adore??
Avril Lavigne..
Picture taken during Avril's concert last year.. Cute Maya under the raincoat..
You see how greedy she looked while holding my purse.. HAHAHA!!

She is always chicky and michievous in front of camera..

My science lab partner last year..
How about this year? Do not know yet..

Maya nearly got kill by a dragonfruit tree.. HAHA..
So sad to say, the fat arm was mine.. HAHA..
We had fun during the Cameron Highland trip last July..

Me and cool Maya..

Best bud forever..
Hope you like the gifts..
I'll appreciate the precious friendship of ours and treasure the moments when we are together..
Love you to the max..

P/S some of the facts weren't true about her, I just typed based on the picture..

Wednesday, January 14, 2009


Waited for mom for quite some time while buried my head in a book..
Having thoughts that my mom had forgotten me..
And I knew that all the public phones in school were out of order..
After waited patiently, she finally appeared..
There was an appointment delayed her, I understood..
Received a news that made me got all excited on the way back home..
But ended up a frustrating moment..
It was true that the higher the hope, the higher the frustration..
But I was fine, after a relaxing swimming session..
One of my favourite to-do when I am moodless..
And finally, YOU cheered me up..

Oh, YOU just wrecked your Ferrari days ago.. Thank God you were fine..
And yesterday, you won the FIFA world player of 2008..
No doubt that you were the best football player in 2008 by grabbing all the 5 major footballer awards..
Having your face being spreaded over the main page of sports section on the newspaper was just what I need for me to scream..
''AHHHH~ RON!!!''

Although the 2008-2009 season is not as brilliant as the previous one, but I have confident with Ron.. HAHA..
Just a random picture of him.. COOL right?? AS USUAL lah... HAHA!!

Monday, January 12, 2009

Grandma's 80th B'day

80.. What a number figure that's so small for Maths..
But it's a great number of age for a person to live..

Ginny got clothes to wear!!

Spot this.. I thought it's ''7 Eleven''
But, look carefully!!

Jadey's clothes is sexy.. LOL!!

Err, what are they doing....
BFFs I guess.. Or maybe more than that..

Here comes the Mafia Dog, Jasmine..

10 january 2009.. The day we celebrated her 80th birthday..
Nothing happier than celebrate with dear families and relatives..
So we gathered on that day and gave her a memorable day..

Gran and the 3 siblings..

My family and Gran..

Me gettin' angpao from Gran after the tea ceremony..

Off we went to a restaurant for the dinner..

Dad sang while mom tagged along..

Seriously, I do not know what was he doing.. Posing?? Or showing off?? LOL..
By the way, that's Enwei the hottie, singing..

HAHA!! Nick sang ABBA's ''Money Money Money''.. HAHA!!

She seemed happy that day..

She enjoyed singing karaoke too...

The 90 bucks birthday cake from Coffee Bean from Ashley and Brian..

When we were singing Birthday song..

How CUTE is this!!
寿包 ''Shou Bao''


I wonder what can I get for SPM?
I wonder which path will I choose after SPM?
I wonder what career will I pursue in the future?
I wonder when I'll have boyfriend?
I wonder how do the love of my life looks like?
I wonder at what age I will be married?
I wonder how many kids I have?
I wonder how many figure number of salary that I will be receiving?
I wonder can I travel around the world?
I wonder when can I have grandchildren?
I wonder can I live till 80 years old?

All whose wonders ain't important, as I do not have to think about it..
Most importantly, enjoy every moment of now and make it meaningful...
And I hope Gran can live happily ever after..