Thursday, August 7, 2008


Ya.. Had fun laughing bit today but still bit moodless..
Why? No reason..
Maybe is early in the morning i got *tuuut* from someone..
Maybe it's coming soon..
Maybe it's just not my day..

Nothing special today.. Just things doesn't go well as I changed my plan of the day..
Instead of finishing the tonnes of homeworks and long-awaited revisions..
I baked.. New stuff this time.. Success? Dunno.. Hope so..

Kinda good mood at home..
But somehow, i just felt..
I need more support from few specific people..
Whom are categorized as important peeps in my life..
Haiz.. But nevermind, i won't give up..

Oh i never expect that to happen..
It's just shocking..
I wanna solve it..
As it's part of my responsibility..
Just hope for the best..
And i know i can do it..
Or actually we can do it..

Well 1 more day..
1 more day to....
I seriously nit it..
A break??
A weekend to catch up my homeworks and revisions??
Time to figure out everything??
Ya i need it..