Sunday, February 24, 2008

HiGH 5 and Hi T...

Well.. Emm.. Start with what first leh.. Kk.. Football..

Leaders Arsenal drew with Birmingham City again.. Double blow this time..

First, striker Eduador broke his leg, the game started barely 2 minutes, then he got a tackle.. The condition of his leg was really bad.. Don't believe?? Check it out at Sunday Star's back page.. The pic is super horrifying.. Pity him.. Second blow, they drew the game as Birmingham got a injury time penalty.. Pretty unlucky..

Hey, HIGH 5 everyone.. MU won Newcastle United High-5-1.. Ron scored 2 goals.. WOOHOO..

Well, Pavilion has become my weekly routine.. I went there almost every weekend.. Last Sat, went there with my so-called family.. Last Sun, went there for this...

Acrobatic Lion dance.. It's fabulous..

Today?? HI-T!!! Went to Coronade Hotel for Hi-Tea.. The food improved a bit, better than my previous trip... Again, i ate a lot, no dinner for the night lo.. haiz, i said wanna diet, and yet i ate so much.. hehe.. My weight increased 1.5kg ah ater hi tea..!!! GOSH.. Nevermind, diet starts tomorrow.. Hehe..

Purpose going to Pavilion... To check out my future car...

BMW!! Aiya, forgot to rotate it.. Well, the logo.. Full size future car image leh???

Ta-dah.. Aha, Formula 1 Car... it's much longer than i had thought a F1 car should be...

The steering.. pretty cool if i can drive it.. Haha..

From the side...

Well, Me Nick and Gerard.. Notice the Esprit Bag?? HAIZ... Sad story.. I bought a bag(not expensive with 40% discount) and chose a top for my mom.. She liked it.. And she decided to buy it as it got 40% discount also... Scanned the bar code... Sum up... $1XX.XX.... WHAT THE TUUUUUUT...... I whispered to my mom... ''why so expensive!!!!!" HAIZ, our fault.. Oh no, my fault.. I didn't check the price... OMR!!! My mom said: nevermind, you bought 3 things: bag, top and a LESSON.. THE LESSON IS TOOOOOOO EXPENSIVE.... I gonna bluff my dad about the price.. If not, i'll get lot sa nagging + scolding ad.. AI....


Saturday, February 23, 2008

Summary of the week..

Well, super lazy for the whole week.. My revision for exam should be started by this Monday, but it had been delayed, due to my lazy-ness... Argh, how am i going to face exam..

Well, nothing much for the day.. Got chinese class till 4.15pm.. Honestly, i didn't listen to the teacher.. Keep on chatting with Tyng and Ley lo.. Till now, still dunno wanna take Chinese or not.. Haiz..

Someone 'rampas' my hubbie Jo.. of course i'm mad.. jo spent the whole day to pujuk me.. But actually, i'm not mad at all.. hehe.. Just fooling around only.. HEHE...

Cik Aisyah relieved our Biology lesson.. She scolded our class.. saying that we are sombong and berlagak.. Well, i sat beside Zila and Nani.. Very unfortunately, Zila became the victim.. The villain?? the teacher and half-me.. Suddenly, she looked towards me, asking for my name.. I thought she asked me about Nani's name.. But actually, she was asking Zila for my name.. OMR.. Just ask me la.. And guess what, she said Zila was stupid ... How could she said such thing...

Later on, Pn. Norraini's turn to relieve.. This time, all the Chinese in the class became the victims.. Once again, we were asked to join the school choir.. Gosh, 3 high pitch patriotic songs.. And GOSH, i, Ming and Michie were asked to play the piano.. OMR..

Well, Budi house practice.. None of my business.. But i wanna take care my 3 lil chipmunks, Phoebe, Ming and Michie.. Neh, i was waiting for my mom.. So i and Cass 'observed' them from far, sitting beside the field.. OMR.. 3 of them really look alike when they run.. Aha, Well, Ming will be Alvin, the most playful and naughty one.. Phoebe will be Simon, the smart one... And of course, Michie will be Thoedore, the cutest and fattest one.. HAHAHA.. The character matched perfectly..

I left early to wait for my mom... And then i heard something which was not supposed to be heard.. Gossip about someone.. All the while, i felt that person's very good, she was my neighbour last time.. But now, i discovered that she's such a bla person.. Oh, shocked.. Aha, i wanna know more about it, but the teller had left..

Best of the week!! Just dunno why, in super good mood.. However, Sun didn't come, pek dai me alone, but i knew she had a reason.. Argh, so sat bai in add maths.. Deeply disappointed.. After recess, went in to the class late as i helped cass with some procedures.. She went back early due to 'personal' excuse.. hehe.. I sat at her place.. Aha, in BM lesson, i and Ming became super spys.. Spied on what?? Spied on ANSWERS.. Pity Yus, all her answer had been 'stolen' from us.. And after History lesson, we (the family members) made some dirty jokes on the one who left early.. Aiyoyo.. Phoebe laughed till her tears dropped..HAHAHAHA..

I don wanna march for PBSM.. I did it last year for Bakti and lost!! ARGH!! Oh, maybe i was in super good mood, i ate so much in school for lunch.. I even ate Siew Li's meal.. Oh.. wanna diet d.. But i can't control.. OMR..

Aha, Got the chance to hear gossips from the same person again.. Wow, this time was top secret.. But the teller was glad to tell me.. And yet, i was glad to hear it as i'm a super-8 (super busybody) person..

Aha, i ate again when i reached home.. Even my mom also said: ''Enough lo, you will become fat pig lo..'' Oh.. I WANNA DIET!!!

Friday, February 15, 2008

I lost 2 frenz....

Well, it should be a fun or rather, tired day after playing with Jo yesterday.. Haha.. Shh, it's a lie..

But But But.... HAIZ.....

1st bad news, i conduct next week ah!! OMR... I got the feeling already when i saw Kak Ashikin looking at me.. But BINGO, it's really me, man.. OMR.. Luckily i'm not going to conduct on Monday.. Escape?? Nolar, i won't escape from reality d.. Nani said librarians will conduct the assembly.. WOOHOO.... Thank God, Thank Ron..

2nd: Felt bit down.. Just dunno why.. Tried very hard to control my expressions...

3rd: Oh, BM period was so boring.. I and Sun kept on counting down.. 50 mins to go, 40 mins, 30 mins, 20 mins and 10 mins, 0 mins then -10 mins.. Pn.Roslina kept talking about karangan.. She's good but i was so sleepy and tired.. Can't focus..

4th: OMR, i know why i'm down for today ad... They are pretty, they are clever, they are one of the PMR straight a's in my school.. They are my rivals.. ha, good rivals.. They actually encourage me to study hard.. Because i cannot lose.... haha.. Ambitious.. Well, they are melatians, they are my friends and they are leaving!!!!! They are Puteri and Adilah..

Adilah transfered to my school last year and became one of the melatians.. I remembered the first time i talked to her was on Melati Mengecat Day.. She's cute, smart and pretty.. She will be transfered to MRSM Penang.. When she hugged me, i felt like crying but i control myself..

I was in the same class with Puteri since form 1, she's tall and pretty.. of course, smart also.. Well, when she hugged me, OMR.. this time, i really can't tahan.. I cried... I knew my face will be very red when i cried.. When i let go her, she was sobbing also.. OMR.. The scene was so touching.. So sad la although i am not that close with them...

Well after PBSM meeting(I was still crying during the meeting, hehe..), i met Puteri and Adilah again in Gazebo.. I kept on avoid any eye contact with them.. Because i'll definitely cry again if i looked through their watery eyes.. Ha.. So i got their contact number and sent a good luck sms to them..

Hope they'll succeed in their new school.. Started to miss them ad.. OMR.. Honestly, i cried again at home.. And now, my eyes were in pain and i bet a pair of swollen eyes for tomorrow.. Haha..

I lost two rivals and yet, I LOST TWO FRIENDS ALSO.... SAD..

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Valentine's day..

Well.. it's Valentine's day...

Well, God expresses love TOO... See what appears on the sea!!! AWESOME..

Well, received something from my hubbie, Jo.. Well, 'he' gave me this...

A heart-shaped small box which contains...

2 heart-shaped chocs..... Haha..

What? Took it from Tai Thong Restaurant?? Not buy d ah? HAHA...

WAHAHA... I received so many!!!!!!

My favourite.... Why? Because of the word 'Moments'.... Firstly..

Ronaldo's book's title.... And it's the title of my blog too.. So meltin' MOMENTS.. So meaningful la..

Well, there was a small valentine celebration with Jo in Secret recipe... Jo belanja me a piece of cakem it was actually half a piece of cake.. We shared CHOC FUDGE.. With some companions... We went there in a gang lo.. Michie, Ming, Cass, Phoebe, Savina... And then, while walking back to school, we ate maggi mee hot cup, hehe....

Well, today is perfect.. At first, i was afraid i might get scolding from prefect ajk, but i was safe.. Thank God, Thank Ron, Thank Ley, Thank Mom.. HEhe... Then kept on laughing whole day.. FUN..

Lastly, wanna say, ja t'aime Jo!!!!! A moo te RON........

Monday, February 11, 2008

CNY Celebrations..

Well.. This year's Chinese New Year was not as good as last year.. Because i got less angpao$$.. Wuwu..
Day 1..
Grandma house.. Bit quiet and boring this year as some of my relatives had went to travel.. Then went to my uncle's house in Bukit Kiara, PJ.. Nice place, but very quiet..

Me, carryin' my lil cousin sis, Lulu.. She's so fair.. Wearin' cheongsam.. I never wear a cheong sam before leh..

Me, huggin' a Garfield.. while mom and aunt kept on chit-chattin'..

Lulu hugged me again..

Day 2..

Every CNY's 2nd day, we will go to my aunt's house.. All mom's side's relatives will gather there.. Ate lunch there, spent the whole afternoon watching movies.. But then i didn't follow my cousins to Sunway Pyramid for shopping.. Haiz.. Tired lo.. Nothin' much for the day..

I stayed and played my cousin brother's gameboy.. ARGH!! Can't pass The Golden Compass's 1st chapter.. Haiz..

Till now, i'm still confusing whether to see the upper screen or the lower screen..

Day 3..

Again, aunt house again.. This time, went to shopping in One Utama.. Emm.. Din buy anythin.. Haiz...

Jadey.. my aunt's dog..

Day 4..

This time my relatives came to visit.. Gosh.. Of course, adult was gambling.. Junior like me still can't play with them.. I just sat aside and watched.. But then my mom went to cook then i took over.. I lost all my mom's winning money.. Haha.. Ha, that's my fees to get some lessons back.. But it's my mom's money, not mine.. So it's ok to lose.. Haha..

Day 5..

Well.. Went to KLCC for movie with friends.. Watched KungFu Dunk, the chinese version.. Kinda funny.. Haha.. Laughed since went in to the cinema.. Part of it not because of the movie, it was because stuff that we did.. Ley had gone crazy to see Jay.. And she made me gone crazy by knocking off Cass's tong of Popcorns.. HAHAHA.. Half of her popcorn was gone.. HAHAHA.. pity her.. HAHA.. I'm too excited, maybe.. And a fat guy in front of us, he laughed so loud.. Then made us laugh also..

After lunch.. went to the playground and snapped.... Aha, we are still kidz.....

Choo Choo Train.. Me, Ming and SooYee Ley.. We were forbidden to go near the pool(under repairing progress), play the swing(for kids!!), not for any slides.... ARGH!!
Well.. Ley, Yee, Ming at the upper row and Me, Cass at the lower row..
We waited the guard to leave only snapped this.. Aha.. Cass looked innocent if you zoom it.. SooYee with her usual 'bluek'.. Aha, Ley, the professional poser, Tyng said she posed like a model, Me, actually i'm scare while climbing it.. Just dunno why.. And Ming, nice pose..

Aha, now say CHEEZE but not FREEZE..

Final shot... Ley, Me and Ming..

T@T@.. The End... T@T@..

Wednesday, February 6, 2008



Lotsa things to AGRH about!!!

ARGH!! I didn't go to school yesterday!! I don't like to ponteng school d lo.. But i celebrated Ron birthday at 6118 metres high leh.. Cheh, no la, only in my dreamz or maybe in the future if i get to know him (BOO, impossible.. just let me dream about it).. Went to Genting.. The trip's ok.. Nothing special to talk about..

ARGH!! I played Grand Prix Fun Kart for the first time of my life.. Emm.. last time there was always long queue for it.. Not a lot of people queueing for it, but i still had to wait for one hour for it.. Witnessed a few funny incidents.. While waiting for my turn, the previous previous previous round before me, the first foreigner lady (Taiwan i think) had to park her kart.. She was leading.. Suddenly BA BOOM... Overshot man.. Suppose to brake, she sped up and knocked the side lane.. Of course, i laughed..(so bad la..).. And she didn't realised her shower cap(drivers gonna wear driver cap, avoid staining the helmet cap, i think) was hanging at the edge of her hair.. Ha.. What did i do?? Remind her?? Neh, continue laughing lo.. HAHAHA... (SoSo Bad..)..

ARGH!! Still waiting for my turn.. BEE BA BOOOOOOM!!! Foreigner again.. Middle east i think, but looks bit like European.. Lady again.. Knocked again.. First, the pit lane, she knocked off the tyres.. Second, the side lane.. Pity her.. Then her boyfriend (quite handsome) quickly stopped his kart and ran towards his girlfriend.. Oh, so caring.. Hubbie Jo, will you do this for me??

ARGH!! Alas, my turn.. Great.. First time.. Honestly, bit nervous.. BUT IT"S FUN... Final lap.. Mr Sam Wan (someone.. foreigner, yong-sui middle east guy).. He was in front of me, i'm still enjoying my driving.. He?? Spoilt my journey by fooling around.. He kept on 'zig-zagging' in front of him.. Don't let me overtake him.. I tried, but he kept on fooling around.. And turned and looked at me with the evil smile, ARGH!!! My mom kept scolding him after that.. (Not in front of him la).. Ha..
ARGH!! Indoor theme park for the night.. Oopsy.. Migrain was here... I felt headache headache and headache.. I didn't play the bumper car also.. Luckily, it didn't get worst at the night.. Thank God, Thank Ron..

ARGH!! Reached home and rest for a while.. off we go to another trip.. A brief shopping trip in Pavilion.. Dad got the Pavilion's official opening card which got lots of exclusive privileges or discounts in participating outlets.. Today was the last day.. Thanks to that card, i got Tangs member card, Times privileges card, Memory Lane member card, Espirit Club Card, Parkson Elite Card all FOC.. WOOHOO...

ARGH!! 2 hours in Pavilion just doesn't end with cards.. I BOUGHT THIS.....

Cristiano RONALDO's MOMENTS..... His book!! His 'moments de ma vie'...

Ignore the lil hand on the bottom of right side.. Nick's hand.. So delighted leh.. Enjoyed 20% discount with the official opening card.. WOOHOO... Thanks dad, he bought it for me.. He discouraged me to buy it.. Saying that: So expensive, so young to write autobiography, so bla and so bla.. Pretty good mood today, so he bought it.. WOOHOO....

ARGH!! TONNES OF HOMEWORK.. Thanks to Michelle who gave me the 'reports' of yesterday's schooling day.. Maths, not much.. History, discussed only.. ADD MATHS, FUYOH, my ''favourite'' subject.. TONNES leh.. Well, according to Michie, pretty ''easy'' also, so don't ''worry''.. ''ARGH!!''.. Chemistry, absenties can't take their module book, got homework with that book leh, ARGH!!, dislike when i have to delay for homeworks.. BM!! Well, SooYee and Michie said no BM period for yesterday.. ARGH!! Means at first i can go d lo.. But YEAH no BM means no homework!! BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!! Got homework lo.. KILO TONNES leh... Sinopsis for ALL bkt.kepong's bab.. Faintin'.. faintin'.. faintin'...

BI BOO BI BOO BI BOO... Wens's rushing to the hospital because of tonnes of homeworks... Au Revoir.. FAINTED ad... BI BOO BI BOO..

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

All Hail RONALDO!!

23!! A magnificent number.. famous number like 7 also..
23!! The jersey number of former MU's no.7, the sexy David Beckham's current club: LA galaxy..

23!! The jersey number of well-known basketball player: Michael Jordan..

23!! The title of Jim Carter's movie..


It's his birthday today.. As a super fans of his, of course this post is all about him.. Guess many people don't like to read this, as they had become anti-Ron because of my obsession.. But hope you guys will continue reading this as my dedication for my super idol..

During the past 2 years, i have been very very very very very very very crazy about Ron.. I love him very very very very very very very much... Here's some examples...

I cried for him.. Not just once.. That time he was involved in Rooney's sent off incident, all the fans boo-ed him.. Then once the newspaper critised him heavily, then on the way home from school, my mom and brothers said him DIVING KING, then i cried.. haha... but he had been did very very very very very very very well recently.. 27 goals, the top scorer in England currently.. as a winger., it's extraordinary..

When i went jungle trekking, usually i always NUMBER ONE if counted from the bottom, means LAST, i always wanna give up when it's half way, then i will thought of Ron.. In my mind: RON's waiting on top, climb climb climb.. Then every time i thought of him, i really did it.. haha, my inspiration... Then i said when i reached on top: WHERE'S RON...

Last year September, Ron was involved in the prosecutions case... My friend brought the chinese newspaper for me.. Because the Star didn't report that incident in details.. chinese paper said it so in details like they had witnessed the whole process.. The news hurt me so badly.. At that time, i really so disappointed until i wanted to give up on him.. But later, i still can't let go.. He's too attractive, captured my heart....

In my old home in Taman Putra which i stayed during 2006 till May 2007. I got a poster of a half naked Ron... showing his spectacular muscles.... Haha.. I'll talked to that poster about my day.. I will asked him to bless my day.. HAha.. I even kiss that poster everytime i leave my room... Haha.. INSANE WENZ....

Well.. Prayin' for me??

Aha, this's belongs to Ley's brother.. Bought from England d leh..

Ron's sayin: I am DA ONE...

Woohoo.. Photography session for bla jeans.. Cool Hair Style..

Happy Birthday RON!!

Saturday, February 2, 2008

Lian Huan Hui..

Well, went to SMK Seri Ampang's Chinese Society's ''Lian Huan Hui'' today.. To support my lui lui, Michelle and others ma.. Decided at the last minute geh.. Quite boring actually.. Anyway, it's free..

Dong Dong Chiang.. Awesome Lion dance from another school..

Yun Sun' sis and friend emcee-ing.. I know the pic's blur..

Alas, it's the choir performance from our school..

Aha, ENCORE.. Li Yin had a duet with Yih Ming.. They sang ''bei pan'', ''betrayal''..

The J.R. Group.. Jay and Ronaldo.. Haha.. Our super idol..

Li Yin and Yun Sun..

Yun Sun: Jie, gimme d mic!!

Li Yin: Bluek. i'm gonna sing.. La La La...

Friday, February 1, 2008

Up and DownS..

At the age of 15 plus, i had already married.. My hubbie?? Of course is the HOTTEST ''guy'' in the world... DANG DANG DANG?? CRISTIANO RONALDO?? Oopsy, typed wrongly, not Ron this time.. Is AH CHONG KO KO.. Mr.Joanne.. Haha.. ''He'' is far more HOTTER than Ron.. And love ''him'' so much.. Guess what, we had just married for 1?? 2?? or 3?? days, emm, is 2 DAYS only..

2 days ago, the chinese gang in our class kept saying Phoebe, Michelle and SuMin look alike as three of them has similiar hairstyle.. Then D@NG D@NG.. A really really really BIG family has been ''borned''... Created by Michelle.. On 30 Jan 2008, i am a mother of 3 daughters.. Phoebe, Su Min and Michelle.. Oh, i'm wondering why all of my daughters are taller than me and my hubbie.. Our genetic's problem?? Haha, dunno.. If got the chance, test it in Biology period la.. As i had already said, it's a big family, but i'm not really sure the actual family tree yet.. Emm, will try to create a chart and post it..later..

Well, that was my 'up' for this few days.. Really fun for playing that.. However, ....Just dunno why, i felt 'down' this few days.. i tried hard to keep myself cheerful in school, ya, i can control.. But after school, it's a different me..

I kept myself locked in my room, without TV, without music for a few days.. Forcing myself doing school work.. I felt that i can't catch up in my studies, so disappointed.. But something can cheer me up, the sms-es from friends.. Thank them for chatting with me..

Perhaps something that happen to my friends affected me.. As i know, a few of them is unhappy.. I dunno how to help them.. I just felt that i'm making the situation worst.. So 'sat bai'.. HAIZ.. Oh God, Oh Ron, save me..

Aha, RON.. He's supreme la.. He had already scored 27 goals is this season, as now is just the beginning of the half term.. And he's not even a striker, he's just a winger.. But a world-class-yet-handsome-cool-supreme-extraordinary-with-powerful-skills football player.. Love him so much.. Oopsy, i had a hubbie ad.. But i still love Ron.. Shh.. Hehe.. Hey, 5th of Feb is a big day oo.. I'll definitely update on that day..

''Ifai Lovefove Youfou!!'' As i had set a record for saying that 20 times in 15 seconds!! Thanks to Michelle who asked me to do this experiment during Physics lesson.. WooHoo.. Ifai Lovefove YOUFOU!!! HAHAHA..