Monday, August 11, 2008


I read this article last week in the newspapers..
Somehow it's just related to me..

Characteristics of an '8' person:

-People born on the 8th of any month will be governed by the planet Saturn which represents this number in numerology.

Well let's see how true is it about me..

1.. He or she will be attractive and have a positive attitude towards any task given to them. (Emm.. Oh yea.. Im positive at times i guess)..

2. They also have the capability to convince people because of their nature and are factual in their conversation. (Oh really??.. I hope i got this power..)

3. Although they may appear hostile sometimes, genearlly they are fun-loving and focused in whatever they do if they are the positive type. (Agreed..)

4. They often come under cristism for their unique ideas, but do not give up easily.. (True)..

5. Striving until the end is their usual character because they have strong determination and abilities. (Woo.. i want this.. )

6. They are capable of doing dissicult tasks and are reliable. (Lol, im reliable..)

7. Many of them will hold high and important positions in business and organisations and they make excellent finance managers because they are prudent in money matters. (Ya.. Meaning that im an excellent finance director?? Hehe.. Oh ya and i want high position job for my future, I want $$$.. All i need is love $$$,hehe.. I need lovee tooo..)

8. Men and women born on this date will be materialistic, love power and authority. (Oh i love this.. It's just so true.. Ya i love branded stuff, well who doesnt.. Power!! Emm maybe.. )

9. Sometimes they can be dominating in the way they carry out their tasks because they are naturally knowledgeable in any subject they are faced with. (Woohoo i want this power!!)

10. Due to their intuitive powers they are able to forecast or predict events before they occur. (Well this is so true.. I predicted something last year.. And it turned out exactly the same.. 26 Oct 2007 which i would never forget.. And hor, normally what i wish (of course something logic) will come true.. ) WOOHOO..

11. Distant and quiet places interest them and they love nature and like gardening. (Yea i love nature but not gardening.. Later centipede or millipede or whatever-pede attack me pulak..)

12. They have a soft spot for the less fortunate and often find themselves involved in charitable events. (Well im kind-hearted, I'll involve myself with charity events when i grow up if i got d ability and power.. )

Well this article is just so so so ME.. Don cha think so?? Whatever it is, love me? hate me? you are d judge..

Guide for the '8':
Auspicious months:
Jan, Feb, Mar and Dec(VACATION) of every year for marriage, business, commencing work, transfers, changing employment, overseas travel and happy events.

Insuspicious months:
April, May, June, August and October. Take extra care of your health in July(Huh. my birthday month, kinda true also, i fell sick on last month.. )

Best day:
Saturday, Sunday(I love weekends.. So relaxing.. ) and Monday(Monday blues, but usually the start of the week determine my mood of the week d.. ), especially Saturday, which is ruled by the planet Saturn.. (My piano day!! My $75 piano lesson.. )

Lucky colours:
Solid colours like blue, green, yellow and should avoid postels. (I love any colour, without any of the colour, the world will not be so perfect d right??)

Life partners:
You will do well with partners who are born on the 1,2,3,4,7,10,11,12,13,16,19,21,22,23,25,28,29,30 of any month. (Almost half of the 31 days lo..)

Important ages
At the ages of 17(SPM!!!, I want straight A1, hoping for full scholarship, driving license and a darn perfect last year of high school life) ,26 (My marriage?) ,35 (Last kid??) ,45 ($10 millions LOTTERIES..) ,and 52 (Retire??), you will see significant changes in your life.

Pursue a career in teaching (Primary and secondary school teacher is a BIG NO NO) , law(Do i have to use Malay in court? My BM suckss.. ), beauty products(Maybe, as a part time job.. I love free or cheap goodies from the company, gardening, farming( NOOOOO for both of it!!) and construction of antiques. (Cool but don think so..)

Lucky stones
Amerthyst, diamond and blue sapphire. (lady just love any jewellery la..)

Well the end.. This article made me so perasan.. so happy.. WOOHOO.. SO TRUE..