Thursday, November 29, 2007

I love butter cakes..

''I love butter cakes..'' Emm.. do i?? Neh, i prefer cheese cake, butter cakes contain so much butter and margarine, so fat!! ''I love butter cakes..'' "Why kept on typing that sentence??" because that's my recipe book's title.. Haha.. i baked 'Traditional Butter Cake'' yesterday afternoon..

From the recipe book..

My ingredients...

My Butter Cake, not very special and attractive this time, but scented and wikolicious!!!

Spot the shape i cut!! ''W'' and ''Heart''... Creative leh..

After i baked, time to relax.. On the TV, OMR, there was the replay of Manchester United vs. Sporting Lisbon.. For sure, i watched it.. waited 90 minutes for Ronaldo's goal.. Again, he scored the winning goal against his former club, Sporting Lisbon.. OMR, that stunning free kick made Manchster United won that match and stay top of group table and be the only team who had won all the 5 games in all Champion League's games... OMR, Ron was the saviour!!! Fabulous!!

Gosh, he looked furious after receiving a yellow card for the challenge on Sporting's player.. Cool down man.. Hehe..

Proudly announced!! Final score 2-1.. Thanks the Ron the saviour for Manchster United..

This morning, i was forced to wake up at 7.15am (OMR, so early) to 'burn fat', jungle trekking.. Ai.. Don't like to trek, i'm lazy and sleepy.. But i had to.. today, i'm not bad, maintained my 1st position counted from the bottom..Hehe.. Then went to breakfast, ha.. mamak stall.. gain fat again... After hot water bath, watched movie for a while then felt very tired.. Lying on my bed for a while then fell asleep till 1pm.. Mom was back from appointment.. ''Hey, go and buy your books now..'' i went to Pyramid Bookshop in Bukit Indah to use the RM40 voucher which expired today.. I got that voucher in July's school speech day.. I used a long time to choose which subject and which brand i want.. Finally, i made my decision...

My new babies.. Proudly introduced: chemistry from sasbadi and Add Maths from Oxford Fajar..I had to pay an additional RM13.85 for it.. RM40 off!!! Both of it will accompany me for the following two years.. Hehe.. Gonna give them clothes (wrapping paper) for protection.. Tata...Hehe.. Love them..

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

It's not over

''it's not over'', sang by one of my favourite band, Daughtry... Like their song very much.. what's not over??? the day in Pavilion is not over, haha.. zha dao..

Again, i went there to watch FOC movie.. watched Spiderman3 because my fake dvd got problem at the end part.. Same as Pirates3, miss the last part.. But 'recovered' it both missing ending in Pavilion..hehe..

Went to ENVEE to see clothes.. Interested but didn't have the mood to buy yet.. my heart's with the YES!! then before i go to watch movie, went to Converse Original for a brief look at the bags.. omr, seems like the price ahd been increased by RM10 for the bags i interested.. Ai, never mind, i'll stick to EXtreme bags.. When we passed by Forever 21, here's my conversation with mom. she said first..

''i will never buy forever 21's clothes''..
''why? the clothes are nice, just bit expensive''
''the clothes so ''chao'', didn't iron at all, no good la''
''huh?just because of this?''
''and yesterday a LIZARD jumped to a girl when she unfolded the shirt!!''she screamed so loud..
''WAT?? LIZARD???" OMR!!!!''

Omr, lizards.. i'm shaking already.. the most fearsome creature in the world..for me.. i know they afraid of us also, but lizards are very ''YAKI'' for me.. in my old house, if there's a lizard in my bedroom, i won't sleep there that night.. if there's a lizard in the toilet, i won't use the toilet for a day.. hehe.. ''geng'' leh.. Imagine a lizard jumps to me suddenly?? OMR, if i was the girl, Pavilion's going to collapse because of my scream.. AH!!! powerful leh..

Movie time.. Spiderman3 had better visual effects than the previous two.. but some part was boring.. I prefer Spiderman 2.. Ai.. the part i missed was the part Harry died.. nearly cried.. Ai.. why he died.. wasted la.. he's too handsome to die.. hehe..

After movie, i went to window shopping for a while only, nothing attractive and my legs were in pain because of the damn sandals.. I swear i won't wear that anymore.. Then i went to Times, wanna find some books and read SEVENTEEN, i read till half way yesterday.. However, can't find SEVENTEEN.. then i went to sci-fic/fantasy and teen sections.. many books look very interesting but the price's not interesting.. expensive la.. 3 for 2 section's not bad..but i don't want to buy so many books in one time.. so, with help of the super cool computer, i wanna find His Dark Material Part 2 and Bones.. Just managed to find 'Bones', RM32.90.. planned to buy next time with my dad, he got the member card, got 20% discount off in december!!!

Nothing special today.. after Times, waited for a while for my dad then left.. Legs so pain.. argh!! No more outgoing tomorrow.. Pavilion's over, no more FOC movie.. and mom got appointment tomorrow.. haiz.. Never mind, i can read Harry Potter 7, must catch up, didn't read for few days already.. I bought that book with Cass on 21st July(the day it released) at tesco amp.. what time?? 7am!! (the time tesco just open) i thought it will be long queue, but neh, no need to wait a single minute, the book was on my hands already.. Will always remember that day, the day i woke up so early and went there purposely and only for the book.. I finished reading it on 22nd July 4.30pm.. hehe.. never read so much before in 2 days.. but many parts i read in a a bit hurry, so less time to imagine everything in details.. so this time, gonna read and understand every part(some part bit confusing about the locket and Horcruxes).. Gambateh!!

Monday, November 26, 2007

GSC new 'Freezer' Cinema..

this morning i was quite moody, because mom kept asking(actually is scolding) me to do household chores..i'm so lazy!! After doing it, i stayed in my room, reading magazines then prepared lunch(spaghetti again, but i like it).. After that, gonna get ready.. 4 what?? to watch free movie in Pavilion!!! Actually we planned to go yesterday.. But KL traffic was closed due to the ethnic Indian protested British government. They should not do like that, now's world peace ad ma and how can they request for US1million for every indian in M'sia.. that doesn't make sense.. And the most important reason they should not do like that is because THEY SPOILED MY SUNDAY FOR STAYING AT HOME AND BE down wens..

ok, return to Pavilion..We went there by a cab.. It was an old chinese man.. Omr, mom chatted with him when we aboard till we reached Pavilion.. What topic?? Increase of petrol's price and politics.. RM8.30 was the taxi fare.. Mom paid RM10 and said ''keep the change'', Omr, i was like: how can?? haha.. i'm kedekut..

we wish ya a merry christmas... A month to go..

decoration for christmas.. white christmas.. NICE...

We met dad to get our tickets.. Pirates of the Caribbean 3: At world's end.. This the 2nd time i watched in cinema.. I remembered i watched with my gang on June's holiday in KLCC and on that day, i got migrain and cried non-stop(at home, not in front of my friends).. Wanna watch again because we missed the last part on the previous time...

Then we went to Wong Kok to have a drink.. The restaurant is like a maze because we gonna turn to many sections to get to our seats.. Hehe..

the black seats.. There are 3 types in Wong Kok, black, red and white..

Wow, i'm imagining me and Ron sitting side-by-side at night, looking at the breathtaking KLCC night view from the window.. Having a wonderful dinner and chat.. OMR, perfect and so romantic.. Hehe.. STOP DREAMIN'!!!

Mom's fried rice.. She will enjoy her meal while we'll leave early for our movie.. She did not watch, she wanna go shopping.. but end up no shopping bag in her hands.. no shopping mood, she said...

My milk tea.. Special leh.. SHH.. i brought this into the cinema, hiding it inside my bag.. Yummy..

The 5th French Toast in front of me since the last Monday.. FUYOH!!

1st: last monday in Jusco Maluri's KimGary, having dinner with family..

2nd: last wed in TS's 'huan xi di', having tea-break with primary school friends..

3rd: last fri in Sungai Wang's KimGary, having lunch with best buddies...

4th: last sat in Maluri's Old Town, having dinner with family...

Evidence for going to the new cinema.. Hehe.. Although watching an old movie, but worth it la..FOC to watch one of my favourite movie again.. Used Rm7 to buy two small caramel popcorn, one each for my brothers.. I?? got my milk tea and sharing both.. hehe.. Dunno why, this was the best cinema i had ever been to.. Grand and Elegant design.. Enjoyed the movie.. But too cold.. Luckily didn't cry when i watched the part which Will was stabbed.. Honestly, i cried when i watched in June, because it was shocking, it should be happy ending which Will should be with Elizabeth happy ever after.. Haha.. Too emotional... Haha.. when the movie ended, i asked my brothers to stay as there will be a short part, showing Will reunion with Elizabeth and their cute son.. Finally i can watch it.. Everyone left the cinema very fast, just left us and a gang Malays..

After movie, i went to window shopping ALONE.. because with my annoying brothers, i can't shop peacefully.. Honestly, quite enjoyed the moment shopping.. Here's the list of the shops i went:

1.Axxezz-wanna buy black colour hair band but can't find

2.Espirit-interested with a T-shirt but didn't try it because i gotta leave Pavillion for dinner that time.

3.Forever 21-Stuff in this shop cool and nice.. Like a short sleeve sweater but RM99.90, NOWAY!!

4.EX-Attracted by the bags.. I think i'm going to buy one of the bag in this shop for my school bag for next 2 years.. RM49.90.. Not expensive.. The Converse Original also cost this price.. The sling bag in this shop's quite COOL.. but i didn't check the price.. Hehe.. Wanna watch for discounts during the YES!! be patient Wens..

5.Padini Concept Store-wanna find some denim pants and skirt but got nothing..

6.Eclipse-my flip flops's not there!! perhaps not qualified for high end Pavilion.. hehe..

7.Voir-nearly bought the slipper there.. but i still perfer the Eclipse's one..

8.Adidas Original and Puma-like the sneakers but for sure, very expensive.. By the way, mine's still in good look, need not to waste money on sneakers.. hehe..

9.Nose and PrimaVera-just go in for a brief look.. nothing special.. all high heels, not suitable..

10.Memory Lane-everytime i go to Pavillion, will come to this shop.. The football bean bag still available!! just bought a handphone accessory for my new phone.. RM3.90.. I changed my phone to Nokia 6070.. Very similiar to my previous Nokia 6030.. but got bit additional functions.. Not my dream phone but satisfied... Hehe..

11. after window shopping, then flipped some magazines.. HOT and SEVENTEEN(till half way)..then met dad for dinner..

12. Diva.. Just wanna see some accessories..i bought a bunch of hairbands(black and white), about 20..costed me RM16 (WOW) before reduction la.. i won't buy if it's RM16, i rather eat it.. I found it at the reduction corner, just RM6, worth leh.. Other accessories also very cheap, but not very suitable and i can't use too much.. Gonna save for next time.. Hehe..

7.30pm.. Gotta leave for dinner.. Not going to eat in Pavillion.. On the way to my dad's car in Prince Hotel.. I snapped all this..

Bintang Walk always been crowded and buzy..

A Jaguar car displayed at the main entrance..

We taking photo with the car.. Bit not clear because my dad snapped it..

Ha.. Me posing with my car.. No la.. i'm not interested in Jaguar.. I want BMW!!!

Oh.. the famous LOUIS VUITTON at Starhills.. Ming liked this brand very much.. Last time, i asked my mom to go in to the shop to have a look at the bags although we can't buy it.. But my mom was reluctant because we just can see but cannot buy.. By the way, she said: the one who open the door for us dressed better and more expensive than us.. Hehe.. Nevermind, i just sticked to EX bags better.. hehe..

Friday, November 23, 2007

A day for friend's birthday..

23 nov is my best friend, Cassandra's birthday.. wished her on time.. 11.59.58pm on 22 nov night.. Then 10.35am, again i went to pandan jaya lrt station.. today i'm going to times square for cass's birthday celebration.. I was going to meet Cass and SooYee at the LRT station.. Again, i rushed into the LRT, PHEW.. Then met Ming at the cinema.. We went to a shop called ..(forgot already), snapped quite a few funny photos, but not sharp...(ai,wasted)..

The one who wearing the green wig is Ming, SooYee wore the white wig..

I'm holding the camera, standing under Cass..

Below: SooYee(red hat) with Birthday Gal, Cass (blue hat)
Upper: Ming (with a mask) and Me a.k.a cameragal (Yellow Hat)(Ei, sounds like a restaurant)

"Lelong Lelong, anyone wanna buy cutie bear from us??''

Me and Ming fooling around in S & J shop..

Cutie dog from S & J snapped by little SooYee..

Okay, it's movie time.. The last breath.. korean horror movie but rated ''U''.. Gonna admit it, i don't watch ghost movie, so for me, this's a very scary movie although i know it's not.. But not just me felt it eerie and creepy, Ming also very scare, we closed our eyes very often.. Cass and SooYee kept looking and laughing at us.. SooYee said: ''not scary d.. so scare for what..'' HeHe.. I don't understand the storyline at all, not because i kept closing my eyes all the time, is because the script was too confusing..not my fault,hehe.. Uhoh, if i dream it, OMR... HELP!!!
A shot from Kim Gary, Sungai Wang..
We convinced SooYee to go SW.. actually she was forbidden to go there..
After having our meal, ''chit-cha''.... (snapping sound)..
Eh, every picture we took it in hurry as Sungei Wang's machine got time limit and just got 1 snap for each shot!! ARGH!! But this was nicer and special than Times Square.. Cheaper than my previous gathering one and VERY SMALL!!but nevermind, still like it..very much..
Time to go.. Cass was the first to leave.. Followed by Ming.. As Ley's leg was in pain, we took Monorail to Hang Tuah Station.. OMR, so packed!!! We 'squeezed' and 'pushed'... Ley nearly can't get in.. Luckily we just had to 'squeeze' for one station.. If not, i'm really a hamburger which was called by my dearest hottie doggie Michelle...
Birthday gonna have present.. I gave a basketball phone holder to Cass.. (i don't think she knew that's was a phone holder, looks like a small pillow d) Hope she likes it which was bought in Pavilion, costed me bla ringgit and get scold from mama... hehe..
Ok, money counter.. How much i spent for today leh?? RM5 for transport, RM7 for movie(thanks to Ming which brought her student card to get student price), RM10 on food, RM4.30 for sticker pic.. That's all.. POKAI ad..
yer, mom looked furious because i came back late.. THIS'S THE LAST ONE!!!!she said.. NO WAY.. i wanna watch the golden compass.. i wanna watch the national treasure.. I wanna go gai-gai with friends.. i wanna this.. i wanna that.. Hope she allows me la.. pray for me, friend.. Hehe..

Thursday, November 22, 2007

1st taggie


1. A nokia 5310!!
2. A ticket to watch Manchester United game in England and a companion..
3. An Eclipse filp flops
4. Converse bags
5. Everlast shoes

THE PERSON WHO TAGG-ED YOU IS : notty cooliejj..


1. Naughty!!
2. Smart(she knew i'm having relationship with ron and chose me as the 7th person to tag(my lucky no), very smart)
3. Jovial
4. Friendly

be the 1st to tag me


Say 'NOWAY', sorry joan, i already got ron and i'm loyal to him..

she snatched ron from me!! i'll kill her if she did that..hehe. kidding..

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Love Gatherin..

Today's the primary school gathering. I anticipated this gathering very long already, thought it will be very fun because many people's going this time(about 15 friends) and we will go for karaoke for the first time for gathering..The venue this time was Times Square..

I met SooYee and PingHui to go by LRT together..Then we went for our usual meeting place, Borders Starbucks..However, just 8 of 15 turned up, bit disappointed..Some of them let my aeroplane go(fong fei kei, hehe..)Then more and more arrived.. I received a call from Michelle, saying that she and Penny were not coming, how can Michelle let my aeroplane go also, she's the boss(means the organizer of this gathering)..She elected me as the vice boss, hehe... Then when we went for Neway, suddenly they turned up, they fooled us..

So there were 16 people all together(me, michelle, sooyee, pinghui, cherry penny, kaiwei, sukyong, soochuan, pohyee, weiyu, peakyee, weixiong, yoonfatt, kaichi and cardin)..this was the biggest gathering we ever many of us sang in the karaoke, room 27..not bad, quite fun but not 'high' enough..sukyong, weiyu, pohyee were very 'high' and crazy.. RM216.20 was our bill amount.. Wow..

After that, we went to bowling centre.. Most of them went for bowling whereas me, cherry, pinghui, sooyee, michelle and penny went to take sticker pic.. as usual, took a long time to take..but the photos were not it..

Then we went back to bowling centre and met the others.. Sukyong's gang let us played bowling.. Then we just played for a while till the prepaid game finished.. We went to gai-gai, i bought a ronaldo's key chain.. everyone was hungry, so we went for tea break, chit-chat about many things: PMR, gossips, friends which did not turn up and many funny stuff.. About 5pm, we left Times Square..

I, pinghui, sooyee, weixiong and kaichi went back together by LRT..We rushed to the LRT, the door was going to close.. I'm the last who rushed inside, scary la, the door was already closing, but managed to go in.. PHEW.. In the LRT, we kept making jokes on weixiong who had a tanned skin, funny... Then i'm the 1st to get down the LRT.. The end of our gathering...

i used quite a lot money today.. RM3.80 on transport, RM13.50 for karaoke, RM11.50 on photos( expensive but worth it), RM7 on food, RM3.90 for keychain.. On friday, will be going to times square again.. for what.. stay tune.. TaTa..

a keychain i bought form S & J.. RONALDO, je t`aime.....

The sticker pic which we took..
Me, PingHui, SooYee, Cherry, Penny and Michelle!!

Monday, November 19, 2007

Everything as normal..

Today at last i finished the last part of The Golden Compass..Although their journey could end here, Lyra and Roger continue forward to the land of Svalbard, the kingdom of the bears. They are accompanied by Iorek and Mr. Scoresby. By accident, Lyra was captured by the king of bears, Iofur.. With her intelligence, Lyra tricked Iofur to battle with Iorek. Iorek regains his rightful place as king of the bears. Once this is accomplished Lyra finds her father. Relieved and exhausted she and Roger have some much needed sleep. When she wakes up Lord Asriel is gone and he has taken Roger. With the help of Iorek she catches up to them but she is too late. Her father has used the incredible power caused by the separation of Roger and his daemon to open a gateway into a new world and Roger is dead. Before reading this part, I always thought Lord Asriel was a good person but he did such a cruel experiment on Roger.. The scene where Roger shouted LYRA and died, i almost cry.. HeHe..

The story did not end with happy ending.. Lyra had the responsibility to stop his father from destorying Dust.. This will be in the next volume: The Subtle Knife, which moves between 3 universes: the universe of Northern Light. the universe we know anda 3rd universe which differs from ours in many ways again. many more fantasy to imagine, huh.. but i remember the 2nd volume will cose me another RM40 or RM50.. Haiz..take a break, wanna read Harry Potter 7 for the 2nd time or a crime investigation fiction or high school story.. last i found a new layout for my blog.. hard to find a layout that suitable and i like.. How was it, my friends? if i don't get any compliments, i'll resign as the captain and stop blogging forever!! Ha, just kidding..i won't pek dai my crew, just comment anything, i won't mind..

Sunday, November 18, 2007

the 14th ucmas.....

7.20am.. a time which everyone should be on their bed, having sweet dreams.. but..but..but.. i was forced to wake up at that time.. for what? just to accompany my family to the 14th ucmas abacus and mental arithmental national and international competition.. My younger brother, Wu's going to participate in the 'intermediate a' level.. The competition was held in UNITEN (university tenaga nasional) in Kajang..

Uniten was very spacious.. OMR, like overseas campus.. The competition was held in a multi purpose hall(like a stadium).. Malaysia's the host every year. This was participated by 14 countries (forgot which 14 already).. Wu was in the 2nd session to have his competition.. So we gonna wait at 2nd floor.. Wow, it was so crowded.. We had to op to the top to get our seats..

So, the VIPs had their seats at 9.15am.. Speeches given as usual and i was listening to Jay album again(it's one of the least album which attracts me to listen to it over and over again)..Then the 1st session competition was taken place.. PEEP(the whistle blew signaled the start of the competition , thousands of contestants in nervous mood flipped their papers to start answering..) The scene was amazing with white papers was being flipped gracefully and the flipping sound: FUA FUA(don;t know how to describe it) had impressed the audience.. Everyone replied it with ''WA'' because the scene was really breathtaking.. I spotted two foreign contestants who made me laughed non stop. Why? Because of their funny counting way.. They were not allowed to use abacus to count the questions. They gonna use the mental arithmetic way (means to count without abacus, you gonna count by imagining the abacus was in front of you).. The indian girl counted this way(head down, and right hand on the right counting pretty fast)(dunno how to describe how funny is it).. Another indian boy, OMR, he was the funniest(after looking at the question, his hand will go to the right side and count, his hands were like playing piano in the air or blowing a flute in fast motion).. 8 minutes later, the competition was end..

It's the 2nd session competition to take place, it's Wu time.. everything was the same like the first session.. But Wu was allowed to use abacus, lower grade ma.. He just managed to answer 61 questions in 8 minutes.. I saw other contestants answer more than that.. honestly, i don't think he can win.. HeHe.. It's national and international level, not easy.. but i won before six years ago.. proud..

6 years ago trophy.. That time i was 9 years old.. HEHE..

I forgot to bring the camera but i managed to snap a few shots with my mom's phone.. Will upload it later.. Get scold from my mom for using the computer for so long..(not enough la.. Wanna continue surf the net..)Haiz..

About 5pm, as usual, i brought the boys for exercise.. 2 boys(younger than me) joined my younger brother's basketball game, they look like chinese, then when they talked, i realized they are koreans or japanese.. i think they are korean, not enough courage to ask them.. Then my youngest brother joined a gang of malay boys played football.. He was the goalkeeper..

Then the climax arrived.. A basketball guy came, more than 180cm tall(i guess), skinny, wearing white colour outfit.. He's waiting for his friends to play basketball, then he practised first.. he was not bad, good 3 point shooter... He looks like Lin Dan(the China top badminton player).. his hair, his features.. Here's a shot of him..

Ha, zha dao.. just his back.. bit like RON's back.. Consider good already can snap a pic like that because i snapped it from the balcony... This's not the first time i snapped a guy.. The first time i took the guy's photo is on 18 august, the day i went to genting with Ley.. Sweet memory..

Saturday, November 17, 2007

17 November...

IT'S BACK..IT'S BACK, IT'S HAUNTING ME AGAIN!! insomnia's back again this morning when i wanna sleep.. i went into my room after watching the end part of The Davinci Code(i don't understand!!wanna watch again!!) at 11.20pm.. I was so semangat so i listened to Jay's latest album ''On The Run''(which i downloaded the whole album successfully for the first time!! congrats Wens)(emm..the album's not bad, like most of the songs in it, will post about it later..)..After listening to it, was already 12.05am.. HAVE TO SLEEP LO..(gonna sleep early and wake up early, mom said!!) On the bed, turned left turned right..dunno what time only i managed to get into my sweet dreams.

9.50am...WAKE UP LA, SLEEP SO LATE FOR WAT!! ASK YOU TO SLEEP EARLIER D LA!! mummy again.. i planned to wake up a bit early because of my baking plan.. So as usual, read newspaper(i always flip to the sports section first, nothing attractive today, all about Euro 2008 qualifier) then drank my fresh boiled cow milk as breakfast(dunno wanna eat what, bread again? i like but NO WAY for 3 days continuously).. Then i started to prepare my ingredients for the recipe i chose..OMR, i don't have margarine, can't do that butter cake.. Then i quickly find another recipe.. I don't really wanna bake the muffins because i baked it before twice..However, just that recipe suitable..

Here's the process of baking muffins and preparing my lunch.. (don't get jealous as the food's so.....)(look at it and you'll know, hehe..)(you will be AMAZED!!)

this's the recipe from the book.. COFFEE MUFFINS.

The family of COFFEE MUFFINS...

mix everything will become like this

after baking it for 20 minutes, it was done!! Yummy..

After baking, it's already 12.30om.. Lunchtime, PASTA..

it's already ready to be served but i wanna make it more 'wikolicious'.. so..

wait: simple maths question : 1+1=?
Of course the answer is 2, if you get it correctly, you may continue to the next question.

If you get it wrong, au revoir.
the question begins: a big pot of pasta.....

add mozarella cheese and cheese.. the ans is..

layer of CHEESE!! looks nice...

Wait, question hasn't finish, add one more thing: the heat of microwave!!

Equals to.....


a small portion just for me.. perfect.. fabulous..

The boys playing chinese chess while eating..
If i play chinese chess, doesn't need 5 minutes, my youngest brother can gao dim me..
means defeat me...

After a day in kitchen, i gotta get ready for piano.. Do Re Mi Fa So La Ti.. This 7 notes kept on appear in my mind all over the afternoon.. Gotta finish the piano theory homework, what passing cadence, what cadential 6/4.. Whoa..Very confusing...
In Amp Point, met Ley and Siew Li for their breaktime.. Gosh, i got 2 cuts on my fingers, cut by popular catalogue..imagine how 'powerful' is the catalogue.. OMR, how am i going to play the piano since my fingers were bruised.. Ley and Li went for Nasi Lemak stall, a guy who's working in Popular joined us... 20 years old(doesn't look like 20 yrs old, looks older, hehe..) After meeting him, i just can conclude that i can't communicate with someone that i dunno.. Ai.. I'm not socialable.. Till now, i'm still not sure what's his name.. very sat bai...