Saturday, August 2, 2008

A series of unexpected events..

This will be a long post..
Well.. A series of unexpected events..
OMR how to start..

Well, on 1 August..
A really big day for the ARGS Form 4 prefects..

Well the big day had arrived..
I was not nervous about the post.. Just scare will tergagagagagap when I speak on stage..

Well.. Group Leaders: Izzatul Nadia
Wei Yan

Ya we all know about this list already.. Glad that Ming got her dream post and Tyng’s 1 of the leader..

I was freaking cold, nervous at this moment..
The moment that this ajk list came out..

Asst. Canteen: Syazwani
Canteen: Dyana the mak cik Canteen.. (Just kidding lo dear)
Asst. Cleanliness: Angie Yong
Cleanliness: Raihan
Asst. Treasurer: Diyana Rifhan
Treasurer: SooYee

Well I thought I will be the treasurer as first..

Asst. Secretary: Joanne
Secretary: Savina

OMR.. I was so shocked at this moment.. I was standing with Phoebe Michie Haznanee..

Asst. Discipline Advisor: Phoebe..

I glanced to the stage.. K.Zahidah was looking at me.. Giving me hint.. But I couldn’t catch it.. Probably I was shocked and blur at that time.. Because Im dumb? Perhaps..

When K.Zahidah announced my name.. OH NO.. TOTALLY SHOCKED!! I thought of other posts.. But never once this post..

Asst. Head prefect: Haznanee
Head prefect: MICHIE the KEPO..

During recess time, had a 20 minutes talk with K.Zahidah, my senior.. Our conversation was kinda relaxing..

But after the 20 minutes talk, she left me with a ‘Bye and Gook Luck’.. At that moment, I was holding the book that she passed to me.. At that moment, the book is belong to me.. and my tail.. Hehe..

I truly realize what responsibility am I going to take..
I truly know what I have to do..
I walked back to class alone.. Thought of every possibilities that might be happening..

OH.. It’s just…… OMR..
Everything’s gonna change.. Everything’s gonna be different..
My life.. My attitude.. Or maybe even relationships..

Enough of the 1st unexpected event.. 2nd..

Went to PC fair at the convention centre.. Hunting for something.. Went back home with some stuff but not with the one I want.. Mom said ‘next time 1st la’..

But today.. Mom came back with it.. An ‘Acer’ shopping bag.. OMR.. WooHOO!! The Acer Inspire T???? .. It’s not mine but it’s half mine.. Hehe..


Went to piano class as usual.. Teacher stopped me at the front door of Yamaha..
‘WenXin, I just got your result.. You got DISTINCTION!!!’
I jumped!! Nearly shout and scream!!

It’s DISTINCTION!! That’s what I want but I din expect for it..
Check on my paper result which will only be received by next week..

132/150!! It’s really a distinction.. Oh GOD oh RON.. Thanks so much..
Even my teacher said: ‘I din expect u to get distinction, it’s a so bad side of me’..
LOL.. I got it.. LOL..

My dream come true.. OMR.. Finally I got it.. Darn happy..

MTV Asia award!! ARGH!! Can only watch at home.. Alone.. So not fun.. Hehe..

Tata.. Whoohooooo..