Thursday, July 3, 2008

Last Fri..

Loads to update..
Have to update about last Friday first..

Me Jo Narnia got bored during Maths lesson.. Sorry Cik Azlin..

Proof that din concentrate?

Me Jo..

Our keychains... Jo's keychain so pity.. Undergo plastic surgery..

Me SunSweet Ming Ying..

Everyone felt like 'punching' Ying Ying rite?

Sweet and Me..

OMR.. Deidre came and spoilt it.. But farny la her finger..

Proud DD to be the tallest among us.. A few seconds nia..

Well. His pose's FARNY...

Sweet and Me..

My team's poster during the ice-breaking session..

On that day, had a sleepover..

Teman Micha to TS to get her stuff.. And she grabbed her lunch.. YUMMY!!

Me and Micha..

Me and the nerdy-look Cass.. Haha..

Me and the shy-shy Micha.. Kononnye..

3 of us!!!

Should have elaborate more..
Anyway.. No time..
Coming up posts..

Trip to Cameron Highland

Taggies by Penny and KaiChi..

Monthly test's here.. Hate that it falls on that week!!