Saturday, September 27, 2008

Start of the break..

First and foremost..
to the muslims..
Just do not know why, I seems very excited for this holiday..
Although it's just a short a week holidays..
But it's enough for me i guess..
I seriously need a break..
To catch up with the left-behinded studies..
To be free of confusing problems..
To recover..
To have fun..
I do not want to let anything ruin my holidays..
So my mood's kinda positive for this two days although things happen..
So i can say and conclude..
It's a positive sign and GOOD START..
Well, i seriously need holiday to
Bear in my mind, I gonna shop wisely..
Just stuff that I need will do..

Studies had been left behind..
I started to be lazy..
I would not let anything spoilt my study mood anymore..
Study and to achieve my aim is my priority right now..

For now,I only need more accessories and a pair of wedges..

Oh wedges, the top of my shopping list since June i guess..

Till now, I still cannot find the wedges i want..

Tadaa.. This is the type I want!!
Suitable height..
Show off the shape of the foot..
Most importantly, the strip which tie around the ankle..
This is totally the one which I wanna find very long..
The grey one..
Hmm, Red and Grey?? Which leh..
Both look okay to me..
Okay but...

Nevermind,I shall hunt for it!!
Singapore F1 Grand Prix..
The first F1 night race ever!!
Definitely would not miss it..
Sorry to say,I hate dislike Lewis Hamilton..
Well, I gained a lot during this two weeks though..
Life's just so 'fun' as I learned a lot..
I truly discover how a true friend suppose to be..
Which I found out through a hard way and of course I am glad to find out alas..
I partly know how to deal with problems..
As it shall not affect myself.. I should move on with my priority..
I truly know what should I say or keep..
As being caring and busybody are two totally different stuff..
Well, stop it.. Gotta go..


27 September..
Ma cousin sis.. CHARISSA..
17th birthday..

HaPpY BiRtHdAy!!

Good luck in your scholarship application..
Stay cute and beautiful..

I need you to teach me french..
I want to go Edmonton!!
I want to ski!

Nevermind, I will go to visit you..
I will, I should and I MUST!!
Bon anniversaire!!
Hehe.. From online translator..
Well tata..

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Another Birthday

Well September is a month which is full of birthdays.
Don't cha think so?
Today is another birthday..

One of the planner, Diyana with the masterpiece cupcakes..

Zomg, so nice!! How interesting if I can bake like that.

Alas the birthday girl turned up and posed with the gifts.
What a sat bai me..
I forgot someone's birthday..

Cutie ADAM my boy!!


His birthday's on the 12th September which was 12 days ago. Wuwu..

Adam gave me a BIG BIG BLUEEEK..
ILY!! Hehe..

Haiz, before I left school today. I still have to be the temporary guard. How sad.
Zomg, I am really short and fat!! ARGH!!

My cupcakes.. I must bake once after the final exam and throughout the holidays!!

Emm, mood isn't that good this few days. But shopping can cheers me up!! Cant wait for next week. Hope there are sale.. Window shopping also can be really fun. Emm, there's one person can cheer me up!!


He finally scored his first goal for Man Utd for this season after125 days since his last goal!! Hope there will be more!! *Muacks*

End here.

Sunday, September 21, 2008

DD's Day..

Today is D-Day.. Meaning the day?? Nope, it's


22 Sept 2008

Her 15th Birthday..

This GREEN post is dedicated to her.. As her favourite colour is GREEN.. Hehe..

Isn't she's cute?? LOL!!

She's always chicky.. Hehe..

She's playful and like to eat too.

Picture taken on 29 July 2008, on the way from Cameron Highland to KL.

She loves $$ too. Well, who doesn't..
Me and her during this year's ARGS Sports Day.. I got to have $50, she got $5. *wink*!!

Her and pals which get to meet other with the red word meaning: FATE!!

Oopsie, you see Micha the evil so cruell. DD was so pity. OMR her head.
Lol!! Let's sue MICHA!! LOL, just kidding.

The lil KIDS..
DD Cass Sweet..

Micha, Cik Azlin, Me and DD!!

Wu lala. 18SX.. Porn Pic ahead DD looks innocent just for a while while Maya?? Pretty excited and interested huh?

The Anggerikians!!
Although DD's the sesated Anggerikian among the 4 Anggerikians, but the trip would not be so fun if without this cutie pie. Hehe.

DD looks blur early in the morning.
Maya was exercising though.

Proud DD to be the tallest among the tallest (include me).. Hehe..
Funny picture right?

Me + Sweet + DD.. During Sports Day..

Maya Me Sweet DD camwhoring once check in to the small-lousy-hostel with-no-elevator-and-pipe-leaking-and-water-heater-prob-and-disgusting-wall-room.

Me Sweet CikAzlin DD.. Oopsie teachers eyes..

Tired after exploring the night market in Cameron Highland.

Mama + Lui
Ya although sound old with ''mama'' but I DONT MIND. Proud to have DD as my lui. Hehe..

Wu lala, Sexy side of DD and me in MBS-CBN IU day.

Cool side of DD.



-Good luck in PMR-
-Love ya-


Before I log off, it's


Oopsie I haven't ROTATE!! ARGH!! Anyway, I am not gonna delete it as uploading process was so long. Enjoy!! Lame but funny.


Wait, last word:

Remember GO GREEN everyone. Save our environment!! Since now is RAYA SALE which I enjoyed it yesterday, think twice when you pay for your stuff..


Bring a big shopping bag with you would be better.. That's what I do.. Hehe..


Friday, September 19, 2008


?? Change ??
Something had changed..
Or maybe lots of things had changed..
It's just totally different..

From last time..
As what I had, expected or want..
The feeling is just so not right this few days..
Towards relationships..
I doubt about everything around me..
Trying really hard not to get affected..
Stay with my thoughts and myself..

Perhaps EMO rocks!!

Having given a lots of explanations this few weeks..
Which was a totally nuisance and nonsense..
Why should I do so? It's si-tu-piak!

Feels like giving up on what I want..
But can I?
Whenever I heard this song

''If your mind keeps thinking you had enough,
But the heard keeps telling you don't give up.''

Don't give up??
I got no strength to continue..
All this things just make me wanna give up..

- Confusing-

Whom should I trust on?

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

People-pleasing disease

People-pleasing Disease

What is people-pleasing?

It involves thinking of other people's needs before your own, worrying about what other people want, think, or need, and spending a lot of time doing things for others. People pleasers rarely do things for themselves - and when they do, they are wracked with guilty.

  • Try to be someone wants me to be
  • Hard to know what you want.
  • Avoid speaking your mind.
  • Easier to go along with what someone wants or with their opinion.
  • Fantasise about a strong person taking over your life and making it work.
  • Hard to express my feelings when they are different from someone I'm close to.
  • Difficult to say 'no' and feel terrible when I do.
  • Do not let yourself get angry.
  • Difficult to take initiative.
  • Try to be nice rather than expressing how you really feel.
  • Want everyone to get along, regardless of what you have to do to make it happen.

Effects of long term people pleasing

  • Feek anxious, worried, unhappy and tired a lot of the time as they may not understand why no one does anything for them when they do so much for others - but they often won't ask for what they need.
  • Low self esteem and depression.
  • Loss of personal identity.
  • Being taken advantage of.
  • Immobilised by irrational beliefs.
  • Extreme guilt.
  • Inability to maintain healthy interpersonal relationships.
  • Loss of self appreaciation.
  • Inability to accept kindness from others.
  • Chronic state of deprecation.
  • Lack of trust in others.
  • Insecurity in interacting with others.
    Inability to make a decision or relax.

People pleasing can be a defeating habit in a person's life simply because people-pleasers don't get what they want out of life. The first step to regaining control of your life is to learn how to say 'no' to others and stand up for yourself. It's time to find out that it's ok to be selfish sometimes.


  • Be aware.
  • Understand your behaviour and moltivation.
  • Be independent.
  • Uncover hidden aggression.
  • Choose supportive people.
  • Schedule some ''me'' time - and keep the appointment.
  • Pick up a hobby.
  • Try new things.
  • Go on a self-discovery quest.
  • Meet new people.

The article above was from Seventeen magazine which I found out so cool and so true. I am so totally agree about it, well not exactly completely but 90% i guess. I didn't realize about this so called mind disease until I read this. What can I do? What should I do? I do not know. Or maybe I know, but I just cannot do it.

I guess I learn my lesson during this two weeks. It's just so STUPID to do such thing. For now, I will just accept what ever it comes, not to dig things out or take initiative to do something. It's just too disappointing and too tiring. It seems like I felt scare to face it, I cannot face it with enthusiasm just like last time.


Sunday, September 14, 2008

happy mooncake festival

Since I cant get to go to the lattern party on Friday..
I did have a mini lattern party at home today..
Well, i did not play much..
Just busy snap pictures then gao dim..
Mom with a lattern..

Tadaaa.. This's so cute right??
Too bad Mickey lattern ran out of stock already..

It's BLUE..

And it can turns to RED..

Latterns with flash..


Check out the Disney collection latterns..

Tadaa.. Cute hor? Oopsie, what happen to my picture? Nevermind, leave it..

Donald.. Pooh.. Mickey..

The KLCC view from ma house.. Too bad i cant see the moon from my house.. Ish..

Me baby brothers enjoy playing candles..



Love the effect..

Oopsie, one lattern was dead..

Triplets candles??

Not special celebration though..
Well, gonna stop here..