Sunday, July 20, 2008


Well.. This week..
A kinda hectic one..
14 July 2008

Well.. 'Ham Pao' aka Crying babe's birthday..

Neh, spot the crying babe?? He was crying.. LOL..

My brother!! Nick!! LOL..
Of course he merajuk when he spotted ''HAM PAO''.. LOL.. Then all of us laughed at him..

Gerald(my another bro): Mom, what's the cake you bought for WenYao?

Mom: Sugar-free moist chocolate cake from Secret Recipe

Wenz: (making faces, he got SR cake from mom.. LOL)

Gerald: Sugar-free?? Is the sugar free??

Mom and me: LOLLLL..

15 July 2008

My Grade 6 exam day..

Exam at Impiana Hotel..

Me before exam..

Me after exam..

Not much differents though.. I was not nervous till I was waiting for my turn..

Sir Brian Snary aka Brian Scary or Brian Snail (created by Maya) was my judge..

He was not scary, just shocked me when he ter-knock me from the back..

Aimed for distinction but don't think can score it.. Nevermind, hope for the best and a PASS..

I played a grand piano?? No la..
This grand piano was in the lobby..

Lunch: Milo toast from Toast Box..
Have fun shopping at Pavilion after exam.. ENJOY TIME..

20 July 2008

Never be a Batman fans before and never watch a Batman movie before..

However the late Heath Ledger attracted me to watch it..

Well.. it was superb IMPRESSIVE..

The storyline, the great turnabout, the visual and sound effects..

And of course the fight between THE JOKER and the batman..

Heath Ledger was just soooo perfect as the joker and a good actor.. What a waste..

Well .. Gerald was freaked out by the dragons?? Does not look like one..

Imitating the poster..

Posing with the 'cute' joker..

LOL.. he's mine!!!

Oh god, Gerald?? and Will Smith??
Jada Pinkett Smith will kill my brother lo..

Salute THE JOKER.. His great and intelligent mind in the movie really WOWs me..
And his acting was really awesome.. Makes me 'love' him ad..

Me and Gerald..

Me and Nick

The view outside the main entrance..

LOL forgot to rotate again..
I love choc brownies!!

Well Well.. Basically this week was normal..
But then, someone just wouldnt stop mind-tackling me.. I respect her as a teacher of mine..
Was kinda geram at that moment d, feel like fighting back because her fact was really wrong, is just so wrong.. Well.. I fought back.......... a lot........ in my diary.. Hehe.. And toooot lots also..

Well i still respect her d, and i accept her what she said, take it as a challenge.. 'The Dark Knight' taught me something.. Watch out, i meant every word i said in d book.. I don't promise anything but i'll aim for it..

Ish, stop talking about her.. She spoilt my mood..

-He's a secret watcher and a silent protector-

Now only i truly understand.. The true meaning of


It's a must-watch as it BANGS BANGS WOWS WOWS..