Monday, December 31, 2007

Bye Sale

2008 is coming.. means sale is leaving.. wuwu..
But i went to some shopping mall this few days..

28 Dec 2007..
Mid Valley.. Window shopping only.. Ai.. Bit disappointed didn't buy any clothes and bottoms.. At least, i got 3 pairs of earrings from Diva again..

29 Dec 2007..
Times Square and Sungei Wang.. It's actually a celebration with my mom's childhood friend.. As she had promised, she belanja me.. Shanghai food.. Not bad la.. Actaully we wanna watch Alvin and the Chipmunks.. But full house ah!! So we shopped for quite long, just buy a pair of short pants only.. Guess what, she paid for me.. But mom insisted to pay her back.. Giordano got 45% storewide discount.. Ai.. Still can't find my black jeans.. ARGH!! How?? no more sale lo, next sale?? can't wait.. While shopping in Gior, i missed a Baskin Robin ice-cream.. The aunty belanja my brothers.. Wuwu..

30 Dec 2007..
I can't sleep after knowing MU lost to West Ham United at 5 something in the morning.. My brother told me about the result.. OMR, i thought i was dreaming.. But MU was really defeated.. If Ronaldo didn't miss the penalty, the result won't be like that d lo.. Wuwu.. After lunch, went to Pavilion to watch National Treasure 2: Books of Secrets.. Tried to book Alvin and the Chipmunks but full house again.. ARGH!! But i'm very interested in National Treasure also.. Like Nicholas Cage's movie..

After watching the movie, just felt like the storyline's bit ridiculous and doesn't make sense.. The president followed Ben to find about George Washington's .... without any doubts?? Really so easy to kidnap President?? But the treasure hunting adventure part was very thrilling and adventurous.. Nicholas Cage's acting was good, no wonder he won the Oscar.. I felt that Jon Voight and Helen Mirren was perfect together.. Haha.. Old couple.. I like Riley...'s red Ferrari...

31 Dec..
OMR, last day of 2007... Time passes so so so so so so so fast... I'm getting older.. Wuwu..
Leisure Mall for today.. Wanna go to MidValley or Sungei Wang or KLCC for countdown.. But impossible.. Aha, there's still a place for me to countdown.. My house!! Has a perfect KLCC view, so can see the fireworks lo.. Hehe..

The perfect 2007 is going to an end, and i'm looking forward to 2008.. Hope it'll be better than 2007.. I know it will!! Good Luck and Gambateh Wens..

Thursday, December 27, 2007


This year will be ended in a very perfect nod.. Really didn't expect this will happen..

Wanna use this golden opportunity to thank lots of people who make my 2007 a meaningful and happy year..

My thanks go:
To mom and dad - for loving me, guided me, didn't give any expectations and pressure, provided a new nice shelter for me this year, brought me to this world, always ask me to relax.. Love both of you forever and sorry for my misdoings.. Hope all the fortunes, health and luck with both of you...

To Gerald and Nick - for always fight and argue with me.. made my life more 'fun'.. Still love both of you although we fought everyday.. Hope you guys excel in academic and sports..

To Cristiano Ronaldo - for being my motivation and inspiration.. Although you don't know me, but you are my god.. I'm following all your examples.. You are my soul.. Ha.. Hope MU will win all the competitions and you will grab all the awards at the end of the season.. A-moo-te...

To Grandmom - for loving me.. Hope you can get well soon, get to travel to China as you wish, stay healthy and live happily..

To SaikLey - for being close with me, shared all my problems.. Really miss the times we had together in class and more.. And heard my crying in front of friend for the first time.. Hope all the best for you..

To SuMin - for always making me laugh at all the right times, chatted with me when i'm boring, having lots of common interest with me.. BFF.. Won't end!!!

To Cass - for being supportive although bla... Hope you can get your dream phone as soon as possible.. And i'll promise you not to reveal ''?'' on the phone.. HAHAHAHAH..

To ShuTyng - for sharing that problem with me and support me.. Hope your life will become very very happy without any problems..

To Michelle - for staying back with me every school day, made me slept with a smile on my face for a few nights, made me felt joyful, concerned about me.. Hope you don't transfer school and stay happy..

To YunSun - for being helpful in my studies, best friends since primary school, made me happy during some day of my holiday.. Hope our friendship forever and your dreams come true..

To SooYee - for being my besties since primary school.. Hope our friendship remains..

To ChengYing - for making me laugh sometimes.. Hope you can get more ---- and your a------- will ------..

To Diyana - for being a good friend.. Hope you stay happy all the time..

To Habeeba - for being a good friend, brought lots of joy in class.. Stay happy..

To Hanani - for being a responsible class monitor, leads MELATIANS towards lots of glory, and be a good friend.. Hope you can go to MRSM as you wish but i hope you can stay in ARGS and be my class monitor for the next two years...

To all my class teachers - for your teaching, guidance and support.. All the best..

To rest of Melatians - for making my class a good study atmosphere.. MELATIANS 4EVA...

To God - for your bless.. (honestly, although i'm not really very believe in God, but You are still the creator) THANKS..

To myself - for being hardworking.... hard work really paids.. it's undescribable.. unexpectable.. unbelievable.. it'll be one of the best moments in my life.. never thought to achieve this..


Wednesday, December 26, 2007


1 message received....

RSULT PMR, 27 ni...

Sender: Habeeba


OMR, i screamed so loud when i read this.. And started to scare, to fear, to think about what will happen..

This year i had my PMR in the beginning of October... And will be going to get the result on 27Dec, means tomorrow..The day which will be ended either eating in a restaurant in a shopping mall or having tears flood in my room.. The day which will decide my fate in 2008 in school.. The day which i'm afraid of going to school.. The day which i'll show my rebonded hair for the first time to friends(aha, this is out of the topic)...

Honestly, i'm not scare, afraid, nervous about it.. ya, ten days ago, i kept thinking about it.. But that night i knew about the result day, i thought about it while i was sleeping.. Why should i suffer for it.. Why should i suffer for something had been already decided in October, just i will be going to know the result by tomorrow..

I had been dreamt about my results twice.. First time is the start of the holiday.. Sucks results: 1A, 3Bs, 4Cs, i'll commit suicide if i got that.. I can remember A is Maths(aha, my favourite..)..Second time, i think 4 days ago, this time, i got straight As, weird part is i got the result in my parents' bedroom...Aha, the result paper appeared in that room, i quickly sms-ed my result to mom and started to jump crazily on my mom's bed.. HAHAHA.. Hope will dream comes true lo..

Actually i got loads of pressure for getting the result.. Friends usually will said to me: you can d la, don't worry.. Nothing's guarantee in this world, not until the minute i got the result.. HOW IF I CAN'T GET STRAIGHT As AS EXPECTED.. What will happen to me?? Suicide?? NEh, no way, not enough courage.. By the way, i spent a lot this holiday, how can i leave without wearing and using them..HAha.. What will happen to me?? EMBARRASSMENT... I fail to get straight As as expected.. It's disappointing, frustrating, devastating.. The others will look at me with the gesture: EI, HOW COME U CAN'T D?? WEIRD LEH.. Worst if other people can get, i can't get.. HEhe... Ai, i can't deal with that... I'll be very jealous and blame myself for not working harder..

Face pressure from teachers also, they said the same thing.. Pn. Hasnah the headmistress, i dunno how to face her if i fail to get straight a-s.. During the whole week before PMR, whenever she saw me, she'll said: 8As ah, WenXin.. Even the last day of PMR, when i was walking towards the school gate, preparing to leave the school and heading towards KLCC.. I met her and she said to me: 8As dalam tangan ah, WenXin.. Argh...

But i didn't get any pressure from my parents.. They never force me to study.. They never expect straight As from me.. They just said u had tried your best then ok.. They said 6 As will do.. With 6As, i can have an Adidas shoes... But i won't demand of it if i got 6As.. dad even said wanna hold a party if i got 8As.. if i can't?? wuwu.....

If i can't get straight As, of course i'll cry.. BUt i don't want to cry in the school, but most probably i can't tahan... I wanna go straight back home, lock myself in the room for the whole day and CRY!!! OMR, can't imagine...

BM - for me hard to score.. My trial is only ngam ngam A.. Some is teachers pity me, then give extra d..

Eng - Emm.. Used to Pn.Lini harsh marking skills.. Then felt ok.. Hope my essay story got good points..

MAths - Aha, my favourite.. No doubts..

Science - Paper 2 some section did confuse me.. Rarely got less confidence but i think ok gua..

Geography - not a problem gua.. Used to hate Geo last time, because always fail to get A.. But now started to love Geo because can score A.. HAha..

History - Same like Geo.. Hate it when no A.. Like it when got A.. Memorize the 3 textbooks will do.. Not a problem though..

Chinese - The subject which is really hard for me.. hope i can overtook this Chinese.. PLEASE...

KH - Aha, thanks to Pn Chu.. Did loads of revision books, the exam seems easy.. Hehe..

I'm very scare about BM and Chinese, others quite ok.. BM is the first C i got in this school during my first trial exam.. Disappointed but i had expected it because my BM really really sucks.. Chinese?? Never got a really proper Chinese lesson this year, everything gonna depends on myself.. so i'm lack of confidence in Chinese..

But no matter what i get, life still have to go on.. Try to think optimistically, just hope i get what i deserve... If no straight As, means my hard work doesn't deserve it.. So gonna work extra hard next time.. GAMBATEH..

Sunday, December 23, 2007

perhaps d las shoppin..

I thought i can't shop anymore because i had been shopped lotz of times and spent lotz of money on shopping during this holidayz.. Dad had been complaining about all the bills!! But i still need 3 more things!! School bag, sling bag and pencil case.. ARGH!! No hope to go out again, mom just don't allow.. WUwu..

HOWEVER!! Mom suddenly asked after our lunch: Which shopping centre got the bag you want?? Sungei wang got but i don't like to shop at Sungei Wang, 'lala-s' and the things are not suitable for me.. I quickly answered: PAVILION!! Then she said: Let's go today!! YIPPIE!! Actually she wanted to go on 27Dec, on the result day.. I denied, saying that, how if i got unsatisfied result, i wanna rush to my room if i can't get straight a.. Gerard countdown-ed again, 4 more days.. ARGH!! Why he wanna remind me?? Kk, back to Pavilion..

Dad dropped us, he went to his construction venue at the top of Pavilion for a while.. He works there and will picked us up after he is done.. Then started our, oh no, is my shopping spree.. Hehe..

EXtreme!!! From the far end, i saw the board written: 1/2 price!! Then i thought my bag sure got discount, YEAH!! Nearer to the shop, 1/2 price STOREWIDE!! Means bag also half priced!! YEAH!!! Choose Choose Choose, got it.. Pencil box?? Cheap after discount, BUY!! Sling bag?? So many very attractive.. Like almost ALL!! But too large, mom said like travelling bag.. YER, didn't buy lo.. But i really wanna buy, so damn cheap and worth it.. nevermind, next time.. perhaps next sale.. Wuwu. Bill? RM39.90 for bag and pencil case.. SO CHEAP!! Then mom said, get one more school bag as back-up and stand-by for brothers since it was so cheap.. Then bought one more.. Two EX bags on my hands.. YIPPIE.. I like many tops and bottoms.. So cheap after discount, but i can't buy, have to control... Nevermind, got chance d..

Times the next shop i went.. Tried to find BONES.. Dad can't find it.. Already told him the section.. No wonder he can't find it, because the section had been changed!! With the help from the super cool computer, i searched the whereabout of the book and printed the list.. High tech and good service.. Searched from D1 to d16. NONE!! When i was giving up, mom said try to find at the Crime and Mystery section.. Finally at the last lane, i saw Emily DesChanel starring at me.. Haha, the actress and brilliant scientist in BONES, is actually the front page.. Mission accomplished!! Told dad the number of the row.. YEAH, going to get the book soon..

''I'm a bit hungry.''said mom.. Then off we go to Wong Kok for our tea-break.. Pavilion's experiencing air-cond problem.. EX's so hot until my brothers were getting restless as that's only the first shop we visited and the first hour we were in PAvilion.. MNG more 'geng'.. Like an oven.. Because lotz of ladies 'snatching' stuff..

Continue shopping.. Dragged my mom to Elle.. She bought 2 polo tees.. YEAH!! Great, she bought, i can wear.. Great, SHE bought, dad won't complain.. Hehe.. Then we heard loud christmas song from the bintang circle.. Rushed there, the show just started.. I missed this show during the pre-pre-previous trip..

The prince charming and the princess.. Ever Ever after..

AIYA.. From the 4th floor, just managed to snap this after maximum zoom.. Wuwu.. OMR, looked at the crowd.. It's really very crowded.. No more empty place at the stairs...

Wanna snap a close shot of the prince also cannot.. He had golden yellow hair, like guai lo, but i'm sure he's not.. Based on my professional female six sense, he's a chinese.. Hehe..

Stunts from them.. Great applause from the audience..

ARGH!! Can't bear to snap from this far.. Wanna have a closer view at them.. Not them, just the prince.. Hehe.. SO, I....

decided to run down.. Snapped this closer view from the escalator when i was rushing down..

Finally, closer shot after i squeezed with the crowd.. But i can't see the prince properly..

Aha, u'll know i'm focusing on who.. The prince!! But still can't get the proper shot..

The witch.. I suppose.. Actually just now i was at the Giordano Concept's floor..(top right).. Rushed down all the way...

OMR, the prince knelt down in front of the crowd to propose.. OMR, so romantic.. WOO.... I also want!!!!!! I want the position of the girl..

Unknown character... HEhe..

Another unknown character, but her dress's gorgeous.. They had extra super long fake eyelashes...

Aha, so pinky.. Looking at this, reminded me something.. I was called in school by my malay classmates: Pinky Wen-Wen.. Just because i used pink pencil case.. I kept on saying that was maroon, not pink.. Tat's an excuse, it's dark pink.. HEhe, i will use black next year, so 'blacky wen-wen'?? NO!!!

OMR, my favourite pic!!! OMR.. SO happy and excited when i snapped this sucessfully..

He's not very good looking but at least, not bad lo.. HEhe.. Won't delete this from my camera!! Like his hair.. Golden yellow.. Coolman..

FINALE!! Got encore or not?? Wanna see the prince again... Hehe..

Oi, thought finale ad?? Actually this was snapped at the backstage.. Planned to meet my family, but i saw them sitting at the backstage.. Snapped!! Chi-Cha.. She reminded me of Brenda Song.. The Suite Life of Zack and Cody's actress.. hehe.. Love the Twins..

The princess!!! She was being snapped with a lady, then i snapped her alone.. Her dress's very very very very gorgeous... AIYA, the prince was chatting with his friends.. Wanna snapped a pic with him.. But Noway.. No one's gonna hold the camera for me as my family was still upstairs...

At 6pm, met my dad.. He said, there's some Nike models at the entrance.. I asked: Male?? haha.. He answered, female and male.. I rushed there.. SNAPPED!! Everyone did so, not just me..

This poor fellow.. He's the only one facing back.. His outfit's cool.. I saw an aunty bent down to look at him, she said: KOI KAO BIN FO!! wondering why he faced back alone.. haha..

Female models.. Not very tall.. HEhe.. BUt at least taller than me.. Ha, i'm so short.. Cool with the sunglasses... Nice outfit also.. I WANT!!!

Cool bag.. Black and Gold.. I WANT!! This model bit fat.. HEhe..

Cool couple.. I like the gal's outfit.. Casual.. I WANT!! but can't.. mom won't allow..

Ta-ta... From far.. I'm wondering how long they have to remain this position...

Before leaving, pictures of the Christmas deco..





Gonna watch Manchester United vs the in-form and fast-improving Everton now.. Currently 1-1.. OMR.. Ron scored first then equalised by BLA.. It's a must win, gonna shut yf's mouth.. haha, just kidding....

Saturday, December 22, 2007

Gerard's bday..

I got a 6 feet tall Christmas tree in my house.. And i was the one who decorated most of it!! YAhoo..

22 Dec.. My younger brother, Gerard's birthday.. I was forced to wake up at 8 o'clock to make 'tang yuan'.. Then after breakfast, i baked a cake for Gerald, he requested for it. He said he doesn't want a cake from the bakery.. Aha, perhaps he knows my baking's good..

Moist Choc Brownies

Aha. the writing's not as pro as the cake shop.. BUt at least mine's successful!! HEHE.. BUt..

My cake was replaced!! An ice-cream cake!! ARGH!!

As usual, piano during the afternoon.. Then my mom said: Go and buy an ice-cream cake for your brother.. I was like: WHY!!I had already baked one, although it's not really attractive like what the cake shop bakes, but at least i baked it specially and just for him, with a sincere heart, as a present for Gerard.. Replaced it, hurts my feeling leh..

By the way, not in good mood today.. Affected by mom.. Seldom communicate with her as she kept on nagging and scolding me.. Once she came back with my brothers after the boy's taekwando, she kept on shouting at them.. Then before piano, said i didn't fill drinking water in the bottles la, didn't collect the clothes la, didn't look after brothers and bla.. I admit it's my fault, i didn't do that household chores.. It's because i baked, clean the mess after baking and took bath.. But at least i swept the floor automatically when she was out for appointment.. Fine..

I swear i'll do EVERYTHING tomorrow!!!! Don't want to get scolding ANYMORE.. GAMBATEH..

Omr, i dreamt i murdered the same person whom i murdered during my previous nightmare.. Knife again.. OMR.. Scary.. Do i hate that person?? Nope, very close with me.. ARGH!! Gonna stop this nightmare..

Aha, PMR's coming out on 27 Dec..Gerard had become my countdown timer and reminder everyday.. ''5 days more!!'' He kept saying.. Nervous?? Ya, the day i know the date, i was very nervous... But rethink!! Why should i suffer for it.. Doesn't worth it at all.. Fine, whatever i get, life still have to go on.. But what if i can't get straight A's?? Let me think, will post about it on 26Dec i think.. GAMBETEH WENS...

Monday, December 17, 2007

Major change...

Yesterday night was a big Sunday.. What event?? Asian idol?? never bother to know about that, i was so outdated that i duno about this until Tyng told me.. HAHA..

The battle between me and Gerald started at 9.30pm yesterday.. Liverpool vs. Man Utd.. Of course i watched it.. When there's a big game, MU will wear black jerseys.. OH, SO COOL.. Liverpool attacked attacked and attacked but MU had well defenced for the match.. OMR, heart attacked so many times.. Thanks to Carlos Tevez who scored the only goal in the match at the 43th minute.. I screamed so so so loud.. Ha, i heard some of my condo's neighbours shouted GOAL also..

Half time, Nokia Man of the Match.. Ronaldo's not excel in the match.. Of course the poll goes to Tevez the saviour of MU.. Ron just got 7% votes.. Aha, his number.. But Man Utd players made the top four.. Congrats..

second half.. more freaky.. If Liverpool scored one goal, the match will be a draw.. NO, MU won't leave Anfield( Liverpool's stadium) without 3 points... With Liverpool players: Torres(the hot Spanish, he should join MU ma, so he and Ron can become my football idol couple), Gerrard(who got powerful free-kick skills), Babel(the tall black people), Kuyt, Crouch(OMR, he's a Yao Ming!!!) all kept on attacked, my heart beating reached the racing speed of F1.. So nervous..

Till the final 5 minutes.. I'm really can't continue.. MU kept on wasting time but Liverpool kept on find chances to get their goal.. the final attack by Steven Gerrard's free kick really scared me.. But MU WON.. Yeah.. However Arsenal won 1 nil in the match with Chelsea.. So Arsenal still leads the Premier League.. Nokia man of the match: Carlos Tevez with 42% votes.. Van der Sar the MU goalkeeper should get some credits because he did many tremendous save.. All the defenders should be praised also.. Midfielders also.. Striker also.. Ron?? Not in top form.. Never mind..

MAJOR CHANGE.. what major change?? no changes at the Premier League table.. MAJOR PHYSICAL CHANGE on myself.. plastic surgery?? NEVER..painful and unnatural.. 2nd ear pierce?? yeah, i got it in November..that's just minor.. Wanna get a 3rd ear pierce leh.. But 2 weeks time till school start, enough to recover?? See first la.. Emm.. I become a big fat pig?? neh.. i can't accept a fat me but i'm gaining weight ah..

Deng Deng Deng Deng, i went rebonding today.. that's a major change.. After 15 years, 5 months and 9 days..(the countdown since i was born..), my bushy curly hair 'transformed' to straight hair.. HAHA.. This had been planned very long, it's one of my holiday activity..Finally i got it today.. Very excited last night plus a bit scare..

Scare what?? because i will go to the saloon without the accompany of mummy.. She refused to wait for me for 4 hours rebonding process.. So i had to follow the hair stylist, Aunty Winnie's car to her saloon in KL plaza.. Scare because i don't really know her.. But she was very good.. LOng journey today..

Met her near my house, hopped to her car.. Her daughter, Jo-dee's talkative, friendly and adorable.. Aunty Winnie has weird driving skills.. HAha.. Once we reached KL plaza's car park, we went to Lot 10's Isetan.. Aunty Winnie wanna buy her Estee LAuder's lipstick.. With that receipt, she redeemed a PEARL.... OMR.. we saw the process which the man 'digged' the pearl out from the oyster.. Smells yucky..

then we gonna wait for ah boon, the hair stylist's trainee to open the saloon.. So we had a drink at Coffee Bean.. Very expensive la.. She bought me a red tea.. It's not red tea, it's red in colour.. She said it was fruit tea.. Smells awfully like medicine but tastes good with syrup added..

Then off we go to the saloon.. As usual, Ah Boon washed my hair.. He got wonderfull skills but some part was itchy and hurts.. I can't protest with an OUCH, have to tahan tahan and tahan.. HEHE.. Blow blow blow, cut cut cut, sapu sapu sapu, heat heat heat, wash wash wash, blow blow blow,heat heat heat, sapu sapu sapu, blow blow blow.. I duno i got the process right or wrong.. HEHE.. Then OMR, i was a bit shocked, because i'm really not used to it.. But i'm satisfied..

I gonna wait for Aunty Winnie, she will fetch me back home.. So I ate the lunch which was da pao from Winnie, read the fashion magazine and my storybook, and enjoyed the cup of pure peppermint tea.. then she brought me to Pavilion to have a walk.. She's hungry, so went to the lowest ground floor for tea break.. She went for Toast Box and i bought egg tart to eat.. She bought me another drink, Teh Tarik from toast box.. She gonna go back to her saloon for Aunty May, her client-friend.. so i said, i'll walk in pavilion and will be back in 1 hour time.. She agreed..

I'm used to it, this's not the first time i walked alone in Pavilion.. Aha, bought a shirt from Padini Concept Stores and 3 pairs of earrings in Diva.. Ha, as usual, rushed to the reduction corner to get cheap stuff..

When i went back to the saloon, aha, great, on time.. She just finished her job.. I knew aunty May also, my mom's friend.. Aunty Winnie's in hurry, so gonna leave..

There's rules and regulation for keeping good care on the 'rebonded' hair.. No washing for 2 days, can't tie and clip for 2 weeks, must always let it in good position, bla bla bla.. It's worth it.. YEAH..

Sunday, December 16, 2007


Went for piano lesson yesterday.. It was a miserable day for me.. First i brought the wrong photocopied certificate for my Gd 6 Practical Examination Registration.. And i didn't bind my photocopied of Czerny book.. AND i played awfully for my scales, pieces and everything.. So disappointing la.. Ai, wasted another lesson day.. Wuwu..

First reaction from my mom(she had been moody since morning, scary) once i came out from the class, she whispered: faster, Giordano now.. Frightened me, i thought what serious problem occur.. Oh, Giordano got 45% sale storewide.. We hurried to there, squeezed with the crowd and choosed our stuff.. Linen pants for mom and some t-shirts for me..

Went to Speedy and borrowed some movies to watch.. finally.. Started to feel bored for holidays.. Ai.. Perhaps now less outgoing and shopping..

Watched the borrowed Harry Potter 5 today.. I watched this with friends SEPARATELY in July in KLCC once after the school marathon.. I still remembered the scene we ran from school to the bus stop just to catch up the showtime.. I cheated again in TGV, queued up at the reservation line although i knew actually we can't collect tickets.. But we managed to get it, thank God..

Then about 4pm, i was dragged to jungle trekking.. I had been very lazy to exercise recently.. Ai, i was so out-of-form, beh tahan when i was on half hill.. I looked at my mom who stood further up, she was more fit than me..(last time i was good), i kept on shooked my head, means i can't la.. I and Gerald the younger brother(he wanted this name because of his great football idol: Steven Gerrard) kept on chatting on today's big football clash all the way we trekked..

When i really beh tahan, Ron appeared on my mind.. I felt cold and no energy.. Then i said to myself: Ron's at the uphill waiting for me, must continue!!! Even my brothers and mom also said, Ron's waiting, faster... HAha.. Then i really did it.. AHA... I joked when i reached the top: where's Ron, i can't see him..

Ron had always be my motivation for this two years.. Anyone(perhaps everyone) who dislike Ron will hate to read this.. HEhe.. He was like my god, i prayed to him, talked to him almost everyday.. Now seldom.. I prayed for his success in football, i hoped he can bless me for exam and everything.. Sounds nuts.. Yes i am.. But i often felt blessed and protected after i talked to him(is actually his poster).. HAHA...

I will.. I should.. I MUZ.. travel to Old Trafford, Manchester, England to watch one of Ron's match in the future.. If not, my life will not be perfect.. Gonna go now and battle with Gerald.. I will beat him.. Is actually Man Utd will beat his Liverpool.. HAHA..

PARAMORE ROCKZZZZ.. Love their songs..

Friday, December 14, 2007

Waitin' for Sunday..

After came back from lunch with dad, i decided to bake... As i was planned, American Chessecake this time.. the first time i baked chessecake.. Ai.. So unlucky.. Another box of cream cheese had expired, i just bought it last week, my fault, i didn't check the expiry date before i bought it.. Then i gonna switched recipe.. Marble Cheesecake.. Aha, i got the non-dairy cream.. Opened it.. WHAT?? what on earth had been happened to the cream!!! It's not expire but the cream had became ice.. Can't use it.. So malang, gonna switched recipe again!! I changed back to American Cheesecake.. Used less cream cheese lo.. What to do.. Aha, next baking plan will be on 22 december(Gerald's bday)(younger brother la)(1st time call his nickname, sounds weird..)

Gao Dim.. Gonna wait for 50 minutes to bake.. What to do during this freetime? watch movie.. The Matrix reloaded.. Bought this half a year ago during Speedy warehouse sale, just RM3 only.. But i watched it for the first time today, too busy for studying PMR, no time to watch.. I watched the first part yesterday.. Then continued the second part.. WOW.. SO SO SO SO THRILLED.. i kept on ''euw.. oww.. wau..'' lots of noises i made.. haha.. because too thrilled and excited.. By the way, looking at that cool guy, Keanu Reeves acted, just can't control myself.. OMR, he's handsome, cool and very attractive la.. Although he's a bit old ad.. But i still like him very much.. All his movies are awesome and very fine: Speed, Constantine, The Lake House..

Watching one of the scene of the movie made me felt uncomfortable: love scene.. Not Reeves and the actress too 'hot'.. is i felt jealous why the two girls can kiss the hot guy so many times... ARGH!! haha.. i hope i'm that actress.. Haha.. Too bad i'm not.. Wuwu..

Aha, no cheesecake photo this time.. Because i made Joan so jealous.. HAHAHAHA.. TOo many foods on my blog.. YUMMY..

This sunday will be a big sunday.. Clash of the titans!!! huh?? thought Federer and Sampras had played their tennis game last month ad?? Aha, this will be the clash of football titans.. The big four: MANCHESTER UNITED(the champions) and Liverpool.. Arsenal and Chelsea.. will play against each other.. OMR.. big big big big game..

My sixth sense prediction: Liv-MU=0-2 and Arsl-Chel=0-0... Wahaha.. if the result's like that, YEAH, MU will be the leaders ad.. Ron had been selfish in last game against Derby.. Won 4-1.. But Ron didn't allow Tevez to score his penalty, so that the latter can get his hat-trick(3 goals in a game).. Ron 'snatched' the penalty and Rooney slapped him.. Ha, i knew Rooney was joking actually.. Ha..

Thursday, December 13, 2007

Dad's bday..

10 Dec (Tuesday)

Went to Tesco Amp to buy some stuff for dad's birthday celebration tonight.. We planned to bake pizzas and garlic bread.. Bought a birthday cake also.. At first wanna buy Secret receipe cake but then my fussy brother just refused to let mom buy.. Ai.. He didn't know how to eat good food... Later bought a cake from another bakery..

Mom left us at home, she went for her appointment.. Chop Chop Chop.. I prepared some ingredients for the pizza and garlic bread.. Then waited for mom to come back.. However, dad reached first, everyone was like ''sei lo, why he came back so early, haven't start to cook yet..'' Ai.. no more surprise, dad came back so early..

Who's the chef tonight?? Is actually me.. Aha, i prepared everything and baked it.. Yummy.. My cooking was not bad d.. Yeah.. Take a look..

Wikolian Pepperoni Delight

The first ever pizza i baked.. Wikolicious leh.. Especially the baked mozarella cheese..
Our dinner on that night.. Pizzas and garlic bread... What an Italian style.. Ha..
I got everything ready for the dinner.. What a good and obedient girl i am.. Hehe..
The cake at the centre.. Opera Indulgence.. Not as tasty as i want...
A perfect dinner must be served with soft drinks..
Aha, our cups.. Where's mine??
Aha, lonely.. i'm so lonely.. My cup was being snapped alone.. and was different with their cup..

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

sticker pic..

In sungei wang with them..
Tyng ..

Aha, d 1st pic..So FORMAL... HAHAHA..

There's a crown on my head, but the colour's same with the background colour..

Aha, the names were written by me.. Took the longest time to write Cass's name..

MERRY CHRISTMAS.. OMR, like this very much.. Got the Christmas feel!!!

OMR, and this will be Gong Xi Fa Chai.. Chinese new year's here meh?? So red la.. Aha, Where's Cass's body?? I just can see her head..

Meilleurs Amis Pour Toujours..

Monday, December 10, 2007

Amp-KLCC-Bintang W.A.L.K....

On Friday's night, i received a call from Tyng.. She said, on Mon is Secret Recipe's 10th Aniversary.. Got Promotion buy 1 whole piece cake free another one.. She asked wanna go or not.. Aha, Tuesday is my dad's birthday, i can get cheap Secret Recipe cake!! GO GO GO.. But will mom allow?? I just went out on Fri.. So took all my courage, asked.. CAN was her answer.. OMR, so happy..

8am i woke up today, gonna wake up early to prepare.. Prepare what??? Aha, prepare for another shopping day with ..?? family?? Neh, this time is FRENZ.. 9.20am i departed to Pdn Jaya station.. Gonna meet Ley at Amp LRT station.. We'll be going to the futsal and badminton stadium near Amp Point to play badminton first.. We rented court 5 with RM17.. Then started our badminton game for 1 hour.. Aha, very good exercise after yesterday's buffet..

We had a fun time playing badminton.. Then Cass arrived about 11am.. Then we changed our smelly clothes.. Hehe.. Actually i and my mom don't agree to go shopping after exercise, because it was uncomfortable.. But i was convinced by Ms.Ley.. Then Cass's helpful dad sent us to Amp Point's bus-station, so we didn't have to go under the rain.. PHEW.. Thanks dad, emm.. i mean cass's dad...

We arrived KLCC, Tyng was there already.. To our surprise, 4 of us wore something 'reddish' and 'pinky'... But mine's actually black with a bit of pink only.. Hehe.. Then we went to Isetan for our shopping spree but we didn't buy.. Many shirts were very very cheap and nice.. After Isetan, we separated for a while.. Cass and I went to Kinokuniya because i wanna buy the remaining His dark Material's series with a 25% coupon discount.. While Ley went to ATM to collect cash with Tyng..Haha...She got a bank account because of her Popular job.. OMR, i bought the remaing two books.. Guess what?? it's just RM40.12 for both of it.. So damn worth it.. Now i got 4 books to read.. Later dad's going to buy BONES for me.. YIPPIE.. Found Ronaldo's 'moment' again.. RM70 if i buy, because got 30% discount with a receipt.. But But But.. Impossible..

My books!!!! Finally i bought all of the series ad!!! YEAH!!!

OMR, my stomach was playing drum.. Haha.. Very hungry, didn't eat breakfast ma.. Then we went to the Hainan kopitiam at Avenue k.. I ate Nasi Lemak with a glass of teh o ice limau.. RM9.90.. After our meal.. Bintang Walk!!! Took a bus to Bkt Nanas monorail.. Then went to Bkt Bintang station..Sungei wang first.. Walk Walk Walk, went in to many shops for window shopping.. Ha, we gonna drag our 'mummies' to here and buy.. Haha.. Enough window shopping, sticker pic here we go.. Choose Choose Choose, Snap Snap Snap, Edit Edit Edit, Print Print Print, Cut Cut Cut.. There's the process of taking sticker pics.. RM6.50 per person.. Like the sticker pics so much.. Very sweet memory.. Will post the sticker pic later, gonna wait Tyng post at her fster, then i grab lo.. ha, i'm lazy..

Then we gonna go Pavilion next.. It's rainig, we ran along the Bintang Walk.. We went to the lowest ground floor, Tyng wanna collect her tarts.. Find Find Find, where's that tart shop!! Finally we found it.. Johny King.. OMR, so attracted to the tarts.. Of course.. Buy for my family.. RM10 for 6 tarts.. Gonna be my supper tonight.. Then memory lane.. I gonna buy a birthday card for my dad.. Bought the card at RM5.50.. As usual, found my football bean bag.. It's last!! But that bean pillow bit dirty.. I hugged it for a while..So comfortable..

The Christmas-deco was so so so so so so awesome.. Of course, SNAP SNAP SNAP.. Aha, went to 4th floor, wanna snap with the top of the huge Christmas tree.. We waited so long for a passerby to snap a pic for four of us.. Actually we wanna wait for foreigner.. Got terms and conditions d, haha.. must be handsome male foreigner.. Haha.. But waited for very long, they just didn't pass by us..They kept on going to 5th floor.. So we asked for a Malay help..

Ley Cass Me.. oops, too dark..

Tyng Ley Me..

Aha, Ley me Cass.. Oops, i'm SHORT.. ya, shortest among the us.. But actually i bent down a bit to get the Christmas tree at the back lo.. So i'm not that short actually.. haha..

Aha, Ley Tyng Me Cass.... TOo bad the photographer's not a handsome male guai lo.. HAHA..

Tyng Me

Then we went to walk walk, i showed them some of pavilion's special shop.. The fish spa, nice GSC and Converse Original's Japan limited edition shoes.. very special.. Then Cass gonna leave, she scared her mom scold.. So we went to Secret recipe, aimed to buy our cheap cakes.. It's still raining, but we still gonna cross over.. Ai.. We reached there finally.. No people d.. Just now we saw there's a long queue.. Went in and asked a fat waiter.. ''SORRY, NO MORE AD..'' OMR, how can.. that's the objective i came out today, to buy cheap cakes!! NOW U TEL ME NO MORE!!!! ARGH!!! Ley, me and Tyng were very very disappointed.. ''YAT CHEONG FUN HEI YAT CHEONG HONG''... WUWU.. Ai, we blamed that fat waiter.. actually he's innocent.. haha..

I sms-ed my mom: No more cakes ad.. Hehe.. sold out.. Sry..
She replied: C U!! JUST AN EXCUSE TO GO OUT!!!!

Omr, i sensed that she was very angry.. I used a very very very angry tone to read that message.. OMR, she used exclamation point some more.. Freaking la.. So scare..

then we ate our dinner in that Secret Recipe.. Emm, is actually they ate their dinner.. I didn't, because i don't want to spend money.. Nevermind, i'm quite full by looking at our sticker pic non-stop.. nice leh.. Then bye to Cass and Ley, they went back by monorail whereas me and Tyng went back to Pavilion.. I accompanied Tyng to J.Co and buy her donuts.. Just queue up for 5 mins, dad called, gonna go.. After bye and sorry to Tyng, went to Prince Hotel.. Dad's car's there...

Once i reached home, mom was sitting at the living room.. ''BLUFF'' she shouted.. Haha.. but she was not as furious as i imagined.. I explained: heavy rain ma, can't cross over.. we stayed at sungei wang first so went there late lo, then sold out lo.. not my fault.. Hehe.. She didn't scold ad.. HAHA.. This trip most probably was the last trip going out with friends on this holidayz.. haha.. satisfied lo, 4 times went out with friends ad.. is actually 4 times ONLY.. not enough but okay la..

Sunday, December 9, 2007


Slept on this float bed last night.. Hehe.. Better than the sleeping bed la.. This morning was a very boring Sunday morning, after breakfast, stayed in my room, listening to music.. While i was enjoying 'Apologize' (like this song very much), my mom came in and said: prepare.. hi-tea... And then i screamed so loud.. YEAH!! YAHOO!!!

We are going because my grandma's here, so went to buffet.. 1.00pm we departed to Bkt Bintang.. Dad dropped us near the hotel and parked the car in Prince Hotel first because he got the season card.. 1.30pm was the booking time.. My mom wanna go Eclipse in Lot 10.. I followed her.. She liked one pair of high heels, it's design looked like 'Alexander' era or Gladiator's style.. But didn't buy.. Same sentence: Next time first la.. Then off we go to the hotel for our hi-tea..

The four-star Coronade Hotel..

Aha. WenWu is eating his choc cake.. He took 5 pieces, how can finish... I helped him a bit.. Hehe.. F.A.T...

Ha, the lovebirds.. Dad and Mom.. A-moo-te..

My grandma.. Love her so much..

Ai, this fellow 'fat hao', asked me to snap him.. The youngest monkey.. Wen Yao..

Me without specs.. Wearing contact lens...

Bowl of ICE-CREAM.. Spot the shape?? Mickey's head shape.. CHOC!!

Plate of dessert.. YUMMY.. hehe.. i didn't finish it.. toooooooooo full... stomach's going to BURST..

Chrismas tree with loads of presents.. It will be mine.. MINE.. MINE...

My grandma was like a food expert.. kept on giving comments on all the food.. most of it's negative but i thought it was okay.. Super-duper full.. Felt like wanna vomit.. Everyday also like that d la, because after hi-tea, we won't eat dinner for that day.. About 3pm, we left the hotel with a full stomach, oops, perut buncit.. Hehe.. never mind, once a while only ma..

tanaka Jitsu, this is for you..

eat ice-cream again?? no way.. no more space for stomach ad.. by the way, can't afford to eat this shop's ice-cream.. wuwu..

Mickey's hand!! Aha, same short and fat fingers like ME!!

Santa Claus is comin' to Planet Hollywood..

3 cool cars parked outside KL plaza..

Pavilion's christmas ornament..

We went to Pavilion.. OMR, the Christmas decoration was awesome.. We can take photographes with Santa Claus.. Just RM1 for 1 4R pic, so damn worth it, but dad refused, ai.. Then walked walked walked, so crowded...

In christmas hat with WenWu..

OMR, so pink..

C.U.T.E, wanna sleep with them..

Went in to Tangs.. first floor, so damn expensive... RM829 for a pair of shoes?? WHOA, quickly leave that flood.. 2nd floor... Much more better.. The shoes are affordable and comfortable.. Snapped some pics, it's forbidden.. Hehe, gonna do something courageous and dangerous before holiday ends.. A staff saw and told us.. Hehe.. My mom bought a shopping bag.. RED.. nice..


After that, Converse Original.. A simple design school bag costs RM39.90 only, but not very interested.. Then i and mom went to espirit.. We tried some skirts.. I tried a chequer-green skirt which cost RM199.90.. Definitely won't buy but got 50% discount... My mom tried 2 skirts.. We saved the number code and sent it to my cousin sister.. She is working there, can get 50% discount for us.. Then she said, my skirt can get an additional 40% discount.. But i don't really believe it.. Is it possible?? 90% discount?? Means i just have to pay RM19.90 for an Espirit skirt?? It's bit impossible..

we left that shop after trying, hehe.. then Mcky shop we went in.. SALE.. the shoes are cute.. Looked at the price.. WHOA.. very expensive?? NOPE, opposite of it, VERY CHEAP!! 50%-70%.. discount!!! Buy buy Buy.. bought a pair of shoes, RM38.70 only..

By the time we went to the bintang circle after Mcky, the performance ended.. Just managed to snap this.. Ai.. Going again tomorrow.. Love sale.. Love Christmas, Love december, love HOLIDAYZ.... YAHOO...