Monday, July 14, 2008

After Party..

Barely a week ago..
We planned about this..
And it turned out a kinda-enjoyable after party for ARGS Interact Club BODs..
Date: 12 July 2008
Time: 5.15pm - 10.45pm..
Venue: The pres's house.. YIEN..
Attended: Me, Maya, Jo, Cass, Savina, HueyWern, Roxie, Sabbie, Jesse, Priscilla, Angie, Amanda, Ann, Adeline, Bao, and of course, YIEN (ish, one of the owner of the SEMI-D!!!)
Do i left out anyone?? Guess not..
Well.. i shall start with the preparation..
Some of them went shopping..
Then started to prepare since..... dunno when..
Then i came at 5.15pm..
No need to do anything.. *wink*..

Well.. Jesse looked pro in making sushi.. Hehe..

EWWW.. What are they doing..

Cass Savina Angie Adeline Me..

HAHA.. Everyone got different expressions..
Amanda so fat hao..
Jesse got weird pose..

Me and the HIGH Maya..

HAHAHA.. Well this was farny..
Amanda was trying to imitade Celine Dion's concert's dancers moves.. Apparently, she failed?? At least it was farny..

Celine Dion's concert got funny scenes?? How come I dunno d??

Priscilla and Jo..

I suppose this's d Ah Neh Neh Group..

Before and after their jump shot..
HAHA.. Jesse's landing was kinda awkward.. Well, scienctific explanation time, the larger the base area, the greater the stability.. Hor??

Checking out the BBQ set..

OOPSY.. Maya was freaked out again.. By a dragonfruit plant..

Haha.. Ended up promoting the plant pulak..


Sushi under umbrella.. Ella Ella Eh eh eh..

Emm.. What are they looking at huh??

Jia Peng lo.. Yo Maya..

HAHA.. Cass was so 'ganas' with the chicken..

Yo Pretty woman.. This is Lew Huey Wern..
Pretty woman.. Sitting on the seat..

Me Maya..

Emm.. Gurl stuff..

Aiya forgot to rotate.. Nevermind.. Checkout our table..

The Dark Side??
And obviously.. I was in the bright side..

Jo Cass were trying to do something..

Left: being 'censored'?? Right: acting 'good' because lil gal Yi Xin passed by??

OMR.. No comment..

Left: Looked amaze to play with the set..
Right: tough job huh??

Maya was trying to attack the dark side!!

Well after a yummy meal (THANKS TO AUNTY & UNCLE!!), and after playing the piano for a while.. We played game..

Group 1 was discussing.. Emm.. Ann was trying to give speech??

Jesse from Group 2 VS Ann from Group 1


Group 2 was better.. My group.. LOL..
Whoa what happen to Jesse's arms??

Last pic before we left.. Me Jo..

THANKS to MAYA & FAMILY.. who tumpang-ed me..
Well.. The End..