Tuesday, June 24, 2008

101st post..

PART TWO of the trip to ZOO!!
skip the animal part..
Hehe.. I know it will be boring d.. So..
Let's start with..
Oh no, is Ming the SUPAMINT!!!!
She was doing exercise.. Hehe..

She was freaked out by a.....

Wa.. The lorry's so 'zebra'...

Well.. Not tree this time..
She was freaked out by a TIGGER, oopsy, is bengal tiger..

Well.. After finish exploring the zoo, we spot a cute 'animal'..
Not in the cage d..
Spot the guy..
Not the red one..
And certainly not the pink one..
wearing grey shirt and shades and a baseball cap..

ZOEY!! Giving out autographs..
According to my malay pals, he's an artist.. He's a malay but he's so fair..

Anyway, he's cute and good-looking.. But still cant compare with Ron la.. LOL..

Of course.. Never miss a chance to take picture with him..
He took of his shades.. Cute!! LOL..
Me Narnia Zoey and Eyla..
The evil Ming was trying to do something to him..

Tadah.. Took a pic with him..

Zoey and Maya.. Kinda close oo.. Hehe.. He's not that tall..

Me, Jackyln Victor and Maya.. She's so skinny and slim..

1st group pic with him..
You see, Aziemah was rushing to join.. LOL..

2nd group pic... I was lucky to stand right behind him..
But if can, i wish to sit beside him or be the pink girl!! LOL..

Well.. AIYA.. MING didn't eat medicine again!! LOL..
she was trying to eat me.. LOL..

Normal le.. Phew..

Wuwu.. She was trying to eat my phone..
Emm.. the cell phone nice hor?? super slim..

Well, after helping out in the souvenir shop, Chi-Cha..

Narnia and Maya

maya with her new 'earrings' and hi cass!!
my BFFs..

back to the event spot..
just cant take my eyes of him.. He's just sooo cute.. Haha..

he can pose sexily.. Doesn't he?


Wenz + Zoey


LOL.. Indeed very close and his smile very nice..
Just that my eyes toooo small.. ARGH!!
Nevermind!! I still love this!!!