Friday, August 8, 2008


Well.. Apparently today's a great day i guess..
Maybe i finally got compliment instead of naggingssss... Yea!!!
A big 'YES' from me.. Hehe..
Maybe Add Maths rockx my day.. Hehe..
Maybe my baked stuff for finance project was a success..
Famous Amos?? Neh, the ''Infamous Wenz''.. Hehe..
Maybe today's a special day.. Which appear once before.. 100 years ago..

What a great day for the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games to be started..
Somemore it will start at 08.08pm..
The number 8 is of great significance to the Chinese..
Fatt Fatt Fatt..


The National Stadium of Beijing Olmpics..
It's called the BIRD'S NEST..
Artistic?? Kinda..

Nah.. Exclusive pic leh.. I got it before 08.08pm..
Hehe.. It's just a rehearsal pic la..

Kinda CUTE though..

I got idea wat to blog next already.. hehe..
It's just so true about me..

See Ya..
I am waiting for the opening ceremony.. Hehe..