Monday, August 18, 2008

HSM Ice Tour Part ONE..

Well Well..
As what had i said in my previous post..
Went to HSM Ice tour..
What can i conclude about the show!!
Bcz i don have to pay?? LOL...

Cass, Micha and Sharron gathered at my house first.. Sorry for making you guys bored at my house.. And annoyed bcz of the monkeys..
Be my guest..

Cass and her PSP.. And not to forget Sharron at the back.. Sleeping??

PSP really made pipou addictive though..
First it was Jo during my last sleepover.. Now it's Micha's turn..

They terpaksa to pose.. Bcz i just couldn't stop snapping.. HEHE..

My Brothers aka the monkeys who pissed me off a bit during the trip..

Cass with Cool shades and Micha with ??? 'Admire or Jealous expression..'' JK NIA.

Tyng was one of them.. HEHE..
Too bad i cant meet her yesterday..

Us at the show!!! EXCITED..

Me and Sharron Ron Ron..
Ladies and Gentlemen, the show wil be started in 3 mins time..

Love the lightings.. But i prefer if the audio volume is louder.. More HIGH ma..


Sharpay and Ryan EVANS..
Apparently and Obviously..

TROY!!! *screams from the kidssssss*

Group pic..

''Start of something new''
This Troy looks bit old oo.. My aunt said he's handsome.. Hehe..

7!! My favourite no..

''Get cha head in the game''

''Why am i feeling so wrong???'' Lyrics from the song..

favourite part of the song..

Audition for the musical..
''What i've been looking for''

''Stick to the Status Quo''

''What i've looking for''

Yeah we gonna BOP BOP BOP and ''Bop to the TOP'' ''Breaking free!!''

''We are all in this together!!''

finale of the first part..

Stay tune for the second part..