Friday, October 31, 2008

Devillish me..

I felt delighted and totally relieved..
Hmm.. How come?
Maybe is because what I wish and hope had came true..
Not exactly a wish..
Is just a simple devilish request of something so that things will go perfectly well..
Oh ya, I mentioned..
It's not that devillish but it's devillish..

Devillish side of me??
I felt I am bad..
And yet I am happy and enjoy over it..
I know I should not feel that..
But sorry to say, it was really awesome..
I should stop this..
As no one will understand..
It's just simply impossible to say it out here..
How could I do such thing??
Oh yes I could..
Because I am a fan of RED DEVILS..
LOL, Man Utd!!

Things which happening are mended to be known by people..
It might be hurtful but it's a good thing as the true side can be discovered.. Or maybe the dark side.. Or maybe it's just nothing more than an extra conflict.. Nevermind, just let it be.. Study is my main priority right now..

(This was a post that should be posted on the 23rd of October, saved it as a draft after 20 minutes of posting, perhaps I felt guitly of being bad)


P/S I still feel that I am bad. But, be a mean girl is kinda.. fun??

Friday, October 24, 2008

HSM 3 Tripppp..

First exam week had gone..
Took all the languages exams..
So far so good I guess..
Hmm, after days of revision..
I can conclude that..
  • I still suck in Chemistry..
  • I cannot remember Physic's formula..
  • I am in love with Biology but stuck with the terms..
  • I still blur in Additional Mathematics..

*Finger-crossed* Hope I can figure out everything in this few days time. 14 more days to go to study. Gambateh~

Me and Ley..
Hmm, do not know this is the first picture we took together since bla years ago..
As we just do not have much chance to take picture together.. Hehe..

From left, Ming Tyng me Ley..
Although we are in different classes, everything is different from last time..
But we will definitely remember..
''Those were the days''

Second shot..
Lol, Ley's hand...

It was the end of Chinese test.. And I should go back home to study Add Maths according to my schedule.. However..

LOL!! Not exactly party though.. Just spent some time, escape from the stress of studying for a while..

An 1 hour and 40 minutes of movie session, with songs revolve the movie..
It was totally a relax thing to do.. I was glad to watch it on today, the day it released..

Tadaa~ The ticket..
How's the movie?
  • Sharpay's assitant is so tall.. (To me)..
  • Zac looks ''cooler''..
  • Vanessa and Ashley look prettier..
  • Monique looks thinner..
  • Corbin looks fatter..
  • Lucas looks... Erm normal..
  • It's good..
  • It's great..
  • It's awesome..
  • It's cool..
  • It's romantic..
  • It's hilarious..
  • Freaky at times..
  • It ROCKSS!!
  • It still ROCKSS!!

Anyway it's just my POV..

However, what a sad case, so unfortunately.. We found out something sad.. There would be less fastfood to eat in KLCC.. Wuwu..

LOL!! KFC is under renovation I guess.. How sad are Jo and Nanie..
BUT, someone found her love of her life..
Hooray.. Jo's hubbie..

Me and Cass in the bus..
Hate Metro and SJ for always delay my time..
In the car, Nick was pretending hardworking to do his homework.. Hehe..
I disturbed him by asking him to camwhore..
Peace yo..

Lastly.. Me and Nick..
I am tired..
I am sick..

Thursday, October 16, 2008

The Moment of Truth

Title: The Moment of Truth

Well, watched this TV show yesterday while playing with 'hula hoop'..
A show to confess everything deeply inside your heart by answering 'yes' or 'no'..
There is a device to detect either the answer is true or not..
And the questions are all really unexpectable and the answers are of course unexpectable too..

Well, the guy, Curtis joined the show With his family, former girlfriend and best friend..
In order to win half a million dollars, he had to answer those tricky questions which might cause him a loss of money prizes and his own family and friend..

Well I missed the front part but nevermind..
Curtis crushed his best friend's heart by accusing that he tried to make a pass on her former girlfriend. His best friend cant believe that he actually said a 'YES'.
Curtis also confessed that he used his family's business's money before for personal reason. His mom's face changed.
Curtis bought alcholic drinks for his brother before he passes the ilegal drinking age. Hmm, small matter, easy question..

Last question to win $100000..
" Did you ever cheat on your former girlfriend while dating her?''
Former girlfriend : He's a romantic guy. I like the moment when we was together. I believe he never cheat on me.

The host repeated the question.


Former girlfriend with a totally stunning unbelievable look : Oh My God, I need to go out. So embarassing!! (Her eyes fill with tears, his mom was also shocked)

The detect device : The answer is TRUE!!

Apparently, Curtis answered the questions truthfully..
And he won himself $100000.
In order to win $200000, he has to answer 3 more questions. But he stopped after getting the advice from his family. It proves that he's still a good guy.

Mom : Just stop before you hurt more people. (UhOh)

Well, actually this's just an example.
I got inspired after watcing that.
The moment of truth..
Do i deserve a moment of truth??

People often wants the truth, in order to know what a person really know or think about yourself..
But the truth's always hurtful and devastating..
Are you sure you still want the truth?
I bet it's a 'yes'..
A true friend of mine once told me
''just tell me the truth if I did that before, that's what true friend does''
Well, I agree with that..
But.. At the same time, I thought..
''A true friend wouldn't tell you if the truth's hurtful because a true friend wouldn't want to hurt you for sure''
You wouldn't wanna see your friend's heart crush and so on..

Is it keep things to heart better or just blap everything out?
Is keeping a secret or truth will make you a fake friend?
Is telling it out will make the situation better or worsten?
Is not telling it out in order to protect your friend means that you are a true friend?
Is sharing everything out although it's hurtful means you are a true friend?
Is telling people's things out means you are a betrayer?

There are more conflicts actually.. But I got to go..
Neh, I am not upset nor moody nor devastated, nor depressed nor stressed or anything..
I am just wondering..
But it doesn't bother me that much..

Because gonna study.. Schedule's out.. Emm.. 22 more days to study then HALLELUJAH!!
See ya~

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Hubbie Jo..

15 Oct 2008
A remarkable day for a good friend of mine
Because it's her SWEET 16..
HaPpY BiRtHdAy
JoAnNe aka hubbie??
Long time didn't use this 'hubbie' term already.. Hehe..
For your information, she likes to camwhore..
So how can this post be without pics?
Can you believe it? Our phones got to camwhore together too.
It's kinda obvious that it's Nokia Xpress Music vs her Sony Erisson cellphone..
Yea, Xpress Music ROCKS. Hehe..
Hehe.. Nice bangles, nice shoes and nice hands!!
Our hands got to camwhore together too.
Well, that's us..
In Pavilion during our first outing.

Us during the first sleepover.

Us during sports day.
Emm we're both Baktians.
We're both in the same team when we joined prefects.
We're also in same team last year.
We controlled the same form.
We are neighbours in class.
We talked a lot.
We laughed a lot.
We shared funnnnny stuff, horr.
And what girlssss do? We gossiped a lot.

Us during my birthday.

Us during duno-when.

Us during dunno-when-again.

Us during the choir competition.





Monday, October 13, 2008


Well if words can describe my feelings..
It would be 好心没好报..
Can not find the english idiom of it..
I know got something to do with 'good deeds.....'
Anyway forget about it..
Is it true that good deeds will never be repaid with good rewards?
I simply translate, I know it sounds weird..
I always do believe that if you do something good, good things will come to you..
And that is 好人有好报..
Because God is fair, God will know who is right and who is wrong..
But I was proven wrong today..
Hmm, I am blaming no one..
I am just bit dissapointed and frustrated..
For bringing a thinking which is..
'Just do it, it's no big deal'
Deep inside of me, there is this people-pleasing disease..
Which makes me do not know how to say 'no'..
So alas I will be left at a side..
Got the feeling of being used and unappreciated..
How good if I can get rid of it..
But I am borned with it..
Nevermind, just accept the fact..
Well ya, not to blame..
It's over..
Blaming, nagging, scolding and complaining will only affect relationships..
Well ya, God is fair..
There is one person to be blamed..
It's me..
It's a wrong thing to be done..
Blame my thinking of lending a hand to people although knowing it's wrong..
So that's why..
God is fair..
I am the cause..
I gonna accept the consequences..
Well look at the bright side..
At least, I gain my lesson..
Not to be nice to people?
No No No..
Another conflict is added to my confusing mind..
Well nevermind..
I shall leave it for after final exam..
And soon i'll forget about it..
Which is a good thing..

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Suddenly I just lost the mood to blog..
Got lots of things to update..
Just the mood is not here yet..

I just need some time..
To find back the mood to blog..
However, during Raya holiday..
I watched 'Victoria Secret: What is Sexy?' programme..
Well, basically it is a programme for 2008 Winner of the list of sexy category..
Chris Brown and Rihanna
Winner of the Sexiest Male and Female Singer..
Hmm.. Pretty match though..
Sexiest Lips: Jessica Biel (Last year was Jennifer Hudson)
Sexiest Newcomer: Blake Lively
I forgot most of the list, because my mind's all on this category..
which wake me up from confusion all of a sudden..

Josh Duhamel!!
Winner of the Sexiest Smile 2007
Ya agreed!! He got the smile, the hot bod, the height.. and the everything!!
Aha, and he got Fergie!!
Lucky Fergie.. *green-eye*

And they got voted as the Sexiest Couple for 2008..

This year Sexiest Smile goes to Ryan Seacreast..
Well,agreed too. He always smile wherever he goes..
According to the host of the programme, his smile can melt people's heart, he can easily cheer people up with his wide smile..
He's an America's Sweetheart, hosting American Idol, America Top 40, the Red Carpet of Emmys......
But as I know, America's Sweetheart is for female.. Hehe.. Nevermind..
But i prefer Josh Duhamel.. He's hotter!!
In conclusion, so no matter what, let's just smile..
Most importantly, let's smile to be sexy.. Hehe..
Who knows, you might win the award of Sexiest Smile in 20XX..