Sunday, August 31, 2008

Prefectorial Board Hi Tea

After a whole night rocking with AVRIL..
I had a good oink oink sleep on the next day..
30 August..
ARGS Prefectorial Board 2007/2008 Annual Hi Tea
In the 4 star rated hotel..
Crown Princess..
I remembered the last time i had hi tea here was 3 years ago..
How come i didn't go during this 3 years??
Because it cost $50++ per head..

Well.. Once i reached, i met them.. Phoebe Angie and Dyana..

A picture with Diyana the Hao Po.. Hehe.. Jk nia..

The swimming pool with the man-made waterfall..
Nice scenery..
Too bad i cant swim here..
The swimming pool there is 8 feet, my condo one's is just 4 feet!! ISH..

Me and Sweeeeet.. who loves to pass by.. hehe..

Me and Diyana.. In the chinese restaurant where we had our hi-tea.. Traditional-nye..

Goooooodie bagsss..

Nadia and Haznaneee
The receptionist..

Savina and Joooo..
The master of ceremony of the day..

Kak Arika..
Our ex-HP.. Not handphone..
Head Prefect..

''Once a prefect, always a prefect'' Great quotes from her..

Our current HP:
Micha Mocha Michael Michie


Encik Kadir..
President of PIBG of ARGS..

The August babes who commited the ''serious'' dicipline problems till they got their ''punishment'' which is a cake sponsored by the hotel..
Why this hi-tea is not held in JULY.. Then i will be one of them.. Hehe..

Me Tyng..

Me Jo..

Me and Kak Zahidah..
The ex-DA..
Well not much pic for the day..
Anyway.. At least my stomach was fulllll and i sure gain weight..
And i have to diet and lose weight..
Exercise and try puasa i guess..
Dyana dared me.. Im still thinking wanna accept or not..
Well.. The Mega Sale is going to end tomorrow..
Had a shopping spree alone today in 1 Utama..
OMR the sale was so maaadddd...
So many further deductions..
Didn't shop that much but im satisfied..
It's just darn cheap.. Hehe..
YES!! Im waiting!!
Well.. Tata..

Saturday, August 30, 2008


We were planning about this.. 2 months ago?
(We wanna go)
We were talking about this.. 1 month ago?
(We got the tickets)
We were angry about this.. 1 week ago?
(Because of the *tuuut* PAS)
We were happy about this.. 5 days ago?
(After knewing it's on and is approved to be continued)
We were darn excited about it.. 1 day ago?
We were there!!! YESTERDAY...
The nice envelope for the tickets..

The tickets for us..

Who's us??

Maya, Jo, Cass, Savina and ME..


29 AUGUST 2008

Sexyback of them.. While walking to the Stadium..

The hotlink booth where we got our free AVRIL'S posters!!

We reached there at 5.45pm.. The queue was not that long.. We waited till about 7pm to get in to the stadium.. Got our feng-shui spot and sat down to rest our butt after one and a half hour standing..

The stage.. The VIPs seating and the $338's zone..

From this view, i can conclude that our $138 seat was better than $168(free standing), $188(free seating), $268(free standing) and of course &98(free seating)which is faaaaaaaaaaaaar faaaaaaaaaaaar awayyyyyy.. Hehe..

Oh it's gonna rain.. Everyone was praying hard..

Cass Maya Jo..
Spot the pass?? It's $5.. It's worth it as a memorable souvenir.. And 4 of them bought the tee which cost $30.. I cant afford.. What to do.. Im BROKE!!

The 5 chipmunks..
Who were waiting anxiously at that moment..

Me Cass Maya
The purplish umbrella sign: NO RAINING PLEASE..

For your information, Maya was the first among the fans to wear the rain coat when it started to rain.. Hehe.. Thanks to her mom..

She looked cute and innocent in the rain coat..

Me and Savina..
The pipou in green and under my umbrella-ella-ella..

Oopsie, no Rihanna songs today..

It's all about ARVIL!!

The pipou in red yellow green blue rain coats..

My wallpaper which suit the theme for the concerto..


There was a dude-who-we-do-not-know.. Sorry dude.. Well the dude performed the opening act.. Maroon 5's This Love..

No photography and recording allow..
But it's not strictly prohibited.. So I can snap!!!

Everyone.. Let's get ready!!

*screamsssss* BLACKOUT..

It's going to start
Oh la la.. Nice backdrop..


Spot her?? Ya it's bit blur..

''When you're gone, the pieces of my heart are missing you..

When you're gone, the face that come to know is missing to..

When you're gone the words i need to hear to always get me through the day..

And make it okay..

I miss you.. I LOVE YOU!!


''This innocence, it's brilliant, I hope that it will stay....''
''This moment, it's perfect, please don't go away''

Apparently.. It's not enough.. I WANT MORE!!
But we had lotsaaaaaa FUNN!! We stood we sang we screamed we jumped we shaked we enjoyed we party we rock with AVRIL!!

Apparently, Cass Maya wanna climb over this fence..
And apparently, they failed.. Hehe.. *evil laugh*

Well flash back to four years ago..

Jeremy Chin was a great fan of Avril.. He showed Avril's pic to me..

My reaction: YER, who's this, like a ghost.. Her eyes..... (That time i wasn't a fan of English songs) Hehe..

And guess what, my first concert with friends was the so-called-ghost-to-me-4-years-ago..

I had a great time party with my buddies..
I had a great time to scream out loud..
I had a great time with AVRIL!!

Oh this'll be a really weally good memory..
Forever and deeply in my heart..

Next update: Prefects' hi tea..

Monday, August 25, 2008


Life is full of criticism and harsh comments..
I had been receiving quite a number of it last month and this month..
Harsh opinions from you and you..
Emm.. Doesn't really affect me but i took it as a motivation..
It's going okay right now..

But comments from you and you..
Probably from my beloved ones..
Is just so hurtful..
Both comments were on the same mistake that i had done..
Is just the way that both of you expressed it..
Apparently one of you was trying not to hurt me..
And another one was just bit straight forward to it..
I appreciated it loads..
As i felt.. Only true friends will give you advice on mistakes..
So that i can be able to change and improve..
Thanks for the comments..
However it really affected a bit on my mood..
As i did the misdoing by realizing it but didn't realize to change it..
Argh i hate it..

Mood? Uncertain and confusing..

P/S : I still love you both as true friends of mine.. Hehe..

Sunday, August 24, 2008


First of all.. A great round of applause for the MYPO performers.. *claps claps*
A great honour to be there..
I can see their talents and the hard work that they had done for the concert..
I saw my old buddy, Lu Ee.. But she cant recognise me.. Hehe..
Anyway.. Well Done..
Enjoyed two hours there, however Gerald had his sweet time sleeping.. Argh!!

Before the show start, me enjoying snapping pictures.. (secretly)
Woman: Can you please delete it?
Me: Err.. Okay.. (showing my screen: Deleted)
Woman: Is it the first picture?
Me: Errrrr.. Yup..(Apparently it's not)

I apologize here, i knew photography is strictly prohibited..
But i just cant tahan.. By the way, let me break the rule for just once..
As i cant break the rules in school, right Micha?

Sunday.. Heyyo it's fun to jungle trekking under the rain..
So adventurous.. and dangerous indeed..

For now, im moodless and bit pissed..
Maybe because i wasted my evening in Bukit Bintang for NOTHING..
Maybe because me and you got the so called jodoh but were not destined to meet..
Maybe because i felt lonely..
Maybe because holidays is going to end as i sort of wasted this holiday..
Revision plan is only 1/8 complete..
Shopping? Neh, i don't have the mood for this time..
Or maybe im broke..
Wuwu, bye Mega Sale..
Nvm, i shall wait for the YES!!

I shall move forward with my plans!! No more wasting time on useless stuff!!
*finger crossed* Hope my forum presentation for tomorrow is smooth..
Gonna continue memorize it now though..
And watch the closing ceremony of Beijing Olympic 2008..


Saturday, August 23, 2008

Guess what..

Although no outing with friends and no trip to Genting..
But im still in good mood yesterday and today..
Maybe because Avril's concert is on..
Thanks to Ley for the information last night..
And the news was confirmed today on the Star..
Or maybe i found out that my old buddies have not forgotten me..

Just happy over simple matter..
Well.. Keep everything simple is better..
Simple attitude, simple thinking, simple life..

Be my guest..

Me and Teresa Charissa..

Take Two plus the monkeys..

Tried some wine again..

My glass of wine..


Me drinking wine.. Apparently i din know to enjoy wine..

Ticket to the MYPO..

The flyer..

Had a tough time choosing outfit.. Ish.. But Yea.. Wearing high heels.. *wink*